DF 2 A

DF 2 A

Dark Finland 

Chapter Two — State, Corporation & Charity 

Part A — Presidentti


Presidentinlinna / Tasavallan Presidentin Kanslia

(Presidential Palace / Office of the President of the Republic of Finland)

Sauli Niinistö

President of Suomi or Finland

Mariankatu 2, 00170 Helsinki 

+358(0)295226000  +358(0)94321

<presidentti@tpk.fi> <kirjaamo@tpk.fi>


Dear President Niinistö,

My family:

In the year 2001 my wife Kaisu traveled from our home in Australia to Finland to visit her family, she was accompanied by our three year old son William and our unborn son Mikael.

Kaisu surrendered our children to the *psychs in 2002.

William returned home to Australia after his eighteenth birthday.

Your Country:

The first words of the Constitution of Finland:

“Section 1 – The Constitution 

Finland is a †sovereign ‡republic.”

Your Sovereignty:

The European central bank is owned by the central banks of the EU member states — e.g, Finland.

Private for profit entities hold some, if not most, shares in EU member banks. The Banca D’Italia for example, has as it’s biggest shareholder a private bank named Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. 

Fascism is big business using big government — and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, to strengthen their monopoly. 

Socialism is the road to communism, both of which are part of the modern monopoly capitalist or fascist state — where the unprofitable is dumped on the back of the taxpayer or slave.

Our World:

¶Banksters imagine, artificialize and ride on the coat tails of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

They will buy your city for pennies on the pound — when there’s blood in the streets.

An invading army is less to fear. 

Fear more the flag waving traitor who speaks in familiar tongue — while undermining the pillars of the city, or lowering the drawbridge.

Of all the bankster’s motley crew, beware above them all that traitor the psych — whose involuntary services have subjected millions to a fate worse than death; perhaps you remember their mentor Torquemada?

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole:

We see the useful idiot; the implicated or entwined; the mercenary; and finally the inner circle of banksters, hiding their darkest secret, even from each other — a hidden terror of all others.

Perhaps the hole goes deeper — dictators, kings and queens, religious leaders, aliens, demons — but the reason would be the same — hidden terror of all others.


This is the justification for the banksters obsession with §eugenics.

There are 1.853 trillion square metres of land in Queensland, and 7 billion humans in the world. 

So, if everyone lived in Queensland there would be 265 square metres each or 1060 sq m per 4 person household; now if we take half or 530 sq m for forests and farms and factories, it would be possible for all of humanity to thrive in harmony with nature in Queensland; this is unlikely to happen, but I hope my point is understood — overpopulation is simply not true.

The space age with it’s limitless resources awaits — if man can learn to recognise and neutralise the powerful entities that seek to enslave him.

Presidentti Niinistö, your countrymen will dance on your grave; or your name will become a dusty page in a history book; or your folk will write poems and sing songs about you. 

Which path shall you chose my friend?

Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 


<mclachlanww@gmail.com> <http://.darkfinland.com/>



*Psychs, the.

A branch of eugenics; the basic cause of fascist & communist death camps; covert hostility or harm in the name of help; 

psychiatric drug manufacturers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers — and children’s or foster homes controlled by them; a safe harbour for satanists, eugenicists, mercenaries, paedophiles and assorted villains; this devil’s chariot is drawn by honest men who become incriminated by association, and the useful idiot.


Being no power above.


A state without a monarch; in which, ideally, there is no power above the will of the citizens — as expressed by their elected representatives, who adhere to their constitution, which guarantees the god given or inalienable human rights of all citizens.

¶Banksters, the.

Banksters (gangsters) are the banking families and their key minions that (a) lend money to governments (b) imagine, create or use crises to gain more money and power or control over others.


Selective human breeding, artificial evolution, and population reduction.

DF 1

DF 1

Dark Finland 

Chapter One 




I wish to make clear for legal reasons that every fact, claim and opinion in this book is merely alleged. 

In other words, all of the information in this book may or may not be true and has yet to be proven as fact.


In the year 2001 my wife Kaisu took our young children William and Mikael to visit her family in Suomi (Finland) and never returned to Australia.

In 2002 I became aware that Kaisu had begun to surrender our children to the †psychs.

This book began as a series of handwritten letters to key Finnish citizens, each letter building on the last, chapters developed.

I consider it far from finished – my goal is a book that is easy to understand, interesting to read and hard to deny.

On the other side of the coin, each chapter will finish with a poetic summary – here my pen will flow freely, so the result may be extremely clear and simple or just the opposite.

Every chapter contains some introductory Information.

The reason being that each chapter may be transmitted through many mediums, and could be the only piece of this book the recipient ever reads.



Winter 1998, Myyrmäki train station, and the day as twilight.

Here I found two maidens named Kaisu and Katja.

Kaisu took my hand and I fell in love.

The snow fell all day everyday in etelä-Suomessa (southern Finland) in January and February of that year.

The days were short and dark with well below zero at night, I loved it – a real novelty for a Queenslander!

Every day after Kaisu finished work I brought her a red rose, and soon we shared the same roof!

Kaisu like most Finns is a member of the Lutheran Church, we could not marry there as I am not.

A Judge in full robes married us at the Helsinki Courthouse.

A week or two later we had an informal and pleasant ceremony in a Lutheran Church, which included a priest, a wedding dress, perhaps fifty of Kaisu’s relatives and many friends, and one friend of mine from Australia.

Those were the happiest days of my life, I remember drawing smiley faces on the snow covered windscreens of cars. 

One day I was walking down the street and a couple of ten year old girls decided to follow me, they were saying cheeky things, I told them “ei puhu suomea” (no speak Finnish), this encouraged them and I was mildly amused to have them tag along. One of the girls said “the time is nine o’clock” – something they taught her in school no doubt, the Finns learn English in school and are bombarded with English through movies and music, so by the time they are young adults many of them – even if they doubt it themselves, can speak English very well.

I threw a snowball at them, and one of the girls threw a snowball at me with a rock in it! 

One day, shortly before I left Finland; I said to Kaisu let’s go for a walk and she said no I have a headache, and I said it’s good to put your attention on exterior things when you have a headache; we found an open area with an old wall, I was running around wildly and climbing the wall and throwing large chunks of ice around, Kaisu said stop that so I gave her an embarrassed look and she said that she liked it but she didn’t want me to know that – I loved her for that.

Kaisu joined me in Australia about 2 months after we were married. 

I was so excited to see her, I dare not sleep after a full nights work in case I didn’t wake up in time to pick her up from the airport. 

Kaisu’s aeroplane was delayed.

When she arrived we were sitting on a bench at the airport, and Kaisu said to me “why are you so quiet?” I replied “I was so worried about your plane, I am so tired, I am so happy! “.

I rented and furnished an apartment in the inner west of Brisbane before Kaisu arrived.

One day at the apartment Kaisu said to me “I caught this animal, look!”, she had put a large cockroach in a jar as she had never seen one before, oh she was so cute!

Kaisu would walk the streets of our suburb while I was at work, and she filled up one wall of our spare room with baby clothes from garage sales! A real bower bird she was, I cared not as it gave her something to do.

When I came home from Work we used to fight over who got the Door open first, we were so excited to see each other. 

I still bought her a rose whenever I had a day off, and we would leave messages for each other on the dinner table. 

In November 2001 Kaisu was in Suomi with our children visiting her family. 

She chose not to come home to Australia and divorced me. 

I took my wedding ring, drawing of our wedding by her seven year old cousin Rikhard, plastic wedding couple from our wedding cake – and stuffed them inside our wedding champagne glasses, then I mailed them to Kaisu – no reaction.



Kaisu became pregnant early in 1998, Kaisu and her mother and my mother all wanted a girl, this caused me to ask myself what I wanted, and the  answer was a boy of course! 

I told Kaisu she could have a girl if she had three boys first.

William McLachlan was born in Brisbane Australia in late 1998.

As a young boy in Australia William was handsome, intelligent and full of wild energy -an altogether adorable child! 

He trusted me completely – one of the joys of being a father.

When William was two weeks old I noticed Kaisu flicking him in the head with her thumb and forefinger if he disobeyed her.

By the time he was one year old Kaisu was biting and pinching him. At age two she was screaming at him like a banshee and slapping him to the ground.

I never actually saw Kaisu strike William hard, but some close to me witnessed it, and more than once I saw him run from an adjoining room in tears.

I fear my efforts to control Kaisu were revenged upon William when I was not around.

When William was about six months old I found him crawling on the window ledge in the spare bedroom. The apartment was on the third floor, with a concrete driveway below the window ledge. 

I froze. 

At this point Kaisu walked into the room and taking one look at William screamed liked a banshee, – William shook with fear. 

I recomposed myself, then got eye contact with William and walked over to him very slowly – and snatched him! 

I felt like breaking both Kaisu’s legs but said and did nothing.

Could she really be that stupid or was it attempted murder? 

When William was around eight months old I was sitting at the dinner table, he crawled over to me and grabbed the hairs on my legs and stood himself up! 

I was so proud of him, what a cheeky little champ. 

I never knew my legs were considered so hairy.

Also at around eight months of age, one of William’s favourite tricks was to pounce on the vacuum cleaner when Kaisu started it up. 

I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to break all the controls without any visible signs of damage. 

The vacuum would only work on one speed after that and it made an ugly howl, what a champ! 

I used that vacuum for many years after without repairing it, then one night it finally died -the motor burnt out, what a stink, it set off the fire alarm! 

When William was two years old we were living at Somerset Dam – about 100km northwest of Brisbane, it was a picture postcard village, we bought the place because Kaisu said it reminded her of the lakes in Suomi. We originally found the house by simply driving to north west of Brisbane until we found a place we could afford to buy, north was my preference but we couldn’t afford it. 

It was an interesting house, the last owner was an old man that died. Most of his junk was still there, I got some good old novels and records. It was a two bedroom timber cottage that was originally a shop. There was an extension that doubled the size of the place, the extension was literally scrounged from the local dump – the only building material he apparently bought was cement.

I found a car bumper bar inside a cement wall! 

Most of the stumps on the extension were simply 4 inch timber sitting on the ground. The roof sheets on the extension were older than the house, when it rained the water just poured into the kitchen. One day, while living at Somerset Dam, William put his backpack on and jumped on his tricycle, he said “I go work, don’t try stop me”, he took off down the hill, when he started gathering speed I chased him and rescued him, what a champ! 

He was copying me – I used to jump on my motorbike, throw my backpack on and go to work. 



In December 2001 I received a phone call from Kaisu in Suomi, in which she told of her expectancy, it was wonderful news to me. 

Then Kaisu said she was too sick to fly home, then too pregnant. 

Mikael Mclachlan was born in July 2002.

Kaisu then said that she would be home after the christening.

Then Kaisu applied for divorce. 

All this time I worked hard and saved my money.

In January 2003 I met Kaisu, William and Mikael for the first time in a park near Helsinki – Mikael was sleeping in a pram, it was snowing and well below zero, I dared not lift the cover in case he got cold.

The next day I saw Mikael for the first time, he was certainly a normal and healthy baby. 

I asked Kaisu to come home, then if I could take William back to Australia – no and no said she.

Of course I wanted adorable little Mikael too but felt no chance of it until I rescued William.

†”Medicinae Tyrannide Extra Iudicium Facta” – The Psychs.


I visited the Australian Consulate in Helsinki and on their advice registered Mikael as an Australian citizen – this resulted in the psychs hiding Kaisu and the  children in a women’s shelter.

Next I visited the hospital in Uusimaa (southern Finland) were Mikael was born. A nurse and then the general manager of the hospital both refused my demands for a copy of Mikael’s birth certificate.

The next day I visited a government office in the suburb of Tikkurila in the city of Vantaa, here a man gave me Mikael’s birth certificate – this same man also told me that Kaisu’s behaviour towards me was being guided by another government department, and it was they who had advised Kaisu to stall and lie to me to delay/prevent a Hague application for international child abduction.

I regret not keeping a detailed record of the conversation with the Tikkurila man, it is now a fading memory.

Then Kaisu was only willing to meet me at a psych building located at Jönsaksentie 4 Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

I entered the large meeting room on the fourth floor, Kaisu and at least six women were seated at a large table. My first thought was to run, indecision is the devil’s right hand. If memory serves well there was Kaisu, four psychs, a policewoman and lawyer – I was served with a divorce application.

I went to Finland again in January 2004. I was only allowed to see my children twice a week, for two hour periods at Simpukka päivakotti (kindergarten) at Apajakuja 1, which was walking distance from Myyrmäki train station.

As I approached the päivakotti for the first meeting I saw Kaisu, William and Mikael get off a bus – Kaisu’s reaction was to speed up and push Mikael’s pram towards the päivakotti without looking at me, William was walking with one hand on the pram, he kept turning around to look at me, I was smiling and waving at him. 

At the first meeting there were two social workers, two päivakotti teachers and an interpreter. 

I was forced to surrender my passport before I was allowed to see my children. 

I was informed that the interpreter would only be available for the first meeting, so I decided to ask the interpreter a series of questions concerning translation of psych documents, social worker Pia Koskikuru ordered me twice to put more attention on my children, I ignored her – so Koskikuru cancelled the meeting. 

For the next two weeks the meetings were more bearable, I only had two päivakotti teachers watching me when I saw my children.

At the end of the fifth meeting things took a turn for the worse – my visiting time was over and I was putting on my shoes in the hallway (plastic shoe covers are worn in schools in Suomi) then I heard my son William’s voice, I looked around the corner and there was William sitting on the lap of kindergarten teacher Maarit Hirvonen, William was struggling to get away and he head butted Hirvonen giving her a black eye, she reacted by punching William in the face, Hirvonen admitted her guilt when I confronted her with the manager Outi Ojala in tow, but justified it by saying he was scratching, biting etc, then I said to Hirvonen in loud angry voice “I don’t care, you do not punch a five year old boy in the face!”, Ojala’s reaction was to ban me from the päivakotti. 

There is a placed called the Myyrmäen sosiaali – ja terveysasema (the Myyrmäki social and health station), located at Jönsaksentie 4, 01600 Myyrmäki Vantaa.

I call this the Myyrmäki psych centre, and those who work the the Myyrmäki psychs.

After I was booted out of Simpukka I attempted to report the matter to a Myyrmäki psych – for an hour I confronted a male receptionist with an apparent IQ slightly above moron, finally two large private security guards appeared and escorted me from the building.

The following day I spent many hours at a nearby hospital, where I attempted and failed to get a medical examination of William.

Next I made a criminal complaint against Hirvonen with the Vantaa (Tikkurila) police.

Ojala reacted by making a complaint with the Tikkurila police against me, accusing me of picking up a cumbersome leather ball of about 1 metre diameter, which weighed at least 50 kg, and said I threw it as hard as I could at both my children. 

Detective J.Juurinen refused to accompany me to Simpukka to see if I could lift and throw the ball.

Juurinen decided that I was guilty and Hirvonen was innocent.

In February 2004 I had another meeting with Kaisu and the Myyrmäki psychs.

My human rights advocate Ole and lawyer Tero were with me. 

Seated on one side of the same large table as 2003 was at least a dozen people including Kaisu, a lawyer, a policewoman and the rest were psychs – including Marja Roos, Anne Vuori and the male receptionist who threw me out days before.

I said the following things to Kaisu in front of the above Audience:

“I am going to tell you something important. I want you to write it down so you can remember in years to come. The future will probably turn out much like I am about to say. I saw kindergarten teacher Maarit Hirvonen punch William in the face, this is nothing compared to how those “doctors” will treat him. They will give him drugs, the drugs will make him violent, this will prove to them that he needs stronger drugs, at this point he will be a drug addict. His life will be completely ruined.

William will spend the rest of his life in government institutions, or he will become homeless or a criminal or a drug addict or all of the above. There is a way to save his life – give him to me!”.

I then told Kaisu & the psychs that if they were to go to court and ask the judge to give William to me, it would probably happen, and if not, it would probably not happen – twice I asked, my reward was stone cold silence.

I included the following picture in my children’s mail many times.

Myyrmäki psych Anne Vuori’s fangs popped out when she raised the subject of the picture, this was during one of our face to face meetings – was it 2007?

I still do not know if William and Mikael have ever seen it.


My first Finnish summer.

I visited William at Tammirinteen Vastaanottokotti, Tammirinteentie 2 Vantaa 01760 (Tammirinne children’s prison), but I mostly visited William and Mikael at the Myyrmäki psych centre.

The Myyrmäki psychs ended more than one meeting early by claiming that William’s behaviour was too disruptive, with mounting pressure from myself and Ole and Tero my children and I were finally allowed to leave that hot room and play in the park several times.

The walk to the park was about a kilometre; I remember one such walk which included psych Marja Roos and Tero, we encountered a group of layabout alcoholic men who were obviously welfare dependant – I pointed to them and (in paraphrase) I said to Marja Roos that her actions were helping to create such people.

Every Myyrmäki psych meeting with my children also included the same interperator they provided in 2004 – I do not remember her name, but she told me that after my 2004 visit the psychs attempted to get her to bear false witness against me in a court of law.

There was a young tubby female social worker with blonde hair and glasses at Tammirinne, she suggested to psychiatrist Anu Kuusi that William didn’t need drugging anymore.

With summer’s end came a meeting with the most visible instrument of William’s medical tyranny – psychiatrist Anu Kuusi; the building was called Leppävaaran Lasten Psykiatria Polyclinic, located at Linnoitustie 7 in the suburb of Leppävaara of Espoo city; those present included Anu Kuusi and the head psychiatrist were their along with several more psychs if memory serves, my allies were Tero and Ole and Kyllikki and one other lady long forgotten; Anu Kuusi’s appearance was middle aged and tubby, I asked her if she had children of her own but got no response, Kuusi promised to consider ending William’s drugging. 

I well remember a time when I phoned Anu Kuusi from Australia, perhaps it was earlier the same year (in paraphrase) Kuusi said that forcing William to be a drug addict as a child would reduce his chances of being an adult drug addict.

Summer 2009:

Before my arrival I became aware that Mikael was living in Tirlittan children’s prison with his brother William; and that certain psychs were accusing Mikael of having ‡autism.

I spent the entire summer in Finland this year.

It was a Sunday when I made my first visit to Tirlittan, which is in the wealthiest suburb of Helsinki – Kauniainen. 

It was wonderful to see William & Mikael for the first time in two years!

Tirlittan is a large two story house that occupies a gently sloping corner block of perhaps a quarter acre.

William picked wild raspberries for me from the garden – this humble gift from my son meant the world to me.

It was truly bittersweet when Mikael tried to follow me home at the end of one of my visits.

Perhaps it was my third visit to Tirlittan when Mikael gave me a gift wrapped drawing, it was a picture of Isi (dad) and Mikael with bits of cardboard stuck to it and knitting wool for hair, also the wrapper had shapes painted on it, I took it back to Australia with me. 

Early in 2009 William told me that he wanted a bicycle, I tried and failed – for months – on the phone from Australia, to buy him a bicycle in Finland;

I went to the local bicycle shop with William, Mikael, Ole and a Tirlittan psych named Jukka Mertanen; I told the salesman that I wished to buy a bicycle made in Finland for William, and he said that there were only three bicycle factories in the world and they were all in China; I did buy William a good bicycle and he was very happy.

I then asked Mikael if he would like a gift too, and he said he just wanted a computer game – I got him a computer game version of one of my favourite childhood comic books, namely Casper the Ghost; Mikael said it looked difficult, which suggested I had made the right choice.

Jukka Mertanen appeared to be a fine young fellow who was tall and athletic; the devil’s chariot is pulled by honest men; I said to Jukka one day, I paraphrase – you are better than this, you do not have to make a living from kidnapping and drugging other people’s children; I planted a seed.

If memory serves, I was only allowed to visit William and Mikael twelve times at Tirlittan that summer; not once did I witness my children behave in any way that I considered unacceptable – a noteworthy point as this was the justification for their false imprisonment and poisoning with mind altering and addictive psychiatric drugs; I do wonder what might of been done to my children to provoke behaviour problems when I was not around.

During one of my visits Mikael was being punished for fighting and had to stay in his room, hardly a punishment for Mikael who was happy to spend hours by himself playing computer games; when I saw the scratches on Mikael’s face from fighting I decided to teach the little tiger how to throw a punch – a day or two later Mikael punched the manager of Tirlittan Seppo Kinnunen in the stomach and he yelped in pain, I found it hard to feel sorry for Seppo. 

At the end of my last visit to Tirlittan I was sitting in the car and Mikael and William hopped in too, Mikael put his seat belt on – my Children wanted to come with me to Australia; heartbreak! 

June 2010, I received a letter from psychs Jaana Lohvansuu and Anne Kröger, I was informed that the extrajudicial adoption of Mikael by a senior international law specialist named Paula Hannula and her lawyer husband Antti Rikala had occurred; almost one year later the psychs gave me Mikael’s address and forbade me from visiting there.

I spent the entirety of June, July and August in Finland in 2011.

The psychs allowed me to see my children less than ten times for one and a half hour periods, and only at the headquarters of Pelastakaa Lapset (Save The Children Finland).

William was in a drugged induced semi conscious state with black rings around his eyes and overweight, Tirlittan psych Tomi forbade William from talking to me unless he was close enough to hear what we were saying.




Psychiatric drug manufacturers, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

†”Medicinae Tyrannide Extra Iudicium Facta”.

A medical tyranny that is extrajudicial (operating outside of and beyond the reach of the law) known as the psychs.


An extreme unwillingness or inability to get along with others – often diagnosed by one with a financial incentive, who is studying an involuntary customer subjected to living conditions they consider intolerable.





I received an email from Antti Rikala, transcript as follows:

“Hi Warren You inquired yesterday during the call with Mikael if we could pickup Mikael’s mail from Ole’s place in Kauniainen. I realize that Anne Kröger has recently sent you instructions regarding deliveries for Mikael explaining how you should send Mikael’s mail to Save the Children Finland’s headquarters in Helsinki. If the instructions have not yet reached you or if you need further information I think you should contact Anne Kröger. I think it’s important that we go along with these instructions instead of making any other arrangements. Best regards, Antti”



My mother received an email from psych Ilpo Kinnunen, transcript as follows:

“From: Kinnunen, Ilpo


Sent: Friday, 30 March 2012 6.32PM


Cc: Hiltunen, Hanna; Willman-Hietala, Minna

Subject: Re: William […] Mclachlan 

Dear sir, I have not been replying your e-mails since we have agreed that all communication goes through Hannah Hiltunen.

The Finnish legislation has a strickt principle of the childs best interest and thus parents rights are not so obvious. Since you are not William’s legal guardian, you are not entitled to make decisions concerning your son.

As you have heard, I am your son’s doctor, and yes, as a psychiatrist I can understand your worry about William. Nevertheless, Finnish law about patient doctor confidentiality is a strickt one also and I am not allowed to give any information about my patients health related issues, not even to the parents, without the permission from the patient.

Sometimes the children do not want to talk with their parents, the reason can be as simple as the kid has something interesting going on, like a video game or reading a book. This is just a general remark not a spesific piece of information. Another thing is your problem with the unanswered phone calls. There may be times when no-one has the time to answer the phone, or the phone may be busy. Please note that there ae times when the personel may or may not answer the phone, like the meal times. Family calls are due after 3 p.m. Until some 7.30 or 8.30 p.m. Excluding the group activities and therapies etc. Anyway, I do not know the reason for that problem, but I believe that Hanna has tried to explain the contact agreements in Pisa to you.

You have been asking for a land line number. The land lines are vanishing in Finland and the vast majority of the calls are made in mobile network. Actually in rural areas (as in Pisa) the companies have stopped providing the land lines. I personally do not give my personal phone number neither to the parents nor to my patients.

We do take care of William in a caring and professional way, taking to concideration his special needs and responding to them individually, as we do with all our children. What comes to patient care, my principle is to treat the patient, a person, not the diagnosis. Another principle is that I give the same care to my patients, that I would like to have to myself or my family. And by the Finnish law I do that in co-operation primarily with the patient, when he or she is capable to understand his or her situation, and I think William is, actually to the extent often seen with some years older patients. But, as mentioned, I am not allowed to discuss William’s health issues with anyone without his permission, which he has refused to give.

It is everybody’s priority that your sons have both their parents and as good lives as possible. We do our best, and we would like do it in good co-operation. To prevent misunderstandings and biased or confucing information about William and his beeing we have decided that Hanna is the only one to keep contact with you

I hope that this answer gives you some piece of mind with your son’s situation. I am sorry not to be able to give you any more information or solutions.


Ilpo Kinnunen 

M.D. Licenced Physician and Specialist in Psychiatry 

Physician in Pisan Ilmaria-kodit 

P.S. In Finland we have a saying that translates roughly to English: When you shout to the woods, You’ll get your own words back. With this I’d like you to reconsider you way of starting communication with people you do not know, regardless the amount of your personal agony. You may want to check the contents of your first e-mails to me and some others. The mails with the alleged references to KGB, the nazis, pointing towards the recipients. Still I think I can understand your concerns and the pain you have. You obviously love and miss your sons very much. Please do not let the missing and anxiety turn to hatred and bitterness, that would serve no good.






From: Warren Mclachlan 

Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2015 6.32 AM

To: wojciech.plosa@auschwitz.org

Subject: Archived Letters.

Państwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau

Więźniów Oświęcimia 20, 32-603

Oświęcim, Poland

#WojciechPlosa Ph.D.

Department Head, Archives





Dear Wojciech Plosa,

please tell me:

do you have in your possession any

Letters from Nazi Psychiatrists to concerned Family Members, that are similar to the following Letter?

It would be most kind if you could provide me with Copies if such exist.

Yours truly, 

Warren Mclachlan 

P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre 4500 Qld Australia 

+61 (0)400 655 703




“From: Wojciech Plosa


Date: 26 October 2015 at 16:02:39 AEST

To: “Warren Mclachlan”


Subject: Re: Archived Letters.

Dear Mr. Mclachlan,

I am very sorry to have to tell you that in our archival collection there are no lists you are interested in.

I am very sorry that I am not able to help yo.

Yours faithfully 

Wojciech Plosa, Ph.D.

Head of Archive 

The State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświecim

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Chekhov Anton, Pavlovich





“Twelve thousand people are swindled a year; the whole [mental] hospital business is founded, just as it was twenty years ago, on theft, scandal, slander, nepotism, on crude charlatanism, and, as before, the hospital is an immoral institution, exceedingly harmful to the health of the inmates.”




A very big Business, or joined group of them.


The Science of Population Reduction.


All who serve the Justice Industry.


Any attempt to take from one what he truly knows will prove to be the anvil that wears out all the hammers.

Any reasons given for one’s Knowledge are less than the act of Knowing.

Just below Knowing we have Apparency 💡 here we have a guess by the Soul – the act of thinking has no part to play.

Lower still, we have the act of Belief – here we have “reasons”. A man may have Beliefs that he refuses to let go of – like a drowning Man clings to a rock in a storm, but the evidence will be lacking.


All who serve the Psychiatry, Psychology & SocialWork Industries.


You did it.


Harm in the name of help.

The Science of Social Control through Medical Terrorism.


Those to whom it appears that every other being is directly or indirectly trying to kill them.

Here we have an attempt to own or destroy every other being.

Being heavily outnumbered, they resort to harm in the name of help.

When in high positions such people will push for more power in fewer hands – as the solution to crises – that they themselves often create.


Someone who obeys Psychopaths through fear or hope of reward.

*Stockholm Syndrome

Falling In Love with your Captor – in the hope that you will suffer less. Those who attempt to free you are now your enemies.


Intimidation, Threats & Violence to achieve a Political Goal.

*The Finnish Inquisition

300 AD (approx) Emperor Constantine appoints himself head of the Christian Church – Catholicism is born.

500 AD (approx) Rome Falls. Catholicism rises, and attempts to wipe out all religious opposition (The Inquisition).

1440 AD the Gutenberg Printing Press.

Science/Materialism becomes the new God.

The Priest/Dungeon Keeper slowly replaced by the Doctor/Dungeon Keeper – a key part of The  Finnish Inquisition is born (Psychiatry) living proof that you can polish a Turd.



★Those Who Oppose Liberty

It has been said that the Devil’s Chariot is pulled by honest Men.

In Suomi or Finland I am locking horns with The Unholy Trinity of Government, Big Business & Charity.

History does not repeat, it ryhmes. This Triad will cause Economic Collapse, Terrorism & War.

*The beliefs or intentions of the Captain and Crew of the Titanic may be of historical interest – but the goal at the time was to alter the course of the Ship!

An element of this Troika (Involuntary Mental Therapy) is perched like a big fat Tick on the back of the necks of thousands of Finnish Children, including my Children – and sucking hard, with the aid of the Finnish Taxpayer.

I was born for this fight.

★Children Need Their Family Like A Flower Needs The Rain

In ancient times, before the City or Nation or International Organisations, then, when a Wife deserted her Husband – and proved unwilling or unfit to care for her Children, nature would mostly run it’s course and the Children would (a) return to the Father (b) go to the closest possible Family Member.

Anything else is Kidnapping and opens the door to the Sadist, Drug Pusher & Paedophile.

Further, in those days, with the probable absence of an all powerful centralised Beaurocracy, mostly the Parents/Family would decide for the Children on Nutrition; Education; Medical Care; who may communicate to the Children etc.

Before many more Moons (Months) pass I will arrive in Suomi.

My Goal is to return my children, William & Mikael Mclachlan to Australia – their country of origin, of which they are Citizen.



★The Corporate State

Could it be that the rising Civilization has need of the Servants of the Tyrants of the dying Civilization?    So that the technology of HarmInTheNameOfHelp has been perfected for millennia?

See: # OperationPaperClip / # OperationGladio .

Could it be that most People (after many generations of increasingly false education) would submit to being buried alive by their Government, or surrender their Children to their Government as a Satanic Sacrifice – if they were told it was for the greater good?

Could it be that most People are so terrified of full RESPONSIBILITY for their own existence that any Government or Corporation that promises to protect & reward them from Cradle to Grave becomes Mommy, Daddy & God all rolled into one?

In a Corporate or Fascist State, the Citizen is disarmed, and has no legal right to fend off an attacker – these are the exact same rights that a Roman Slave enjoyed.

Such a State will tell you that Governments only do bad things at other times and in other places, and more power in fewer hands is the solution to the current Crisis.

And what would the reaction of the majority be to such conditions of existence and such declarations?

Would they run around in a circle until they wet and trip over their pants?

Would they soil their pants, curl up at the feet of the nearest armed Policeman or Soldier, and lick his boots?


This Is A Message To Those Who Harm My Children In The Name Of Help:

In 2004 I witnessed kindergarten teacher Maarit Hirvonen punch my five year old son William in the face.

The manager Outi Ojala and detective Juja Juurinen covered it up.

In 2004 I predicted to a room full of Psychs, including Marja Roos and Anna Vuori, that it was their intention to institutionalise, drug & brutalize my Children for the term of their natural lives – with no scientific proof of Illness.

I asked the Psychs twice to side with me in a Finnish Court so that my Children could return with me to Australia, stone cold silence was the response.

It is now 2015, following is the no doubt incomplete list of Drugs that they are/have forcing/forced William to take: Ability; Concerta; Alvesco; Zyprexa; Atarax; Seroquel; Risperdal; Levozin.


I am aware that certain Psychs are subjecting William & Mikael to violations of The Penal Code Of Finland, Chapter 21 – Murder & Bodily Injury

Section 6 – Aggravated Assault

(1) Grievous Bodily Injury or Serious Illness is caused to another or another is placed in Mortal Danger.

☆Three Types Of Psychs

(1) Those who believe the Propaganda they were fed at University, these are the Useful Idiots and likely majority:

# OverSchooledUnderEducated

# WillfulIgnorance

# TotalLackOfResponsibility

# BlindObedienceToAuthority .

Example – a women told me in 2015 that her friend’s Child had a Kidney Transplant after many years of Psych Lithium, she also said the Lithium was helping the Child!

(2) Those who have learnt from experience that they are breaking the Law or causing harm in the name of help, but fear unemployment:

# StockholmSyndrome

# VestedInterest .

(3) Those who like to hurt their involuntary patients:

# Sadism

# Paedophilia

# HiddenTerrorOfOthers .


I will be in Suomi before many more Moons (Months) have passed, and I will stay for one Moon.

☆My Demands

(a) Stop the life threatening drugging of William.

(b) Return my Children to me, or at the very least, place them in the care of the closest possible of their many Finnish Family Members.

(c) Failing the above, I demand that you respect my Children’s Human Rights to unlimited, unrestricted and unsupervised Communication with their Father (me) during my time in Suomi.

(d) Failing all of the above, I demand that you bring Mikael to Juankoski to visit me – this is where William is, and he is in the greater danger.

☆Stockholm Syndrome

If an Animal is kept in a cage all it’s life, then, if the door is suddenly opened it may be afraid to leave.

Therefore, any statement made by my Children expressing their wish not to communicate to me will be viewed by me as not made by their own free will – until they have been under my care for one Moon.


The No Fault Divorce Laws (Psychiatry/Eugenics) and

your illegal possession of my Children are acts of Terrorism and a declaration of War against my Family.

You have many a Sword, and I have one Pen, the game continues yet!

☆Freedom Of Speech

In the early part of 2015, Psych Sock Puppet Antti Rikala took me to Court in Suomi – about my Book/Website.

The Judge threw Antti out of Court.

It appears to me that the real intention of the Psychs, the Judge and Antti was intimidation.

I am aware that my Internet Footprint is not yet large enough to cause retraining, dismissal or imprisonment of any Psychs or Justs.

In light of the above, I consider the possibility that you Psychs will subject me to Assassination, False Imprisonment or Medical Torture upon Arrival as remote💡of course my dear friends, you could always tell me the truth about your intentions towards me – ha ha, funny, yes?

The worst thing that can happen to a Man is for his Children to die before him.

I do not fear you.

I would spit in your eyes but it would dirty my spit.

Do not let me be misunderstood, you sick pack of parasitic freaks – I am not in a hurry to shake off this mortal coil, I have unfinished business, this is why I am sharing this EPILOGUE far and wide on the Internet.

One more thing – you may not like the result.

☆Visiting Rights

Divorce Court Order

Vantaa District

Judge Airi Hukkanen <airi.hukkanen@om.fi>

“Notification of the Holiday Period

The father needs to notify Kaisu Mclachlan of the time of his arrival in Finland by 31.3.”

*3 months prior to summer school holidays.

In reality, Kaisu surrendered our Children to The Finnish Inquisition in 2002.

My rights, per Divorce Court Oder, have been defecated upon by you Psychs.

Except, Interestingly, your illegal assumption/demand that the three months notice and child care payments to Kaisu now belong to you.

I demand the same rights as Kaisu

(a) Kaisu has the right to contact or visit our Children anytime and I do not.

(b) I am forced by <www.kela.fi> & <www.humanservices.gov.au> to give money to people that are kidnapping & drugging our Children and Kaisu is not.


I have experienced Obstacles of a truly biblical scale in attempting to deliver my Mail to my Children.

If any Just or Psych wishes to elevate my estimation of them above Sociopath, then, please contact my friend <holmstrom.solveig@gmail.com> who is holding Mail for William & Mikael.


The Penal Code Of Finland

Chapter 21

Section 15

Neglect Of Rescue (578/1995)

A person who knows that another is in  mortal danger or serious danger of losing his/her health , and does not give or procure such assistance that in view of his/her options and the nature of the situation can reasonably be expected , shall be sentenced for neglect of rescue to a fine or to imprisonment for at most six months.

☆Finnish Law In Action #1

Leena Metsäpelto


(State Prosecutor)

+358 (0)29 562 0818

< leena.metsapelto@oikeus.fi >

< www.vksv.oikeus.fi >

I received the following Advice from Leena On the 9/3/11:

(A) You need to make a criminal complaint to the current local Poliisi or Police (Espoo) concerning criminal behaviour towards your Children by certain Psychs.

(B) If the Police fail to compare the actions & recorded statements of the Psychs to The Penal Code Of Finland then:

(C) Make a criminal complaint about the Police Officer(s) to the

District Prosecutor of Espoo.

Request Prosecutor continue Pre Trial Investigation .

If Prosecutor fails to conduct honest investigation, then:

(D) Make Complaint to Prosecutor General.

What Follows Is An Attempted Application of Leena’s advice:

Rauli Salonen


+358 (0)295 413 165


Länsi-uudenmaan Poliisilaitos.

On the 15/6/11 I visited the Espoo Police Station.

I accused Psychiatrist <anu.kuusi@hus.fi>

of drugging my son William with intent to cause Death.

On the 27/7/11 Rauli Salonen informed me that Jukka Helander is responsible for the Investigation.

On the 27/7/11

I visited Prosecutor Tapio Mäkinen at the Espoo District Prosecutor’s Office.

Tapio said that Jukka is taking orders from Rauli on the Investigation.

Tapio says that If #Valvira (the Medical Investigation Board) wants to Investigate a Doctor, then and only then will the Prosecutor make Criminal Charges.

In 2009 & 2011 I visited Psychiatrist / Senior Investigator <Markus.Henriksson@valvira.fi> picture this: he refused to investigate Anu Kuusi !

Four years later, my Children have literally disappeared in to the Labyrinth of Finnish Psychiatry, and still I wait and hope for help from the Prosecutor General of Finland <matti.j.nissinen@oikeus.fi> +358 295 620801, Leena Metsäpelto and the other 549 Staff of The Finnish Prosecution Service.

So, Lasten Psykiatria is forcing thousands of Finnish Children to take SuicideMassMurderPills. Question – Cui Bono, or to whose benefit ?

Answer – Big Pharma or International Drug companies; State/Corporate or Fascist Health & Welfare Groups; certain Charities and The Police State.

A moment of clarity would result if the Justs would uphold The Rule Of Law: In Juankoski there is a Children’s Home <www.ilmaria.fi> managed by # MinnaWillmanHietala  +358 (0)400 284 226 <minna.willman-hietala@ilmaria.fi>; I need the Justs to order her to respect my Finnish Divorce Court Ordered right to Information about my Children; the Information needed being💡how many Euros per week does the shareholder business of Ilmaria/Mediverkko get from the Finnish Taxpayer and other sources – for the False Imprisonment & Drugging of my son William Mclachlan?

☆Finnish Law In Action #2

Markus Kiiskinen

Chief inspector

National Police Board

Control of Legality

Oulun toimipiste

Linnankatu 3

90101 Oulu

+358 (0)71 8781 639

+358 (0)40 506 5149


Email 1:

Mr Mclachlan,

Your writing does not give grounds for action. As a result, the National Police Board will transfer your case to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Email 2:

National Police Board

1 (

Control of Legality


etr POHADno/2009/3943

Warren Mclachlan


National Police Board’s Response To Your Second Letter:

Your writing will not cause any further action in the National Police Board.

Your case will be transferred to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, because your writing deals primarily with social and health authority


Chief Inspector Markus Kiiskinen

National Police Board

Vuorikatu 20 A, PL 302, 00101 HELSINKI

kirjaamo.poliisihallitus@poliisi.fi, www.poliisi.fi

Puh. 071 878 0181, Faksi 071 878 8555

☆Those Who Have Sworn An Oath To Defend The Constitution/Nation/Citizens Of Suomi From All Enemies Foreign And Domestic

President & Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces, Mr Sauli Niinistö


Minister Of Defence    , Jussi Niinistö


Chief Of Defence, General Jarmo Lindberg <kirjaamo@defmin.fi>.


Mussolini, Benito




“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate Power.”


Bonaparte, Napoleon




“Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest.”


a Community is a place where beings share common beliefs and goals.

In the Animal kingdom this a Flock; Hive; Nest etc.

In the world of Man this is a Town – a Town is a community small enough so that the rulers at least know of every Being that they rule, and have some awareness of where they live.

In a Town the dictates of Nature on Family are likely respected.

It is self evident that when one is part of a City, Nation or Global Organisation the freedom of a Family to choose it’s own destiny becomes increasingly less likely.

History tells us that all Organisations bigger than a Town, if not created by Psychopaths, are likely to become a vehicle for them – and Economic Collapse or Terrorism or War or all of the above result.

A Town does not prevent War, it just becomes less likely and less destructive.

Further, a Nation with armed Citizens  (the right to self defence) and no standing Army is less likely to become a Dictatorship or involve itself in War.


In 1694 the Pound Note was a handwritten Note from the Bank Of England, declaring that the BOE owed the bearer of the Note one pound of Sterling (92.5%) Silver.

Possession of a Euro Note from the Private Shareholder or Fascist Bankster owned European Central Bank or ECB promises the bearer nothing or no-thing.

The Banksters of the ECB, BOE & Fed rule the World – to a large degree, and do so through Economic Collapse and Terrorism and War.

It’s similar to the way the American Indians would stampede a herd of Buffalo off a cliff and feast on the bones.

So, the Banksters can print or counterfeit the Euro at will.

Each new Euro is borrowed into existence.

By setting Interest Rates the Banksters reduce or increase Loan Applications or quantity of Counterfeit Currency in circulation.

This causes Inflation/Deflation, allowing the Banksters to control Industrial Output and predict and seize control of the Share Market.

The above means that the Banksters can dictate Government Policy.

They do so directly through Interest Rates.

And dominate Government indirectly via their Puppet Corporations: Government Incentives for large scale Industrial Investment; Political Campaign Contributions; Insider Trading tips for and luxury Retirement Jobs for the well politically connected.

The Banksters intend to bankrupt Europe, which of course includes Suomi, the tool is Derivatives – Debt as Equity for infinite Debt.

They can bleed the Taxpayer to death on the way down and ultimately seize the National Assets.

To distract the Finnish People from their Looting they have constructed a Trojan Horse – a flood of refugees from the most violent parts of the Middle East, (Terrorists amongst them) and anyone who opposes the importation of Terrorists will be beaten mercilessly with the rascism stick.

The Job of the Terrorists is to cause the Public to beg for Militirization of  the Police – to prevent Revolt when there is nothing left to steal.

So, Bankruptcy and Terrorism are progressing well in Suomi but what about the War?

If the People of Suomi and the rest of Europe are still in a mood for Revolt, regardless of Economic Collapse/Welfare Dependance and Terrorism/Police State, then perhaps the Troika of the ECB, BOE & Fed will cause Civil War or European Wars or WW3 with Russia/China via Ukraine & the Middle East?

The biggest profits to be made in this World are through lending Money to Governments for War.

The Bankster’s Puppet Corporations have delivered more Weapons to the Middle East than anyone.

One way to stop the Fascist Banksters in their tracks is to reintroduce the Finnmark, abolish Income Tax (Communism) and accept Tax payments in Gold & Silver.


The Finnish Health & Welfare Departments and certain Medical Companies and Charities are  kidnapping & drugging thousands of the Children of Suomi – this includes my Children, and this is Genocide.

Messrs Niinistö and Jarmo, If you risk your lives to do something about the above, your People will sing songs about you, and if you crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, they will dance on your graves.

The choice is yours my friends.



It is my hope that one day the words in this Book will paint a dark, but beautiful and inspiring picture that will be shared by millions.

Then my Children will be free, and the World will be a better place for all Children.

Hope echoes through eternity.

And so I continue to write.




(a) You have a right not to be drugged against your will (b) you have a right to live with me or one of your many Finnish Family Members (c) you have a right to a Finnish Taxpayer funded Lawyer to help you with the above – but you MUST contact the Lawyer yourselves.



★ Electronic #SOS  · · · – – – · · ·




#Vantaa City Child Protection

Asematie 7 Vantaa 01300

+358 (0)9 83911











+358 (0)40 708 6301


040 8302781

040 4894029

040 4894992

040 4894033

040 4894990

040 4894044

040 4894032

040 4894030

040 7086301



040 8302780

040 4894035

040 8302704

040 4894989

040 8302730



Lasten Psykiatria

Juankoski Lastensuojelu

Pelastakaa Lapset

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto


Vantaan Lasten Nuorten Ja Perheiden Sosiaalipalvelut




The Department Of Human Services Australia or DHS

Hanna Mäntylä

Minister for Social Affairs & Health

Juha Rehula

Minister of Family Affairs & Social Service

Tuomas Kurtilla

Ombudsman for Children’s Rights

Ilpo Kinnunen

William’s Psychiatrist

Pentti Romppanen

Mikael’s Social Worker

Antti Rikala & Paula Hannula

Mikael’s Step Parents


+358 (0)40 825 2285



+358 (0)50 302 5192



+358 (0)50 302 5174 <heli.ihatsu@vantaa.fi>

Ulla Joentausta

+358 (0)40 764 3462

Arja Jokinen

+358 (0)9 839 23295

Saara Leinonen

+358 (0)400 809 435

Seija Pesälä +358 (0)9 839 23229

Pentti Romppanen

+358 (0)9 839 23400


Hannele Salomaa

+358 (0)9 839 23234

Riitta Silvonen

+358 (0)9 839 23391

Maria Ingström

+358 (0)50 302 5198

Sari Marttila

+358 (0)40 767 0122




+358 (0)400 978 448


Hartikainen, Viivi


Helisalmi, Jonna


Jääskö, Anna-Maija


Kervinen, Kiia


Ilpo Kinnunen




Nyyssönen, Anna-Maria


Partanen, Pia


Ruuskanen, Susanne


Tiitta, Airi


Willman-Hietala, Minna


Friends of Ilmaria:

leena.vehvilainen Os Keinänen

Anni Palm

Anni Pihl

Auli Miettinen

Emilia Juntunen

Heidi Kaakkola

Jenni Korva

Jenni Vartiainen

Johanna Kilpiö

Johanna Laitinen

Marketta Heikkinen

Nina Voutilainen

Ninni Kilpiö

Sanna Simonen

Sonja Herranen

Tarja Kainulainen

Tia Turpainen











Marja Auvinen


Elli Parkkonen



Kathryn Campbell <childsupportoverseas@humanservices.gov.au>



Sauli Niinistö

Prime Minister

Juha Sipilä

Minister For Foreign Affairs

Timo Soini

Minister Of Justice

Jari Lindström

Chancellor of Justice

Jakko Jonkka

Prosecutor General of Finland

Matti Nissinen

Parliamentary Ombudsman for Finland

Petri Jääskeläinen.

President of Finland Sauli Niinistö


Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä


Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland Timo Soini


Justice Minister of Finland Jari



Chancellor of Justice of Finland, Jakko Jonkka


Prosecutor General of Finland Matti Nissinen


Parliamentary Ombudsman for Finland Petri Jääskeläinen


Minister of Social Affairs & Health for Finland Hanna Mäyntylä


Minister of Family Affairs & Social Service Juha Rehula


Parliamentary Ombudsman

Pirkko Äijälä-Roudasmaa


Pasi Pölönen


Antti Rikala


StepFather of Mikael (without a CourtOrder)

+358 (0)44 368 1804



Paula Hannula

Stepmother of Mikael

(Without a Court Order)


(Senior Law Specialist – Ministry Of Justice)

+358 (0)2951 50157



Sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone= 



My dear friend Anu,

Would the above be a a fair estimation of your appearance, and if not, then perhaps you would be kind enough to send me your photo?

Which of the following best describes the product of your involuntary services: 

Harm in the name of help, pain drug hypnosis, stockholm syndrome, learned helplessness, normalcy bias, overton window? 



 In 1998 I married a women from Finland, by the name of Kaisu. 

In 1998 our first son William was born in Australia. In the year 2001 Kaisu took William, and our unborn son Mikael to Finland, to visit her family. In the year 2002, our second son Mikael was born in Finland. My family never returned to Australia. I do not now, nor have I ever given my permission for my children to live in Finland. Kaisu was never a good mother, but her mistreatment of our Children increased in Finland. I obtained a photo in Finland in 2004, it shows William handcuffed, the Photo appears genuine,

genuine, and the handcuffing appears to have been done by Kaisu. Kaisu divorced me in 2004, I asked the Court to return my Children to Australia, I failed. Kaisu, in the year 2002, began dumping responsibility for the care of our Children on to the Psychs. This “care” is factually covert hostility (harm in the name of help). I believe her reasons are as follows 1) Avoidance of her parental responsibility. 2) Prevention of my Children’s return to Australia. 3) Prevention of me exercising my Finnish Court ordered one month per year custody of my

Children. 4) Sadism 5) Sympathy 6) Attention SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS 1) Forcing Children with a good Father to spend their entire Childhood in a Government Home will cause behaviour problems or worsen existing ones. 2) Anyone who forces a Child to spend their Childhood heavily Drugged (without any scientific proof of illness) is a murderer. When such behaviour is systematic & Institutionalized it is Genocide. 3) Official tolerance of Sadism towards Children is a flaming danger signal of a dying Civilization

(this is what happened to ancient Rome & Greece). PSYCHS Certain Psychs have been forcing my Children to live in Government Homes since 2003, and heavily drugging William since 2006. This drugging is being done without any scientific proof of illness. It makes no difference what the Psychs believe individually -a man is judged by the results of his actions, not his social status or wealth. If this drugging does not soon stop, William will suffer permanent Physical Damage or Death through Organ failure, Accident or Suicide. Therefore, I judge the Psychs to be murderers.

Certain Psychs have denied me the right, in writing -twice, to send an independent Doctor, Lawyer or Priest of my own choice to visit my own Children. This gives the Psychs a green light to commit any and all criminal acts against my Children. It is hard to imagine a better place for a Sadist or Paedophile to hide than the Finnish Psych Industry. [Psych Quotes] Vahala, Essi -Social Worker. Seikkilä, Carina -Social Worker. Saikko, Eero -Social Worker. (A) “During Spring 2011 William has repeatedly tried to harm himself ” (B) “children’s home Tirlittan is

incapable of being responsible for William’s safety” (C) “Continuous medication: Seronil 20mg… mornings Abilify… 4ml… mornings. Olanzapin… 5mg… mornings… evenings… Atarax… 50mg Lorazepam… 3mg” (D) “William is physically a basically healthy boy… slightly obese” [Psych Drugs] What follows is data from the o fficial Zyprexa Website Zyprexa (Olanzapine) Telephone -1-800-LillyRx www.ZYPREXA.com (A) “Persons taking ZYPREXA… more likely to think about killing themselves or actually try to do so”

(B) ”hurting yourself or others” (C) (hyperglycemia)… coma, or death” (D) “thirsty… hungry… tired… sick… confused” (E) “Possible serious risks of weight gain” (F) “Strokes” (G) “Severe allergic reactions… severely ill… swelling… trouble breathing” (H) “Neuroleptic malignant syndrome… ZYPREXA… can cause death… high fever; excessive sweating; rigid muscles” (I) “Tardive dyskinesia… body movements… you cannot control… may not go away, even if you stop taking ZYPREXA” (J) “Serotonin syndrome… can be

life threatening… agitation; hallucinations; problems with coordination; racing heart beat; over-active reflexes; fever; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea” (K) “Abnormal bleeding” (L) “hyponatraemia… feel weak, confusion, problems concentrating, memory problems, feel unsteady” (M) “dizziness, fast or slow heart beat, or fainting” (N) “Decreases in white blood cells (infection fighting cells)” (O) “can cause food or liquid to get into your lungs” (P) “Seizures” (Q) “sweating too much or not at all, feeling very hot… not able to produce urine” (R) “milk production

production from the breasts… enlargement of the breasts in men, and impotence” (S) “can cause sleepiness and may affect your ability to make decisions, think clearly, or react quickly” (T) “life-threatening side effects… high fever… muscle spasms… changes in… blood pressure… unconsciousness”… (U) ”you could die suddenly” (V) “Sleepiness… Lack of energy… Changes in behaviour… Restlessness… hard or infrequent stools” (W) “headache, stomach… pain, pain in your arms or legs… increases in prolactin, liver enzymes” (X) “feeling weak… Sleeping for

long periods… Blurred vision… Tremors… Dry mouth… Swelling of your hands and feet” (Y) “This is not a complete list of possible side effects” (Z) “not been approved for use in children under thirteen years of age” [Psych Criminals] The following List is incomplete. Henriksson, Markus Psychiatrist Medical Investigation Board markus.henriksson@ valvira.fi Crime -Genocide Kinnunen, Seppo Head Social Worker Kauniainen (Tirlittan) seppo.kinnunen@ pelastakaalapset.fi

pelastakaalapset.fi Seppo actually confiscates the Vitamins that I mail to William for the purpose of protecting him from the Drugs that Seppo is poisoning him with! Crimes -Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Slavery; Medical Malpractice; Medical Neglect; Medical Fraud; Torture & Attempted Murder. Kuusi, Anu Psychiatrist Street address -Leppävaaran Lasten Psykiatria Polyclinic Linnoitustie 7 0011 358 (0) 9 471 81 470 0011 358 (0) 9 4711 anu.kuusi@ hus.fi This women has for many years and continues to order the Drugging of William. Anu once told

me that forcing William to be a Drug Addict in his Childhood would reduce the chances of him being a Drug Addict as an Adult! Crimes -Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Slavery; Medical Malpractice; Medical Neglect; Medical Fraud; Torture; Attempted Murder & Genocide. Lohvansuu, Jaana Head Social Worker Vantaa jaana.lohvansuu@ vantaa.fi Crimes -Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Slavery; Torture; Attempted Murder & Genocide. Markkula-Kivisilta, Hanna Head Of Pelastakaalapset (Save The Children Finland) hanna.markkula-

kivisilta@ pelastakaalapset.fi Crimes -Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Slavery; Torture; Attempted Murder & Genocide. JUSTS [Court Order] Vantaa District Court Judge Airi Hukkanen 29/ 8/ 2003 Q uote -“for one month in Finland once a year in summer, during the Finnish School Holidays… The children may meet with and stay with their father in a place he has arranged in Finland, for the whole month.” The Psychs have been denying me the right to exercise this Court Order since 2003. I lived in Suomi in 2011 for the entire months of June, July & August.

August. I was allowed to see my Children eight times for one and a half hours in July -with Psychs spying on us. Psych Lohvansuu says I am not allowed to see my Children again until July 2012. [Politicians] Guzenina-Richardson, Maria Minister Of Health & Social Services maria.guzenina-richardson@ stm.fi Email sent 24/ 9/ 11 Halonen, Tarja President Of Finland president@ tpk.fi Email sent 24/ 9/ 11 Katainen, Jyrki Prime Minister Of Finland jyrki.katainen@ eduskunta.fi Email sent 24/ 9/ 11

Henriksson, Anna-Maja Minister for Justice, Finland anna-maja.henriksson@ om.fi Email sent 25/ 9/ 11 Risikko, Paula Minister Of Social Affairs and Health paula.risikko@ stm.fi Email sent 25/ 9/ 11 Tuomioja, Erkki Minister For Foreign Affairs erkki.tuomioja@ formin.fi Email sent 25/ 9/ 11 Dear Finnish Politicians, It is clear that the Finnish Psychiatric Industry is literally poisoning my son William to Death with Drugs. It is also clear that the same thing is happening to hundreds, perhaps thousands of other Children

in Finland. Please answer the following Questions 1) Which section of the Finnish Legal Code makes it acceptable for a Finnish Psychiatrist to slowly Torture a Finnish Child to Death with Drugs? 2) Which Section of The Finnish Constitution compels the President or Prime Minister to act, when the Justice Department fails to Criminally Prosecute those responsible for Genocidal Acts against Finnish Citizens? Will one of you Finnish Politicians please help my Children? You have nothing to lose. A Hero only dies once, a Coward dies a thousand times!

I suggest a National Enquiry into Finnish Psychiatric Criminality -supervised by Human Rights Organisations who are not dependent on Taxpayer Handouts. [The Other Side Of The Story] If you are an employee of the Finnish Justice Department and you believe “The Other Side Of The Story”, consider this 1) It is confirmed in Psych & Just records that -Kaisu took my Children to Finland late 2001 promising to return to Australia early 2002 and never did. 2) It is confirmed in Psych records that Kaisu is cruel to my Children. 3) It is con firmed in Psych records that when Kaisu was faced with a choice of (A) caring

for our Children herself. (B) placing them in Childhood long (lifelong?) Psych “care”. (C) returning them to their Father in Australia. Kaisu chose B -Psych “care”! 4) It is con firmed in Psych records that -I have I strongly objected to any Psych communicating to my Children for any reason and demanded the return of my Children to Australia since 2002. 5) It is con firmed in Psych & Justs records, that, I have warned since 2002 that it is the intention of the Psychs to Institutionalize, Drug and Brutalize my Children for the term of their natural lives. 6) It is confirmed in Psych records that there is no scientific proof

that William and Mikael have any illness. 7) It is con firmed by the Fact Sheets from the Manufacturers of the Drugs that William has been forced to take for six years, that long term use is likely to cause permanent Physical Damage or Death. If the above claims are true, “The Other Side Of The Story” belongs at the bottom of the Mariana Trench! If you your Job is to Investigate my Criminal Complaints, consider this -the above gives you all the Clues you need to request copies of Documents from your Government or me that prove all of the above.

I have done your Job for you. When you have con firmed that all of the above Statements are true, then you can begin to make Criminal Charges against the Psychs who are harming my Children and the Justs who have failed there duty to protect my Children. If you fail to find out if the above claims are true, or fail to help my Children knowing that the above claims are true -you do not deserve your Job and you are a complete failure as a human being! [ Just Criminals] The following list is incomplete. Mäkinen, Tapio Espoo District Prosecutor

tapio.makinen@ vantaa.fi Email failed 23/ 9/ 11 I met this man personally in 2011, he was so busy thinking about what he was going to say next that he was unable to listen to my Complaint, in fact he left the room in the middle of our conversation! Crime -Neglect Of Rescue Rappe, Jukka Prosecutor General Head of Prosecution Unit jukka.rappe@ oikeus.fi Email sent 23/ 9/ 11 I recently received a Letter from Jukka Rappe dated 8/ 8/ 11. Quote -“Chief Inspector Rauli Salonen and District Prosecutor Tapio Mäkinen who, against your request, have not investigated 

matter related to your children… The Prosecutor General does not have the authority to supervise the actions of the Police” Crime -Neglect of Rescue Salonen, Rauli Espoo Police Chief Inspector rauli.salonen@ poliisi.fi Email sent 23/ 9/ 11 Crime -Neglect Of Rescue WILLIAM & MIKAEL William lived in Australia with me until the age of three. He was very handsome, very intelligent and full of wild energy, an altogether adorable child. He was loved by many. I first met Mikael at the age of

six months. He was also very handsome. I have not had much chance to know him but he appears cheeky and clever. William has been living, mostly, in the City of Kauniainen for a number of years now. This Children’s Home is called Tirlittan and is owned by Pelastakaalapset Suomi (Save The Children Finland). Tirlittan is to an unknown degree financed by the Finnish Taxpayer, and staffed by Psychs. Pelastakaalapset reminds me of the Sign at the gates of Auschwitz “Arbeit Macht Frie” translation “Work Makes Free”. This is known as Gallows Humour. William is being sent to varying Institutions, depending on

his current rebellion level. He is being put through a revolving door of varying levels of Drugging and Restraint. Clearly the intention is to turn him in to a Manageable Vegetable (Customer for Life) or Kill him, whichever comes first, the Psychs don’t seem to care which of these two outcomes occurs -there are millions more where he came from! Every behaviour problem that the Psychs have used to justify the Drugging of William is listed as a side effect by the Manufacturers of the Drugs he is forced to take. Since June 2009, Mikael has been living with two foster parents named Antti & Paula. His transfer from Tirlittan was done without my knowledge. It took

me almost one year to find out the address where Mikael (apparently) lives. I am not allowed to go there. I think Mikael has a chance, he is nine years old and the Psychs haven’t Drugged him yet -the Psychs can’t Drug every Child in their “Care”, it would make their Criminality too obvious. Further, Mikael appears happy and healthy in the care of Antti and Paula. I have, since the beginning, suggested to the Psychs that if they are unwilling to return my Children to Australia, then they should place them with one of their many Finnish Family members.

I believe they refuse to do this because they would lose power to profit from harming my Children, and it would be a Stepping Stone to me regaining Custody. ZOOS I say this in TOTAL seriousness: if I had a choice between placing my Children in a Zoo or Psychiatric “Care”, I WOULD chose the Zoo!!! I believe a good Zookeeper would not, for example, Drug a caged Lion for years for behaviour reasons, no matter how restless, aggressive or otherwise badly behaved it became -because the Zookeeper knows this would cause the Lion sudden Death or shortened Life span.

Also in a Zoo my Children would be fed natural food as opposed to Food which is sometimes (mostly?) highly processed (toxic). [An Appeal To Zookeepers] Australia Zoo Terri Irwin Australia Zoo Director 1638 Steve Irwin Way Beerwah Queensland 4519 Australia + 61 (0) 7 5436 2000 info@ australiazoo.com.au Helsinki Zoo Jukka Salo Director P.O. Box 4600 Helsinki 00099 09 310 37870 + 358 (09) 310 1615 jukka.salo@ hel.fi

Dear Terri Irwin and Jukka Salo, I need your help. A supportive Statement from you might help me attract the attention of an influential person who believes in Human Rights. Please tell me -would you give an Animal powerful, Mind altering, Addictive and Life threatening Drugs for six years, simply because you disagree with it’s behaviour? I extend the same request for help to Zookeepers Worldwide. THE FUTURE William needs to return to Australia like a Flower needs the Rain. William looks to a future of endless Imprisonment and increasing Mental and Physical

Drug damage. I would not blame him if he Killed himself to escape this Torture. It is my selfish wish to keep William alive, no matter what his condition. The day I left Finland for Australia in 2009, my Children wanted to come with me. The day I left Finland for Australia in 2011, my Children were not allowed to see me. CONTACT INFORMATION Warren McLachlan Mail -P.O. Box 2081 Strathpine Centre 4500 Qld Australia Email -mclachlanww@ ymail.com My Lawyer -Tero Ala-Mieto Mail Address -P.O. Box 664 Helsinki 00101 Finland Email -ala-

mieto@ lakiasiat.com My Human Rights Advocate -Ole Lindell Mail -care of CCHR Finland P.O. Box 145 Helsinki 00511 Email -ole.lindell@ gmail.com Yours truly, Warren McLachlan


Dark Finland 

Part 6 

Save Our Soles 

ALLEGED I wish to make clear, for legal reasons, that every fact; claim or opinion in this Book is merely alleged.

alleged. In other words, all of the following words in this Chapter may or may not be true, and have yet to be proven as fact. ABOUT THIS CHAPTER Each Chapter (when sent by mail or email) begins with some Introductory Information -this comes from the idea that it may be the only Chapter the person ever reads. QUOTE Je fferson, Thomas -USA (1743 -1826), President “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under

tyranny”. DEFINITIONS [ Justs] All employees of the Finnish Justice Department. [Psychs] In light of the heavy influence Psychiatry has over the Finnish Health and Welfare Departments, and for the sake of simplicity, all their employees and all Parents and Foster Parents who have Blind Faith in them shall be labelled “Psychs”. HISTORY In late 2001, my Finnish wife Kaisu took our three year old Australian son William, and our unborn son Mikael for a holiday to Finland, and did not return to Australia in early 2002 as promised.

promised. In 2002 Kaisu decided she did not want our Children. To prevent me regaining Custody in Australia she gave our Children to the Psychs. Since the year 2002 I have issued the following warning to countless Justs & Psychs -“It is the intention of the Psychs to Institutionalize, Drug & Brutalize my Children for their whole lives.” I was able to make the above accurate Prediction because of my interest in Human Rights since long before my Children were born. I have been aware of Psychiatry’s shocking Human Rights record for a very long time.

Certain Psychs have been forcing William to take multiple Drugs for many years now. The Psychs admit in writing that they have no scientific proof that William has any illness of any kind. These Drugs literally cause the behaviour problems that the Psychs claim he needs the Drugs for! Th e Fact Sheets from the Manufacturers of these Drugs state long term use is likely to cause extreme acts of Violence to Self & Others, Organ Damage and Organ Failure. Soon the Physical damage caused to William by these Drugs will require Drug Therapy! These Psychs are literally poisoning William to Death. No appeal to the Justs for Common

Common Sense, Respect for Human Rights or the Rule Of Law has resulted in any help for my Children. COMMON SENSE Common Sense is not Common! Any one with Common Sense will tell you that giving a Child Drugs (without scientific proof of illness) against the Father’s wishes, is a Criminal Act. Anyone with Common Sense will tell you that forcing Children with a good Father to spend their entire Childhood in a Government Home is a Criminal Act. Anyone with Common Sense will tell you that denying a good Father the same and Equal Rights to participate in his Children’s

lives as the Children’s Mother is a Criminal Act. Anyone with Common Sense will tell you that Justice O fficials who knowingly fail in their duty to make Criminal Charges against people who behave in the above manner are themselves committing a Criminal Act. Common Sense will tell you that when the Finnish Ministers for Health, Welfare & Justice were warned of the above before the fact, and continue to ignore repeated pleas for help ten years later, then they are Criminally Insane or under the control of people who are. Common Sense will tell you that in the above situation you have

a Ruling Class that is above the Law. [Uncommon Sense] A Ruling Class unrestrained by the Rule Of Law will eventually deliver some or all of the following results A privately owned Central Bank False Flag Terrorism War Economic Collapse Civil Riots Marshall Law Dictatorship Terrorism Concentration Camps Revolution HELP I have contacted literally thousands of Justs & Psychs over the last ten years seeking help for my

Children -nothing! Why? I can only guess, here are some of the many possible reasons 1) Everybody knows that foreigners are always wrong. 2) I work for the Government because I want to do as little as possible -and get paid as much as possible. No one else is doing anything to help these Children -this proves that I do not need to either. 3) Everybody knows that because women give birth and breast feed they are always right about Childcare (my ex wife and most of my Children’s Psychs are women). 4) Everybody knows that everything that every Psych & Just says and does is always completely

right. 5) This man’s Complaint is so extreme that it could not possibly be true, therefore there is no need to honestly investigate. 6) If this man is telling the Truth, and I try to help his Children, I could lose my Job or worse. 7) I like to see Children suffer. NOTHING TO LOSE You have nothing to lose by helping my Children -a Hero only dies once, a Coward dies a thousand times. The quality of one’s life is not measured by how long one lives or the number of possessions. It is measured by how many people one helps. SOS!!! How you can help

[Goals] I need an effective Human Rights Lawyer who doesn’t cost a fortune. My Children need to return to Australia. I need a life ban from Health & Welfare for every Psych that has ever harmed my Children. I also need the ill Gotten Gains of every Psych that has ever harmed my Children to be transferred to me -this will help me to rehabilate my Children and exterminate this nest of Vipers known as Psychiatrists who prey on Finnish Children. Note -if the Justs are unwilling to do the above then I want the above Psychs charged with Kidnapping,

Kidnapping, Torture & Attempted Murder. [Stepping Stones] Equal Rights Kaisu has the right to take William & Mikael to her Home for overnight visits. I have not been allowed to spend one moment alone with my Children in the last ten years. Kaisu has the right to phone or email Mikael anytime on his Foster Parents normal telephone. Mikael’s Foster Parents have a special telephone just for me and they only turn it on for one hour per week. I want the same rights as Kaisu.




















Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

C. S. Lewis

English essayist & juvenile novelist (1898 – 1963)   


Let us assume that every bad thing that my ex wife Kaisu Mclachlan and her Finnish Psychiatry, Psychology & Social Worker (Psych) friends ever said about me is true.

Now, does the above make it right to force our children William Mclachlan & Mikael Mclachlan to spend almost their entire childhood in Government Homes – drugged with no scientific proof of Illness – in William’s case for many years – when they have many good Relatives in Australia & Finland that could care for them!?

Yours truly, Warren Mclachlan +61400655703 <mclachlanww@gmail.com> <www.darkfinland.com

🔍DarkFinland #DarkFinland @DarkFinland


Social Worker


<pentti.romppanen@vantaa.fi> @VantaanKaupunki #Vantaa #VantaanKaupunki 

Hyvää (good) Pentti Romppanen,


Pentti, imagine Suomi (Finland) had a Psychiatry, Psychology & Social Work (Psych) Industry which was ever increasingly reducing Divorce; Illiteracy; Unemployment; Homelessness; Drug Addiction; Criminality; Insanity etc.


Pentti, If the above was fact, then, would you Finnish Psychs find yourselves in a position of decreasing employment opportunities, and decreasing government funding?


Pentti, a standing Finnish Court Order guarantees my Children one month per year with their Father – in the summer, in Suomi.

You Psychs have used this Court Order as toilet paper since 2004 – and this has been done with the blessing of the Finnish Justice Department or Just-Us Department or the Justs – except where it restricts my Children’s contact with their Father.


(a) Pentti, concerning the three Meetings you attempted to arrange with me while I was in Suomi in 2016 – were you planning any Psych/Just-Us surprises intended to further restrict my Children’s contact with their Father?

(b) Pentti, which of the following Labels, if any, best describes you: Secret Freedom Fighter/Spanner In The Works; Useful Idiot; Mercenary; Perjuror; Kidnapper; Drug Pusher; Paedophile; Sadist; Satanist; Eugenicist?


The Justs will not investigate a criminal complaint against a Psych without a complaint from Markus Henriksson – who is a Psychiatrist – and is also in fact the Head of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare & Health (Valvira).

Would this be similar to the fox guarding the henhouse, or Hitler supervising the Nuremberg Trials?

I have had two meetings with Henriksson – he told me that they never usually investigate a Psychiatrist unless there is a death. 

Also, many years ago, with Henriksson’s agreement – I mailed him a Video which documented the biblical crimes of Psychiatry – no response.

Could their be any safer work enviroment for a Paedophile or Satanist than the Finnish Psych controlled Child Care Industry?


For some, it might be an amusing dream to whip the Finnish Psychs as they reconstruct the Colosseum, then watch them skin each other alive, and finally, laugh as they boil each other in Dog excrement.


In all seriousness, a Nation that tortures their most deserving engages a downward spiral –  leading to torture of the innocent, worship of evil Spirits and even worse things if possible.

If it were up to me, I would put every Psych in Suomi on Rudolf Island – and slowly release those who are clearly ignorant of the fact that they were harming Children in the name of help.

Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 



<www.darkfinland.com> @DarkFinland #DarkFinland 


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Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue

Social Democratic Party of Finland

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Suomen Keskusta

Centre Party of Finland



National Coalition Party



Left Alliance


Green League


Suomen Ruotsalainen Kansanpuolue

Swedish People’s Party in Finland




Christian Democrats in Finland




PS @Persut

True Finns


Finnish Senior Citizens’ Party (2003 Pensioners for the People)


For Peace and Socialism – Communist Worker’s Party


The Communist Party Of Finland


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Nykyiset Kansanedustajat 

(Current Members Of Parliament)













@keskusta #Keskusta

Timo Soini


Foreign Affairs Minister

+358295351540 +35829516001 

<timo.soini@eduskunta.fi> <kirjaamo.um@formin.fi> @Ulkoministerio #Ulkoministeriö @Persut #Persut


In 2001 my then Finnish wife Kaisu Mclachlan took our three year old Australian son William Mclachlan, and our unborn son Mikael Mclachlan to Finland to visit her Family.

My Family never returned to Australia.

I do not now, nor have I ever given my permission for my Children to live outside Australia.

Kaisu surrendered our Children to the Finnish State in 2002.

William is being subjected to False Imprisonment & Life Theatening Drugging. My question to Mediverkko/Ilmaria heads <janne.jarvenpaa@mediverkko.fi> & <minna.willman-hietala@ilmaria.fi> is this: how many Euro per week do you get from the Finnish Taxpayer (and other sources?) for “caring” for William and how much is for the drugging?

Mikael lives in two locations in southern Finland that are unknown to me, with – <antti.rikala@hpplaw.fi> & <paula.hannula@om.fi>.


Justice Minister of Finland Jari Lindström <oikeusministerio@om.fi>

Minister of Social Affairs & Health for Finland Hanna Mäntylä <kirjaamo@stm.fi>

Parliamentary Ombudsman for Finland Petri Jääskeläinen <oikeusasiamies@eduskunta.fi>

Minister of Family Affairs & Social Service Juha Rehula <kirjaamo@stm.fi>

President of Finland Sauli Niinistö <presidentti@tpk.fi>

Prosecutor General of Finland Matti Nissinen <VKSV@oikeus.fi>

Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland Timo Soini <kirjaamo.um@formin.fi>

Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä <info@vnk.fi>

Chancellor of Justice of Finland Jaakko Jonkka <kirjaamo@okv.fi>

Ombudsman for Children of Finland Tuomas Kurttila <lapsiasiavaltuutettu@oikeus.fi>

*I Need Your Help To:

(a) Make it illegal to drug Children for behaviour reasons in Finland.

(b) Give Fathers & Mothers the exact same rights to communicate with, visit with, and decide on their Children´s health care.

(c) Return William and Mikael to their Father or at least place them in the care of the closest possible of their many Finnish Family Members.


In 2013, I became aware that you have the right to a Lawyer at the expense of the Finnish Taxpayer, I have sent many Letters to you about this, but I do not know if you have received them. Therefore if you, my beloved sons, do read this, I advise you now that the Lawyer must by Law work for you (not me) you must contact the Lawyer yourself and ask for help. I suggest you ask the Lawyer to (a) demand your right not to be drugged without my consent (b) demand your right to live with me or one of your many Finnish Family Members. Also <holmstrom.solveig@gmail.com> is holding Mail for you from me, but she will only give it to you. 


1. Share this Message.

2. Contact those in Justice, Health & Welfare who “care” for and “protect” my Children.

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Yours truly
Warren Mclachlan 
P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre 4500 Queensland Australia +61 (0)400 655 703
Email <warren@thedarksideoffinland.com>
Website <www.thedarksideoffinland.com>

Luke 12:53
“The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

Jackson, Robert H
1892 –1954
Chief United States Prosecutor – Nuremberg Trials
“These are rules which every society has found necessary in order to reach men, like these defendants, who never get blood on their hands, but who lay plans that result in the shedding of blood….”
“The Charter recognizes that one who has committed criminal acts may not take refuge in superior orders nor in the doctrine that his crimes were acts of state….”

P.S – kind regards to my friends at <childsupportoverseas@humanservices.gov.au>.



Eugenics –

Selective human breeding and population reduction.

Justs –

All employees of the Finnish justice department. 

Psychiatry – 

A branch of eugenics. Harm in the name of help. Human sacrifice.

Psychs – 

Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and psychiatric drug manufacturers. 



Loc 6 of 3797

 Helsinki, Suomi (Finland) QUOTE Summer, Gordon (Sting) -England (1951 -), Musician “Everybody wants to look the other way, when something wicked this way comes…” MINUN LAPSET (MY CHILDREN) To my beautiful sons William and Mikael -you are both your own immortal Souls. Nothing in this world can hurt you permanently. In the beginning was total freedom, so it shall be once more. ANGELS OF DEATH Finnish Psychiatrist Anu Kuusi is literally, slowly, drugging my thirteen year old Australian son William to death. My Finnish ex-wife Kaisu is behind the whole thing. JUSTICE ( JUST US) Those in the Finnish Justice Department who should be responsible are, at best, ignoring the evidence. This is a violation of the Penal Code of Finland, Chapter 21, Section 15, Neglect of Rescue. Yours truly, Warren McLachlan The Dark Side Of Finland Part 2 -Preface

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Perhehoidon Koordinaattori 

(family care coordinator) 

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★Maarit Hirvonen 

(Vilhelm’s kindergarten assaulter/teacher) Simpukka päiväkoti, Apajakuja 1 Myyrmäki Vantaa 01600 

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Arkadiankatu 3 Helsinki 

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Katriina Nikkanen

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interim Director of the National Bureau of Investigation Jokinniemenkuja 4 Vantaa, Suomi (Finland)

+358(0)295 486 515 

+358 (0)295 486 582 <anna.zareff@poliisi.fi> <leenastiina.simola@poliisi.fi>

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(The Children’s Ombudsman) 

Vapaudenkatu 58 A, 3 Krs Jyväskylä 

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(Central Bureau of Investigation Head)


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Oulu; Helsinki

Kenraali (General)

Puolustusvoimain Komentaja 

(Supreme Commander Finnish Defence Forces) 

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@Finnchod @Puolustusvoimat #Puolustusvoimat

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Supreme General of Finland

Chief of all Finnish Defence Forces +358299800 +35829516001 <jarmo.lindberg@mil.fi> 

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#Nivala @Persut

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(Vilhelm’s social worker)

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★ Pirkko Mattila 

Yli-li; Oulu; Helsinki 

Sininen Tulevaisuus 

(Blue Reform Party)

Sosiaali ja Terveysministeri 

(Minister of Social Affairs & Health)

+358(0)94323102 +358(0)505120176 <pirkko.mattila@eduskunta.fi> <info@sininentulevaisuus.fi> 


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Presidentti (President) 


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Länsi-Vantaa family counselling 

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Helsinki Poliisi 

+358295475303 +358295470011 <maarit.purolinna@poliisi.fi> <kirjaamo.helsinki@poliisi.fi>

★Tuomas Pöysti 

1970 –


Valtioneuvoston Oikeuskansleri

(Chancellor of Justice)

+358(0)295 162 902 

+358(0)9 160 23965 

<kirjaamo@okv.fi> <petri.martikainen@okv.fi>

#Oikeuskanslerinvirasto #Oikeuskansleri #OKV

★Panu Raatikainen

Tampere @UniTampere

+358503186142 +3583355111

<Panu.Raatikainen@uta.fi> <kirjaamo@uta.fi>

★Maarit Feldt-Ranta

#Karjaa #Raasepori

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<maarit.feldt-ranta@eduskunta.fi> <antton.ronnholm@sdp.fi> @ sosialidemokraatit @ maaritfeldtranta #maaritfeldtranta #sdp

★Jorma Ratilainen




★Tapani Ravantti 


+358400825111 +358500825111

<ajoneuvopesula.ravantti@gmail.com> <kirjaamo@sakyla.fi>


★Pekka Rehumäki 


+358401426673 +358918021

<pekka.rehumaki@evl.fi> <kirkkohallitus@evl.fi>

@kirkko_evl #Sakasti

★Antti Rikala 


+358443681804 +358947421 <antti.rikala@gmail.com> <antti.rikala@hpp.fi> 


★Pentti Romppanen 

Social Worker

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★Marja Roos 


Social Worker

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★AnnikaS aarikko 


Suomen Keskusta 

(Finnish Centre Party)

Perhe ja Peruspalveluministeri

(Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services)

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★Tomi Salomaa


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★Hanna Sarkkinen

Oulu; Helsinki

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★Anita Seppä 


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★Päivi Sihvo 

(social worker)

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★Antti Simola 


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Jyväskylä #JYU

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★Juha Sipilä


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Mikkeli Helsinki

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★Alexander Stubb

#Helsinki #Kokoomus

Vice President European Investment Bank

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★Nina Suomalainen 


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#Nokia CEO

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#Ruokolahti #yministerio

Minister of Agriculture & Enviroment

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★Raija Toiviainen 


Valtakunnansyyttäjä (Prosecutor General) +358295620802 +358295620800 <raija.toiviainen@oikeus.fi> <VKSV@oikeus.fi>


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★ Mervi Vihersalo

Vantaa City

Perhehoidon Johtava Sosiaalityöntekijä

(Family Care Head Social Worker)

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★Anne Vuori 

Myyrmäen sosiaali ja terveysasema

Jönsaksentie 4, 01600 #Myyrmäki Vantaa

+358(0)983 911

Länsi-Vantaan psykologipalvelut

Lasten Psykologipalvelut








★Savon Psykiatripalvelu 



*Ilpo Kinnunen


*Antti Lepola


*Hanna Lepola


*Ulla Lepola


*Hanna Väisänen-Rouvinen


*Tuula Vatanen


★Antti Rikala




★Jouko Ronkainen 













Marja-Liisa Partanen





Herttoniemen Siirtolapuutarha


+358105102101 <jarmo.lilja@kaukokiito.fi>


Porolahden Peruskoulu
(Reindeer Bay Primary School) Markku Keijonen (Principal)
+358 9 3108 2660 <markku.keijonen@hel.fi>


Porolahden Peruskoulu
(Reindeer Bay Primary School) Markku Keijonen (Principal)
+358 9 3108 2660 <markku.keijonen@hel.fi>


Petri Kangasperko
+358 40 067 8080
<petri.kangasperko@juankoski.fi> <http://www.juankoski.fi/instancedata/prime_product_julkaisu/juankoski/embeds/Puhelinluettelo_20316.pdf>

Ilmaria Children’s Home
(William’s Home)
Anna-Maija Jääskö
Ilpo Kinnunen
Note: William’s Psychiatrist
Maija Lukkarinen
Pia Partanen
<pia.partanen@familar.fi> Kirsi Ruotsalainen
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Anu Aro 


Kuopio Police 

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Markus Henriksson

Valvira Helsinki


Psychiatrist/Senior Medical Ethics Investigator


Vantaa Divorce Court Judge
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Chancellor Of Justice






#SeppoKolehmainen Helsinki, National Police Commissioner +358505266815 +358295418910 <kirjaamo.poliisihallitus@poliisi.fi>

Anu Kuusi


Leppävaaran Lasten Psykiatria Polyclinic, Linnoitustie 7

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Maj-Britt Nyberg

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Paula Risikko 

Kauhava +358505113107 +358295480171



Silja Parkko
(William’s Social Worker)
Pentti Romppanen
(Mikael’s Social Worker)
+358983923400 <pentti.romppanen@vantaa.fi>

General List:

#JariAarnio Police Chief +358295418910 <kirjaamo.poliisihallitus@poliosi.fi>

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#ArjaElovirta #Kerava #Sinkka Museum Director +358403183434 +358403184300 <arja.elovirta@kerava.fi> <sinkka@kerava.fi>

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Paavo Arhinmäki








Pekka Haavisto

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Turun Yliopisto 


University of Turku

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Carita Maisila

















DF 8 Q


Dark Finland
Part Eight


*Samuel Adams*
Signatory To The Declaration Of Independance .
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

★Frederick Bastiat
“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.”
— Frederick Bastiat, 1801-1850, France, Economist.
“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.”
— Frederick Bastiat, 1801-1850, France, Economist.

*Harriet Beecher Stowe*
“Common sense is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.”

*Lavrentiy Beria*
1899 – 1953
Head Of The NKVD ( Russian Secret Police)
(1) “You must labor until every Psychiatrist and Doctor is either a Psycho-politician or an unwitting assistant to our aims.”
(2) “With the institutions for the insane you have in your country prisons wich can hold a million persons and can hold them without civil rights or any hope of freedom” . . .
(3) “You can cripple the efficiency of leaders by striking insanity into their families through the use of drugs” . . .
(4) “The actual simplicity of the subject of pain-drug hypnosis, the use of electric shock, drugs, insanity-producing injections , and other material , should be masked entirely by technical nomenclature, the protest of benefit to the patient, by an authoritarian pose and position, and by carefully cultivating govermental positions in the country to be conquered” . . .
(5) “No laymean would dare adventure to place jugement upon the state of sanity of an individual who the Psychiatrist has already declared insane.
The individual, himself, is unable to complain, and his family, as will be covered later, is allready discredited by the occurence of insanity in their midst” . . .
(6) “There must be no other adjudicators of insanity, otherwise it could be disclosed that the brutalities practised in the name of treatment are not therapeutic ” . . .
(7) “It is the basic purpose of Psychopolitics to reduce the state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and enslaved. Thus, the first target is Man, himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself as an animal” . . .
(8) “You must recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religious healing” . . .
(9) “The promise of unlimited sexual opportunities, the promise of complete dominion over the bodies and minds of helpless patients, the promise of having lawlessness without detection, can thus attract to “mental healing” many desirable recruits who will willingly fall in line with Psychopolitical activities” . . .
(10) “The psychopolitician has under his control the insane of the nation . . . the insane will execute destructive projects without question, if given the proper amount of punishment and implantation, the degradation of the country’s youth, the defamation of it’s leaders, the suborning of it’s courts becomes childishly easy” . . .
(11) “If given their heads, if left to themselves to decide, independant of officialdom, where they would place their deranged loved ones the public would chose religious sanitariums and would avoid as if plagued places where “scientific practices” prevail” . . .
(12) “If mental hospitals operated by religious groups are in existence, they must be discredited and closed, no matter what the cost, for it might occur that the actual figures of recovery in such institutions would become known, and that the lack of recovery in general institutions might be compared to them, and this might lead to a movement to place the clergy in charge of the insane ” . . .

Luke 12:53
“The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

“Everyhing, therefore, be it what it may, that you would have men do to you, do you also the same to them; for in this the Law and the Prophets are summed up.

“Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you.” Matthew 21.

Proverbs 22:7
“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

Otto von Bismarck
“The division of The United States into Federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe , these bankers were afraid that the United States if they remained as one block and as one nation , would attain economic and financial independence which would upset their financial domination over the world.”

*Napoleon Bonaparte*
“Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest.”

“…the hand that gives is above the hand that takes…”


Breggin , Peter R
1936 –

“German psychiatry was responsible for developing the idea of mass sterilization and mass murder , and German psychiatry systematically murdered 100,000 or more patients as a prelude to Hitler’s extermination program – everything from the first extermination centres to the gas chambers and crematoriums . German psychiatry actually carried out the first wide-scale murder of the jews and then trained the SS killers who later took over the task from them” .


Butler , Smedley
Brigadier General
(America’s Most Decorated Soldier)

“War is a racket… War is largely a matter of money. Bankers lend the money to foreign countries and when they cannot pay, the President sends Marines to get it.”


Carter, Jimmy
39th President

“Now it’s just an Oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governers and U.S. senators and congress members.”


Chekhov Anton, Pavlovich

“Twelve thousand people are swindled a year; the whole [mental] hospital business is founded, just as it was twenty years ago, on theft, scandal, slander, nepotism, on crude charlatanism, and, as before, the hospital is an immoral institution, exceedingly harmful to the health of the inmates.”

★G.Brock Chisholm
(1) “The re-interpratation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy” .
(2) “To achieve World Government , it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism , loyalty to family tradition , national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”
— G.Brock Chisholm, 1896-1971, Canada, Psychiatrist, first Director General of the World Health Organisation.

*Winston Churchill*
Prime Minister
“If you have ten thousand regulations, you lose all respect for the Law.”

*Marcus Tullius Cicero*
106 BC – 43 BC
“A nation can survive it’s fools , and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

Coleman , Lee
Author “Reign Of Error” .
“If you are doing it to somebody because you insist that they have to change , and your going to do that by turning the screws you might say , wether it’s with Medication or Restraint or whatever then it’s Torture , and a huge part of what Psychiatry has done really comes down to Torture” .

Da Vinci, Leonardo
“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”

Benjamin Disraeli
British Prime Minister
“The world is governed by people far different from those imagined by the public.”

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
(pen name Lewis Caroll)

’Have you guessed the riddle yet?’ the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
`No, I give it up,’ Alice replied: `what’s the answer?’
`I haven’t the slightest idea,’ said the Hatter.

John Donne
“. . . No man is an Island, entire of itself . . . any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Frederick Douglass
“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

*Ottmar Edenhofer*
Climate change economics, IPCC Working Group III
“We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,”

*Desiderius Erasmus*
“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

*Andrew Fletcher*
“The Possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave .”

*Henry Ford*
Founder, Ford motor company.
“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a REVOLUTION before tomorrow morning.”

Benjamin Franklin
“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Gates , Bill
1955 –
Microsoft Founder .
Stating that World population was heading towards 9 billion Gates said : “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines , health care , reproductive health services , we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 % .”

Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Propaganda Minister
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it , people will eventually come to believe it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

*Evelyn Beatrice Hall*
“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” …

Don Henley
“While you were sleeping
They came and took it all away … It was an inside job
By the well-connected
Your little protest
Summarily rejected …”

Robert H Jackson
Chief United States Prosecutor -Nuremberg Trials
“These are rules which every society has found necessary in order to reach men, like these defendants, who never get blood on their hands, but who lay plans that result in the shedding of blood….”
“The Charter recognizes that one who has committed criminal acts may not take refuge in superior orders nor in the doctrine that his crimes were acts of state….”

Thomas Jefferson
“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take , their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered . . .”

John F Kennedy
“For we are opposed around the World by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it’s sphere of influence” . . .

Martin Luther King
Civil Rights Activist
“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

*Mark Knopfler*
…”Yes it’s no use saying that you don’t know nothing
It’s still gonna get you if you don’t do something
Sitting on a fence that’s a dangerous course…”

Lyndon Larouche
Political Philosopher
. . . “the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy retains its control over global finance.”

[ Quote ]

1932 –

” There is not one shred of credible evidence that any respectable scientist would consider valid , demonstating that anything that Psychiatrists call mental illness are brain diseases or biochemical imbalances , it’s all fraud “.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Leader of Communist Revolution
“Destroy the family, you destroy the Country.”
“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.”


Lincoln , Abraham
“The money power preys upon the nations in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity . It is more despotic than monarchy , more insolent than autocracy , more selfish than bureaucracy .”


McKenna , Reginald
President of the Midlands Bank of England

“Those that create and issue the money and credit direct the policys of government” . . .

[ Quote ]

Mills , John Stuart

“The only purpose for wich power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community , against his will , is to prevent harm to others . His own good , either physical or moral , is not sufficient warrant”.


Moniz Egas
Noble Prize 1949 (Lobotomy)

[ Quote ]

Philip Mountbatten
Consort of Queen Elizabeth 2 .
“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus , in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

*Benito Mussolini*
“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate Power.”


Niemoller, Martin
1892 – 1984

“They came first for the Communists , and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist . Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist .
Then they came for the Jews , and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew .
Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up”.

[ Quote ]

Orwell , George

“In a time of universal deceit , telling the truth is a revolutionary act” .


Pavlov , Ivan Petrovich
Physiology (Nobel Prize)
Known For : Behavior Modification .

“Do not become a mere recorder of facts, but try and penetrate the mystery of their origin.”

* Best known for his conditioning of dogs by deprivation .
He first experimented on children -he punched holes in their cheeks to collect and measure their saliva.


427 BC-347 BC

“The best of either sex should be united with the best as often as possible, and the inferior with the inferior; and they are to rear the offspring of the one sort but not that of the other; for this is the only way of keeping the flock in prime condition…Our braver and better youth, beside their other honors and rewards, are to be permitted a greater variety of mates; for such fathers ought to have as many sons as possible.”

[ Quote ]

Percell , Casey Justice
(further identifying information unknown)

“It is not the responsibility of the government or the legal system to protect a citizen from himself” .


Regier , Darell A
Dir Research APA
Chairman DSM-5 Task Force
“We don’t know the Ideology of really any of the mental disorders at the present time ” .


Roosevelt , Theodore

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.”


Rothschild . Mayer , Amschel
Founder of Rothschild Banking Dynasty

” Give me control of a nations money supply , and I care not who makes it’s laws ” .


Rothschild , Nathan
Head of Rothschild Banking Dynasty

“I care not what puppet is placed on the Throne of England to rule the Empire , . . . The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire , and I control the money supply ” .

★Quote – Ernst Rudin

“Until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our thiirty year long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.”
— Ernst Rudin, 1874-1952, Switzerland, chief Nazi psychiatrist, head of the International Federation Of Eugenic Organisations.

“Until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our thirty year long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.”
— Ernst Rudin, 1874-1952, Switzerland, chief Nazi psychiatrist.


Sanger , Margaret
Founder of Planned Parenthood – the World’s largest abortion provider
Guest speaker at Ku Klux Clan meetings

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of it’s infant members is to kill it” .


Skinner , B.F
Inventor – Operant Conditioning Chamber

“I would rather burn my own children than destroy my research.”

* Skinner imprisoned his infant daughter for nearly a year in a “box” similar to those he built for rats.


970-931 BC

“The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. ”

Joseph Stalin
“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”


Summer , Gordon (Sting)

“Everybody wants to look the other way , when something wicked this way comes” . . .


Tacitus , Publius Cornelius
Roman Historian

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”


Taylor , A.J.P

“Until August 1914 a sensibl e, law-abiding Englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state , beyond the post office and the policeman . . . He had no official number or identity card . He could travel abroad or leave his country for ever without a passport or any sort of official permission . . . For that matter, a foreigner could spend his life in this country without permit and without informing the police . . . The Englishman paid taxes on a modest scale: nearly £200 million in 1913-14, or rather less than 8 per cent of the national income . The state intervened to prevent the citizen from eating adulterated food or contracting certain infectious diseases . It imposed safety rules in factories , and prevented women , and adult males in some industries , from working excessive hours . . .”

Leo Tolstoy
“Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.”

[ Quote ]

Twain , Mark
1835 – 1910

“No man’s life , liberty or
property are safe while the Legislature is in session” .

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”


Wilson , Woodrow
1856 – 1924

“Since I entered politics , I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately . Some of the biggest men in the United States , in the field of commerce and manufacture , are afraid of somebody , are afraid of something . They know that there is a power somewhere so organized , so subtle , so watchful , so interlocked , so complete , so pervasive , that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” .


Unknown Author

“Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor , for patriotism is indeed a double edged sword . It both emboldens the blood , just as it narrows the mind . And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate , and the mind has closed , the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry . Rather , the citizenry , infused with fear and blinded by patriotism , will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so .
How do I know ? For this is what I have done . And I am Ceaser” .

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“A fine is a tax for doing something wrong . A tax is a fine for doing something right” .



United States Constitutution
Article One , Section Ten –

“No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts” . . .

Kautto , Hannu
National Bureau Of Investigation
Detective Chief Inspector
Email received 2/1/12
“I’m not in a position to help you , or anyhow interfere your case .”

Räty , Laura
Helsinki Deputy Mayor
Email received from Laura 26/12/11 .
“In Finland , the laws governing child welfare are very detailed and unambiguous , and all child welfare decisions are made according to these laws .”

(François-Marie Arouet)

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


Watson , John
Founder of the Behaviorist Movement

“You have to look at human beings “the same way you would look at the ox you slaughter.”
Yakunin, Vladamir
“The US and a Global Financial Oligarchy are organising the violent overthrow of power in Ukraine to destroy Russia as a Geopolitical Opponent.”


#DaveForeman Co Founder #EarthFirst
“My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full compliment of species, returning throughout the world.”

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

#TedTurner Founder #CNN
“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Classified Document S/19-2.
Part 2, Paragraph 8:
< www.un.org/documents/ga/res/…/ aress19-2.htm >
”On a more positive note, population growth rates have been declining globally, largely as a result of expanded basic education and health care.”


My Book “Dark Finland” began before I discovered the Internet, it was a handwritten Letter to Government; Lawyers; Human Rights Groups; Media & Citizens.
I was/am seeking help for my Children.
The Letter grew into a Book.
An attempt was made to put all the Data in one place.
My main concern now is refinement, some deletions for reasons of privacy and repetition, and addition of future events.
The wheels turn slowly as I have little free time or money, but I see no limit for improvement and have no desire to stop – so expect many future editions.
I intend to replace all Claims of Criminality with Allegations and Questions.
In relation to Persons mentioned in my Book “ Dark Finland” or mentioned in my other Handwritten or Electronic Communications on the same Subject: I do regret and hereby withdraw all Accusations of Criminality.
Yours truly, Warren Mclachlan 22/6/ 16.

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The Dark Side Of Finland
Part Ten
*Epistle: a Book in the form of a series of Letters.
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*February 2004*
Psychiatry, Psychology & Social Worker (Psych) Office, Jönsäksentie, Myyrmäki Vantaa 01600 Finland.
I had a meeting with my ex wife Kaisu Mclachlan – my human rights advocate Ole and my lawyer Tero were there.
To represent Kaisu were social workers Marja Roos & Anne Vuori and perhaps five more women – apparently a Lawyer or two, an Interperator, a Policewomen, and one man – he was the one who normally took my Passport before I was allowed to see my Children, but today his job was to man the DVD Player I requested (which failed to work, or so he said).
I said the following things as witnessed by the above Audience:
“I am going to tell you something important Kaisu, I want you to write it down so you can remember in years to come. The future will probably turn out much like I am about to say. I saw Kindergarten Teacher Maarit Hirvonen punch our son William Mclachlan in the face, this is nothing compared to how those “doctors” will treat him. They will give him Drugs, the Drugs will make him violent, this will prove to them that he needs stronger Drugs, at this point he will be a Drug Addict. His life will be completely ruined. William will spend the rest of his life in Government Institutions, or he will become Homeless or a Criminal or a Drug Addict or all of the above. There is a way to save his life: give him to me!”.
I then told Kaisu & the Psychs that if they were to go to Court and ask the Judge to give William to me, it would probably happen. And if not, it would probably not happen, I repeated my demand and not one of them said a word.
Then I showed them about ten minutes of a DVD (on my portable player) which contained irrefutable evidence of extreme cruelty by Psychiatry towards Children – dating back centuries, again, no reaction.
*Summer 2007*
I am in Stockholm, I had a meeting with a Swedish man & Finnish woman from the Australian Embassy. Their only reaction was to make one phone call to Tammirinne Children’s Home in Finland.
I am spending the weekend in Los Angeles – on my way to Finland for the summer. I have come here to meet Curt, Carol & Elaine from a Human Rights Group.
I have been in contact with them via telephone since December 2007.
It appears to me that this Human Rights Group has done more damage to the Psychs than any other on this Earth.
They have promised to help my Children.
The Soul never dies, and so hope truly springs eternal.
I am at Esma Film School in Montpelier France.
Students of Esma have made a Cartoon called “Ex- ET” which contains many similarities
to what is happening to my son William.
I asked staff member Emile Clavell if I could place a DVD copy of Ex ET on the inside cover of my Book. She said that she would talk to the other staff about it, and gave me ten copies of Ex-ET.
*Monday 22/6/09*
I set sail on the Viking line from Stockholm to Helsinki in the afternoon.
I feel strong emotions, love and hate, enough to drive a man insane.
I met an Australian man on that ship, it turned out that there were four of us in my cabin and he was one of them. One bloke snored like a bear, drunks, I got 2 hours sleep.
*Tuesday 23/6/09*
I arrive in Helsinki, excited, ready to tear down the walls. The first thing I did was go to the currency exchange and get some Euro; next I got a Finnish Sim card for my phone. I booked into my Accommodation
at Suomen Raamattuopisto (Kauniainen Church). I contacted my Human Rights friends and my Lawyer.
*Sunday 28/6/09*
I saw my Children!
Tuesday 30/6/09*
Lunch with my Lawyer Tero.
In the afternoon Ole and I visited Tirlittan Children’s Home.
Social Worker Sami demanded my Passport, as he was walking off with it, I said to Ole “I want to punch Sami in the face” Ole said you can think it, just don’t say it!
Sami took Ole, my Children and I to the Local Bicycle Shop in a Japanese mini van, I bought William a quality motocross Bicycle.
*Friday 3/7/09*
1.30pm In the afternoon, I met Ole and Tero at my home in Kauniainen.
Tero gave me four Mail Packages that I sent to him for my Children.
Ole,Tero and I went to Tirlittan at 2 pm.
I gave my Children the Pakketeja (Mail Packages) William and Mikael lost interest in their games and sat down on a log in the garden, it took them five minutes to open them (well wrapped) inside were the usual Toys; Books; Computer Games & Food.
Sami and the Children and I went to the Local Sport Shop I bought William a Soccer Ball and Mikael a Basketball, the real point of this trip was to test out a $50 Australian disposable Visa Card it worked! Now I can mail money to my Children!
My visit to Tirlittan lasted four hours.
*This was the most time I have spent with my Children in one day since 2001.
*Saturday 4/7/09*
At lunchtime I went for a walk in the Esplanadi a wide street in the centre of Helsinki, it has a Park in the middle and at the far end there are markets, boats & ships, you can buy food and trinkets, quite nice actually.
I saw an old man in the centre of Helsinki, he had a beanie on it said “nut case” he looked like a Psych product – interesting.
*Sunday 5/7/09*
I met my Children at 1pm, as I was
approaching Tirlittan William came to meet me, nice that he was waiting for me!
Social Worker Nina; William; Mikael and I walked about half a mile to Kauniainen Lake – Finland’s wealthiest locale.
The Lake is large and picturesque, and surrounded by million dollar homes.
We played on the edge of the Lake, there is a mat of decomposing vegetation on the water’s edge it’s almost solid but has water underneath it, you can jump up and down on it.
There was a small but quality Jetty or Boat House with an upturned Rowboat near it on a rack.
My memory of how Nina actually looked has faded with time, but I do remember she  was young and rather pretty, average by Finnish standards.
Nina ordered us to go back to Tirlittan, William did not want to leave and hid under the Boat, I said to Nina – be patient, let him win, he will soon calm down and be happy to return, Nina bristled with authority but all the King’s men were far away, she caved, at the insistence of Nina William was somewhat willing to leave after about fifteen minutes.
It started to rain, I was almost soaked, my hands were cold.
Back at Tirlittan, I kicked a soccer ball too hard and badly bruised my foot, now I’m limping like an old goat.
Mikael followed me down the street when I left Tirlittan, he wanted to come home with me, this made me very happy and very sad – this is what they mean by bittersweet memories.
*Monday 6/7/09*
I went to the Helsinki Zoo, my plan was to meet the manager, I think it would be great if I could get a Statement from him were he says that he would not treat an Animal in his Zoo the way my Children are being treated by Finnish Psychiatrists.
Armed with such a Statement perhaps the Corporate Media would be forced to at least begin attacking me!
This would be one step closer to the Finnish Police helping my Children. The manager was on holidays, so I went to the Helsinki Council building in the City, everyone who was responsible for the Zoo was on holidays, but I collected everyone’s contact details it was like pulling teeth!
*Tuesday 7/7/09*
Tirlittan 2 pm. I played a computer game called Worms, I was only allowed to press the button once each round before Mikael or William snatched it from me lucky, I was a bad player anyway.
We kicked the soccer ball in the yard, then went to the shop
and bought some raisins for my Children.
Tirlittan Prison guard Jukka Mertanen told me that 4 of the 7 Children at Tirlittan are on Psych Drugs.
It’s now 9 pm, still light outside the land of the midnight sun, it’s raining and +15°C.
I went to Tirlittan at 11 am, Social Worker Jukka Mertanen and his sidekick demanded I surrender my passport it was a half hour standoff, I produced the UN Declaration of Human Rights and explained to them how many Articles they were violating, I asked them to reconsider their request, no deal I handed over my Passport.
I ate lunch with seven Children and two Psych nurses today.
Barbecued Sausages; Barbecued processed pork, Barbecued vacuum packed corn and boiled fresh potatoes at least the potatoes were healthy, if you can get over the fact that they were probably sprayed with pesticides!
I skipped the sausages their probably full of the waste products
from slaughterhouses, which is actually okay, that is if you can forget about the hormones, vaccines and preservatives!
William, Mikael and I played with 3 quality walkie talkies I mailed them, we also played hide and seek and soccer.
My Lawyer Tero showed up at 2 pm today, we had a talk with the Social Workers about Psych Drugs.
Jukka Mertanen said he couldn’t remember the last time William was this calm and peaceful – I wonder why?!
I was given permission to sleep over! Tero and I left Tirlittan at 4 pm today, I drove with Tero to Espoo train station, from there I went to Helsinki to the Library. Then I went to Lepavaari Supermarket and home. It is now midnight, not quite dark cloudy with +16C.
*Thursday 9/7/09*
I went to Tirlittan at 12.30 pm, staff: Director Seppo Kinnunen (Septic Tank) Jukka Mertane, Hannu & Saami.
William and Mikael were there plus  three more boys ages 7 to 14.
The oldest teenage girl and boy are definitely on Psych Drugs the boy is withdrawn and aggressive, the girl can’t look you in the eye and has fits of anger.
Seppo demanded my Passport, I reminded him that this was a Human Rights violation I lost.
William, Mikael and I played with a Kite in the backyard, it was too small but we still had fun, the Kite string was in a big knot. They fed me chicken and rice vegetables I thought it was better than the trash they fed me the day before.
*Friday 10/7/09*
I awake at 5 am with food poisoning sometimes the pain is so bad I want to die.
I feel like a ghost when I am in Finland – my ex wife Kaisu appears to be using my Children as Voodoo Dolls against me, and the beautiful maidens don’t notice me at all.
*Saturday 11/7/09*
I wake at 8am, feeling a little better. scratched myself like a mad dog half the night,  I wonder if Septic Tank poisoned me with those chicken and vegetables?
11 am William, Mikael &Saami came to pick me up to take me to the Summer Cottage for an overnight stay that’s right, even Children’s Homes have Summer Cottages in Finland!
I was checking the front door from my first floor room, Mikael was the first to the front door, by the time I made it to the hallway door to unlock it the Children were already there. As we were filing out the internal door I let Saami and Mikael out first and locked it, effectively trapping them so that there only option was to wait in the staircase or go outside. Then I took William into my room to show him something in private this took 10 minutes, then I unlocked the door. At this point I was ready to go to the summer Cottage. Saami’s reaction was to deny me the right
to see my Children today. I told Saami he was a communist parasite. I also told him that if I had my way I would ban him from the Child care industry for life and confiscate all of his assets so I could use the money to put my Children’s #1 Psych enemy Anu Kuusi in the same position. So, in hindsight what should I of done? I should of asked Saami’s permission for 5 minutes privacy with William and not insulted him. My head tells me that Saami would look good pegged to a Bull
Ant’s nest with a rag in his mouth, my heart tells me that a life ban from the Child Care industry and surrender all his assets to me is the right item. William raged at Saami and told me he wants to go home to Australia.
I’m not sick anymore!
I felt strong enough to tear Saami’s throat out today!
*Sunday 12/7/09*
I spent 3 hours at the Helsinki Police Station. I tried to convince the young Policeman to lay criminal charges against Anu Kuusi; Marja Roos and Seppo Kinnunen, no deal.
He said that the Case has been ‘investigated’ before, so there is no need to investigate it again. I told him I had Statements in my bag in which the above Psychs admit to Crimes against my Children. I also told him that I had copies in my bag of The Penal Code Of Finland, The Charter Of Fundamental Rights Of The European Union and The United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. And I told him that I could show him which Codes they were violating. He refused to look
at my evidence.
Monday 13/7/09*
Everything I eat leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Did Septic poison me?
I went to the Helsinki Police Station in the morning I demanded they study my documents, no deal.
It’s raining, midday and + 17 C. I walked one mile to the Helsinki Library.
My foot still hurts.
2pm I arrive at Tirlittan, I briefly wave to William as I am directed to the basement, I meet with Septic, Jukka Mertanen and Saami, I am
meant to apologise for Saturday, I couldn’t do it I told Septic he makes a living from kidnapping Children and forcing them to be Drug addicts, therefore he is the lowest form of life on Earth. I told Septic that I would spit in his eye, but it would dirty my spit. I am banned from Tirlittan, but manage to give the Children a hug and a 2 Euro coin each on the way out. William said he wanted to come home to Australia. My Lawyer is on the case looks like I’m going to have to take their orders and stop insulting them.
I am very good at criticising them, they are like cornered Rats, unable to defend their actions or disprove ANY of my statements, they react with silence or threats just like any good Nazi or Communist.
*Wednesday 15/7/09*
Lunchtime, I have a meeting at the Cafe in the Helsingin Rautatientori (Helsinki Railway Station) with Matti Virtanen who has a Current Affairs show with YLE TV show. We talked for 2 hours. He said he wants the story but is afraid of being sued by the Medical Industry. He said Pelastakaalapset (Save The Children Finland is a semi Government organisation that oversteps it’s boundaries.
Tero and I visit the Children at Tirlittan between 2.30pm and 4.30 pm.
*Thursday 16/7/09*
Everything I eat still leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, I actually lost my sense of taste for a while, you don’t suppose Septic poisoned me? No probably not.
My foot is getting better.
My friends Pekka and Kylliki from the Human Rights Organisation and I visited the Children at Tirlittan, from 3.30 pm to 4.30pm.
I surrendered my Passport to Jukka Mertanen, and shook hands with Septic -,yuck!
Mikael was building an Aeroplane, well he was giving it a go anyway, lumps of wood etc.
William was playing with his toys in his room.
I said very little to the Psychs.
After the visit I was sitting at a Bus seat near Kauniainen Train Station, which is about 500 metres from my home and about 800 metres from Tirlittan, it was blue skies and +25°C, and guess who came running past on his way to the shop to buy raisins, William!
There we were both of us, free, not being spied on for the frst time since 2003!
We talked a little while, I gave him a hug and he continued on his way, he didn’t want to hang around because he knew if we were found out the Psychs would use it against us. Imagine living in a world where it’s a crime to see your own Son unless there is someone from the Government watching you, FREAKS!!!
*Friday 17/7/09*
In the morning I went to Vantaa
Hospital 25 km north of Helsinki.
I am looking for Nutritionist Leena Virtanen she once recommended William be given the Australian natural dietary supplements that I mail to the Children that Anu Kuusi wont let them have!
Leena is on holidays, so I made another appointment with a Helsinki Hospital Nutritionist for Monday. Pekka; Kylliki and I visited William and Mikael between 3pm and 4pm at Tirlittan. The Children were playing daredevil on their bicycles.
At 5pm, I meet my ex wife’s sister
Kirsi; her boyfriend Pasi and their six month old baby Petri, we went for a walk in the Forest a picture perfect hillside with long green grass, a Barn and wildflowers.
I went to Tero’s house for the weekend.
He has a nice house on acreage in the countryside near Helsinki.
There were his wife and three young sons age 1, 2 and 6 (cute) and a teenage stepdaughter (pretty).
We took the children for a swim at large local lake on Sunday, there must of been at least 50 families, they had walking ramps, a diving
platform, a lifeguard and change rooms.
The children had a nice time at the Lake, it was a pleasant weekend.
*Monday 20/7/09*
In the morning I visited a Nutritionist at a Helsinki Hospital, Helena OrellKotikangas.
I tried to get her to sign a Statement saying that the Natures Way Protein Powder and Natures Own Children’s Vitamin’s that I mail to Children will not hurt them if they eat it, she agreed that it would not hurt the Children, but she would not sign a statement.
At 4 pm Tero and I Went to
Mikael’s birthday party, Septic forgot to ask for my Passport you don’t suppose he was feeling guilty? No, probably not.
Lots of cheap presents, the usual things except for a stereo from Tirlittan.
I like to think my presents were the best, the best of which was a rubber pig that grunts! Kaisu was their! This was the only time she couldn’t avoid seeing me, interesting. At first I thought she wouldn’t come if I was there, but as Mikael’s birthday drew closer I became certain in my own mind that she would come. I shook her hand, said hello and nothing more Tero was proud of me! As a matter of fact I said almost nothing, except to my Children and Tero. Kaisu has still got great curves, but developing a spare tire, shame but predictable.
*Tuesday 21/7/09*
I went to the Oikeustalo today (Helsinki Courthouse), the address is Porkalankatu 13. This is were Kaisu and I were married, well actually they are in a new building now.
Because I am not a Lutheran we were not allowed to be married in Church but we had some kind of Ceremony at the Lutheran Church the next day including fifty relatives and a Wedding Dress.
I asked the Oikeustalo for permission to put a copy of our marriage certificate in my Book, the young lady rang someone higher on the food chain who said it was okay.
I insisted on a written and signed statement she said I must contact Helsingin Maistraatti, Albertinkatu 25
My foot is much better, my sense of taste fully returned 2 or 3 days ago.
*Wednesday 22/7/09*
Today I went to Helsingin Maistraatti. First stop was the security guard who directed me to floor 2, the lady gave me a phone number and said that I must go to floor 3. I arrive floor 3 via staircase, door is locked, after 5 minutes of being passed around on the phone I am advised to go back to the security guard. Security guard gives me a pass card and sends me up a lift to floor 3, now I am in the middle of floor 3 and all doors are locked, I press buzzer and I am let in. An attractive blonde Lawyer talked to me from behind a sheet of glass. She tells me I must go to Terveydenhuollon Oikeustervakeskus to get permission to put a copy of my Marriage certificate in my upcoming book. She also says that
I must contact every Government Department individually, for permission to publish each document in my Book. From her conversation, it appears I will not find one Government person in Finland to give me authority in writing to publish one Finnish Government Document in my Book because the final test of the Law is the Courtroom. This is a bad deal, it means you do not know for certain if you can be sued until you publish your Book.
*Thursday 23/7/09*
I found a Health food Cafe in Helsinki that sells Soup, so hard to find Takeaway Food that is not Toxic! I visited Tirlittan with my Human Rights friends Pekka and Matti at 3pm.
William broke his hand, don’t know how yet, surgery tomorrow.
Mikael had a fight with two other kids today, he was sentenced to an hour in his room.
Mikael had scratches on his face. Wonderful child, rather reminds me of Charlie Chaplin. He is happy to amuse himself most of the time.
*Friday 24/7/09*
Kyylliki, Pekka and I visited Tirlittan at 3 pm. William has not had his operation yet. Mikael was still getting a laugh out of that rubber porsu (pig), he sits on it, wacks people with it, there are so many ways to get a different noise out of that porsu and it always sounds like a real porsu, I am afraid I am just as amused as Mikael!
*Saturday 25/7/09*
I was very bored, I jumped on the Viking Line Ship at 9.30pm to Tallin Estonia, takes 2 hours.
*Sunday 26/7/09*
I slept on the Ship, they woke/kicked  me kicked me off at 7am.
I walked to the historical part of the City Old Town, it’s a sort of medieval fortress and bought some breakfast at a cafe, the price was less than half the cost of Helsinki.
The pretty young shopkeeper did not like it when I tried to pay in Euros, and I said hyvää paivää (hello in Finnish) she did not like that either.
*Monday 27/7/09*
I went to Terveydenhuollon Oikeustervakeskus (Medical Complaints) I made an official complaint to Marcus Henriksson, he told me that they only usually handle fatalities.
Guess what else he said: you need to contact a different department! Ole, Pekka & I met the children today for 2 hours.
Mikael punched Septic hard in the stomach today (I taught him how to punch after his recent fight).
Hard to feel sorry for Seppo.
We also kicked the soccer ball and picked tiny wild strawberries from large bushes in the garden.
*Tuesday 28/8/09*
I had a meeting with Head Psych Marja Liisa Esko and my Children’s personal Psych Anu Kuusi.
I took Ole, Tero & Kyylliki with me.
The Psychs promised to consider ending the drugging of William, and promised to consider allowing my Children to eat the vitamin supplements I mail to them!
I had lunch at an Italian Ravintola (restaurant) with my friends Tero and Ole from.
It was a good day.
William survived his hand operation.
*Wednesday 29/7/09*
I am probably returning to Australia on the 10th of August, I just realized my time is running out.
Not happy, I would rather live in Australia with my old Truck; My old Motorbike; my old House and my crazy black Cat. The only piece of the puzzle that’s missing is my Family. But, none of this matters I want to stay in Suomi with my Children.
I went to Tikkurilla Police
Station I discussed Permanent Residency with an Immigration Officer.
She thought my Children and I had been treated very unfairly.
I saw William and Mikael today for two hours.
Jukka took my Passport – I avoided this on Mikael’s birthday and the day after, Ole and Pekka were with me. Ole brought his dogs which were a hit with the boys, they are a breed
you do not get in Australia – big Corgis.
I played a game with the dogs, I put a stick in the dogs mouths and then tried to take it away, the dogs hung on for grim death the boys found this new experience most amusing and soon were doing the same.
*Thursday 30/7/09*
I spent one and a half hours visiting my Children with Jean Louis and Pekka, we played in the Garden as usual. Mikael was playing with a remote control motorbike that my mother sent him for his birthday.
*Friday 31/7/09*
I visited Nokia Head Office in Espoo, Nokia makes donations to Pelastaaka Lapset.
It took me 2 hours to get there by walking and public transport – I’m sure I could of done it in half that time if I new where I was going, or 20 minutes in a car.
I ended up walking the last 2 miles through a nice forest beside the sea, I stopped to eat some wild raspberries.
My intention was too ask Nokia to stop giving money to Pelastaaka
Lapset, because they are harming my Children.
It took me ten minutes to get the street address; mail address; telephone number and email address of Nokia from the receptionist I had to ask her these questions over and over again from different angles, and each piece of data had to be leveraged off to get more data. She would neither confirm or deny if anyone in the building was responsible for donations to Pelastaaka Lapset. I said nothing that caused her to be upset or provoked. Nokia does not
appear friendly.
*Tuesday 4/8/09*
I met a Lawyer Hilkka Salmenkyla. I told her I had two Goals 1) stop the Psychiatric drugging of William. 2) get custody of the Children or at least improve my current almost non existent parental rights.
She told me she could not help me with number 1, so she sent me down the road with a list of Lawyers.
*Wednesday 5/8/09*
I just phoned Septic I asked him if I could take the children for a walk to the local park alone, just the three of us? Septic’s response – I rang the head Social Worker and she said you can only see the Children at Tirlittan three times a week for two hours a time. I asked Septic if he thought I would of got a better deal in Nazi Germany, he hung up on me!
Considering the fact that I have a Finnish Court Order that gives me one months custody of my Children in the Finnish summer (now) I thought this was a little unfair. I arrived at Tirlittan with my friends Kylliki and Pekka at 2.30 pm. Social Workers Jukka Mertanen and Baldi told me Septic had ordered that I could only see the Children inside the House today I could only assume that this was a form of punishment for my previous comments.
I gave these Psychs aan earful, I don’t know why it only makes things worse. During the last twenty minutes of the visit, I was allowed to take the Children outside.
I know I can say anything I want to the Psychs if I do it in a friendly way. The reality is however, when I talk to them I usually try to wake them up, this might work a little bit if I was patient enough to feed them a little common sense occasionally, but there willful ignorance, total lack of responsibility and blind obedience to authority is of biblical proportions – and infuriating!
*Thursday 6/8/09*
At 8.30 am I had a phone call with Septic he explained that because of my criticism of his work friends yesterday, I was not allowed to see
my Children today. Apparently Septic thinks I can be trained like an Animal, Psychs do study rats you know!
At 1.30pm I had a conversation with a Lawyer named Markku Fredman , he told me that I can ask the Public Prosecutor to order the Police to investigate, if the Police consider there is a basis for criminal action then and only then will I need a Lawyer to attack Anu Kuusi in the Finnish Courts. All Finnish Police investigations of Anu Kuusi to date have been nothing more than a rubber a stamping exercise where the accused is asked for a statement, which becomes the beginning and end of the investigation. It does not matter to the Finnish Police how many statements I have from Anu Kuusi where she admits to violations of The Penal Code Of Finland; The Charter Of Fundamental Rights Of The European Union and The United Nations Universal declaration Of Human Rights.
At 3 pm I had a meeting with my Human Rights friends Ole, Pekka & Matti.
*Friday 7/8/09*
I had a meeting with five Social Workers and an interpreter at 9am. Tero, Ole & Kylliki were with me. Everything these bastards said to me was like a red rag to a bull, e.g I made a request to take my children to the local park for one hour on Wednesday (unsupervised) which was denied. Septic twisted the facts on Friday by saying that I had requested four hours in the forest with my children, even if this was true, I fail to see how this could be a bad thing. I gave them a tongue lashing they will never forget – which achieved nothing.
I was bored so at 5.30 pm I caught the Viking Line to Tukholma (Stockholm).
*Saturday 8/8/09*
There was a market square in the centre of Tukholma, selling fruit and handcrafts etc every time I took half a step towards one of their displays I was verbally harassed by the eastern European vendors, one time I was even badgered by a ten year old boy, I decided I would rather starve than give them one cent! The ladies do look a little different somehow in Tukholma but very pretty!).
*Sunday 9/8/09*
10.00am, I returned to Helsinki, I could of caught the Tram (I have a monthly Ticket) but I was not in a hurry so I walked the two kilometres to the centre of the City.
I’m sitting beside a fountain relaxing when a foreign Gypsy beggar came up to me with a small sign in Finnish, the sign tells a sad story and he wants 1 Euro, I spoke to him in English which appeared to confuse him and he left. There is a tribe of these people herein the summer, Tero says they work for the Mafia.
*Monday 10/8/09*
I went to the Helsinki Prosecutor’s office these people can order a Policeman to investigate a crime.
I met a young man there who
listened patiently to me while I rolled out my documents and showed him an anti Psychiatry DVD.
He told me that only if the Police lay criminal charges against Psychiatrist Anu Kuusi can I get her into a Court of Law, and only then will I need a lawyer to fight her – this is the system.
The only other chance I have against Anu Kuusi is to get another Psych to (a) suggest to Anu that the drugging of William be stopped (b) make a criminal complaint about her.
Finally he said that I must make a complaint with Espoo Police, as they are responsible for Kauniainen area (Tirlittan), and if they fail to make an honest investigation (wouldn’t that be surprising) then I can complain to the Espoo Prosecutor.
I am in Brisbane. I saw a movie “The Girl That Played With Fire”. It was a Swedish movie, certainly different to a Hollywood movie, more realistic, less exciting. The girl was repeatedly raped by her father, so she set him on fire, as a reward she was put in a Psychiatric Hospital and was repeatedly raped by a Psychiatrist. The story also covered slave prostitutes and Government employees in high places taking part. A team of independent and influential Journalists risked their lives to expose the story, man, I wish I could find someone like that to help my Children!
Espoo Police Criminal Investigator Mr Karisiivo told me on the phone, that he has decided that my most recent complaint about the Psychs is baseless. Interestingly he has not
yet read my evidence or questioned the Psychs.
Septic (Seppo Kinnunen) phones me that William has been placed in a Psych Hospital again, and gave me the phone number. I rang the Psych Hospital and talked to a nurse who tells me I am not allowed to speak to William. I wonder if William will survive this session of increased drugging? I call the Helsinki Police and ask them to charge the Psychs with kidnapping, torture & attempted murder, they hang up on me times.
Ole delivered a Paketti to William. The Psychs confiscated some Natural Vitamins and a can of Organic Soup. When they tried to confiscate a packet of organic Sultanas William fled to the roof with his Sultanas. Heartbreaking shit. I talked on the phone to a Psychiatrist named Sirkka. She told me that she had not done any tests of a scientific nature on William to determine if he had any illness of any kind because other Psychs have already done this – lies.
*Sunday 3/4/11*
For 7 days in a row Psychs refuse to let me talk to William and hang up on me.
*Tuesday 5/4/11*
William sent back to Tirliitan.
Female staff from Tirlittan says William back in Psych Hospital. I gave her a big lecture, ended up getting angry with her. Big mistake to talk to these people, they never wake up or take responsibility, makes me angry, they use my anger to press for further restrictions on my ability to communicate to my Children.
Female Psychiatrist phoned me from silent number. Refused to give email, mail or street address. I demanded scientific proof that William has an illness, she refused to answer the question many times & hung up on me.
I phoned the Psych Hospital and Tirlittan. Both said William was not there but refused to tell me where he was. Last known location of William Lastenlinna Psychiatric Hospital Helsinki 0011 358 (0)9 4711 0011 358 (0)50 428 6142
Espoo Police, Senior Investigator Timo Seppällä, quote “We trust our doctors.”
The Psychs have refused to give me William’s location or phone number now since 25/4/11. The Psychs have refused to give Mikael’s location since June last year. I receive email from Psych Anne Kroger about William. He is in a special Psych Home in Turku, I have a phone number.
Psych Annie Kröger emails me the location of Mikael’s Home, almost one year I have waited for this – no way of knowing if this address is correct as I am not allowed to go there.
2.15 pm, My Qantas plane takes off, destination London via Singapore, I got an emergency exit seat – legroom!
Więźniów Oświęcimia 20, 32-603 Oświęcim, Poland (Auschwitz).
Electrified barbed wire fence.
An iron sign above the Front Gate that reads “Arbeit Macht Frei” or Work Makes Free.
About two dozen two story Brick Barracks: tons of Hair; thousands of Shoes; Spectacles; Artificial Limbs and Signs telling Stories.
Admin Building, complete with Cafeteria.
And one Oven, complete with Trolley Car.
A warm sunny day.
An Asian Tourist took a photo of me walking through the Front Gate – management forbids this.
Arbeit Macht Frei reminds me of Pelastakaa Lapset or Save The Children (Gallows Humour).
No evidence could I find from the Signs or Bookshop or Manager that linked Auschwitz to Psychiatry.
Apparent whitewash (see Quotes elsewhere in this Book).
Closest thing I got was reference to murderous SS Doctors and a sadistic Gynaecologist.
I ordered Salmon in the large rather empty Cafeteria, the Waitress brought me an oversized (square) crumbed Fish Finger – white fish meat, not Salmon but tasted okay.
Like eating at a Funeral!
Two hour Bus Trip to Krakow, no Cash, I went to a Currency Exchange and produced my Mastercard & Passport and requested Cash – no deal, funny it works in Finland.
I couldn’t use an ATM because I never bothered to set up a PIN.
I have a Plane Ticket paid for tomorrow morning from Warsaw to Tallin in Estonia, but I have no Cash to buy a Train Ticket from Krakow to Warsaw and the Train leaves before the Banks open!
So I walked down the street and sold a 1 Ounce Silver Coin to a Policeman with an Uzi in a Holster on his hip, and I got full price!
Street Vendors selling Bread sticks – nice!
I missed the 6 am Train to Warsaw by 10 seconds because no one could speak english.
7 am Train. I have 30 Zlotty for the Taxi to the Airport, a man on the Train says it is enough.
The Taxi man says 250 Zlotty – thief! I give him 30 Zlotty and a 1/20 ounce Gold Coin!
I push my way through the Que at Warsaw Airport, 15 minutes to spare!
LOT (Polish Airlines) I can still see the ground, short flight, not very high.
I can see the Baltic as I land in Tallin but I can’t see Helsinki.
I hand my Passport and my Mastercard to a girl at a cash exchange at Tallin Airport and get 500 Euro.
The Euro will ruin their Economy, big mistake: surrender your Currency & forfeit your Sovereignty.
I am staying in a Hotel in the centre of Tallin, 25 Euro, nice place compared to most low budget Hotels.
Estonia is nicer than Poland, almost Finnish here.
12.00 pm, I am a big Catamaran (Linda Line).
Lots of spare seats, comfortable. Nothing but Ocean as far as the eye can see.
Maybe 23 degrees, but cool in the strong wind on the deck. Approaching Helsinki, 1.30 pm. Small Islands.
I hate this place.
I love this place.
Phone connected + 358 (0)465 644 372.
I Moved into my nice little Room at the Bible School in Kauniainen, it’s only a  1/2 mile from Tirlittan Children’s Home – where William lives.
The Psychs won’t let me talk to my son William, I guess that means I am
not allowed to visit him.
My son Mikael’s phone did not answer, maybe tomorrow.
10 pm, 15 degrees, blue skies fading to dusk.
Time to go home to my Room.
I rang Kaisu, she did not know it was me because I have a new Finnish phone number. She said “Kaisu puhelimessa” this means Kaisu is on the phone. I said hello Kaisu, she hung up. I last spoke to Kaisu at Mikael’s Birthday Party at Tirlittan Psych Home in 2009 – I said hello and so did she and that was it.
I met my Lawyer friend Tero, we collected many boxes I had mailed to him, mail for my Children and myself (better than dragging a suitcase around Europe).
I phoned, texted and emailed Mikael’s foster parents, no response. Useless to phone William, Psychs won’t let me talk to him, but I texted and emailed his Psych.
5 pm, Blue skies, 22 degrees.
7 pm, I sit on a Wall in Helsinki keskus (centre), I am writing my Book, two scroungers try to collect my plastic Water Bottle – they get a refund at the Shops.
8 pm and broad daylight, I found a
Park on a Hill in about one kilometre from the centre of Helsinki, hundreds of young people drinking, some with Guitars, Cops and Cameras watching, a midget smoking a Cigar!
Marho Viitainen from William’s current Psych Prison in Turku tells me that the only person who is allowed to talk to William is Kaisu. Marho says that William is not currently being drugged & he is being given Vitamins??? Hard to believe, let us hope. If it is true I want William to stay in this place, until the Psychs give him back to me or a Finnish Family member.
I had a talk with Tero this morning, he says I can see William this Sunday at Turku (about 200 km) I must travel by Train. Psych Anne Kröger offered me a free Train Ticket – Welfare Poison!
Tero has also arranged a meeting for me with the Psychs on 17/6/11. 12.00am, blue skies & 16 degrees.
Psych Essi Vahala emails me that William is being given Vitamins, but he is still being drugged.
1 am, twilight.
Tero informs me that Mikael is on a vacation trip for the whole of June, that’s why I can’t get him on the phone or visit him. Those illegal (without Court order) foster parents are so kind to me!
Helsingin Rautatieasema or Helsinki Railway Station – large beautiful stone building with shops inside.
I board the Train to Turku at 9.05am.
Mikael’s phone is still not answering. Turku 11am, the Russian Czar shifted the Capital from here to Helsinki in 1812.
A good river – usual reason for a large Town.
It’s Sunday, I hear nice song and step into an old Church, beautiful inside, an old lady tells me to take my hat off.
I jump on a Bus at 12.40 pm, the flag says Lauste – these freaks are actually proud of themselves!
Lauste Perhekuntoutuskeskus or Lauste Family centre.
Low set brick buildings; spacious grounds; a Tractor – the social veneer makes it seem mild.
William is overweight & the light is fading from his eyes, the Drugs are killing him.
I showed William a bag full of Souveniers from Loch Ness, he took the musical Bagpipes, fridge magnet & the McLachlan family tartan scarf. The Psychs would not let me give William money or a small packet of organic Raisins.
The meeting ended exactly after 1 hour, the prisoner was escorted by two Psychs to his Cell, Dormitory actually it’s a stepping Stone!
I enjoyed the 2 hour walk back to Turku. I found an Italian Restaurant in Turku (not too fancy), nice meal.
I like this town, historic, big enough but not too big.
6 pm, rain and eleven degrees.
I visited the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman’s Office, the Secretary told me I’m not responsible and gave me a list of “you need to see that person over there” but my words rang in her ears.
Subway escalator, 300m straight down at a 45 degree angle.
In the morning I talked to William on the phone, he says he wants a “Play Station Go”.
In the afternoon I went to the Espoo Poliisi Asema or Police Station, I made a complaint about Psych Anu Kuusi for attempting to murder of my son William with Drugs.
My Lawyer Tero told me that Psych Annie Kröger said William is eating a lot of Candy. Now William has two reasons to be overweight and develop Diabetes – Psych Drugs and Junk Food.
In the morning my Human Rights friend Ole and I had a meeting with six Psychs including Septic Tank or Seppo Kinnunen, Jaana Lohvansuu and my son Mikael’s foster parents Antti & Paula.
Ole and I gave the Psychs heavy and accurate criticism, they had nothing sane to say in response.
All of them were shocked and stunned.
Some were dumb as a Do Do, they sat there for the whole two hours and said nothing.
The others just kept issuing demands & threats, e.g if you walk past your son William’s Home, you can’t see him anymore; if you tell William we are doing bad things to him you can’t see him anymore.
Ole said I did well at the meeting, we may of gained a little ground. Reasoning with a Psych is like trying to hold on to a greased Snake.
Mikael’s foster parents appear nice, but as I told them: I know nothing about you, and the Psychs won’t let me or my representative visit your Home to check on Mikael’s well being.
I also told Antti & Paula that I hoped Mikael had a bright future with them, but if the Psychs start drugging Mikael you will regret the fact that you ever met him.
I visited Kaisu’s sister Kirsi, her husband Pasi & their two year old boy Petri.
I gave Petri a Fire Engine, Kirsi a Koala & Pasi a Silver coin.
Kirsi gave me a moomin Troll.
We went for a walk through a hillside that was covered in wild flowers, complete with a large traditional Finnish timber Barn.
One perfect day.
3 pm, light rain & 10 degrees.
Psych Essi Vahala from Lauste tells me that I have already used my one allowed visit & phone call to William. Gypsy beggars from Romania in Helsinki, on their knees with paper cups and a picture of Jesus, I have never seen any one give them money.
Woke up many times last night, it did not get dark, it’s like late afternoon. Longest day of the year.
Last night, just before I fell to sleep I saw William’s Spirit being sucked into outer space.
Helsinki Rautatieasema or Railway Station, woman with superman T- shirt picking up cigarette butts – living the dream!
I talked to William today on the Phone, he says the Psychs have taken his savings because of some damage he did, trying to escape?
He had 2/3rds of the money saved for a “PSP Go”I will buy it for him. Mikael’s phone did not answer, I have not been able to talk to him on the phone or see him since my arrival on the first day of June.
I hand delivered my Petition to the Security Guard at Eduskunta or Parliamentary Ombudsman.
As I was walking out I saw a group of people smoking at the front, I walked over to them and asked if they worked at Eduskunta, they said yes, they were the personal assistants to MP’s.
I told them my story, two of them gave me their cards, another said that his wife put his children in a Psych Hospital, and it took him two years to get them out, he asked me to contact him I will!
I had lunch at the old Garden House in Esplanadi or the Esplanade, it is a beautiful old building with high ceilings in the middle of the Park next to the Harbour, were the tourist Ships dock. They were selling healthy soup for 7.50 Euro, and you could eat as much as you want.
Mikael’s phone answered – I have been waiting for this since my arrival in Finland on June the first!
Mikael’s foster father told me that the phone is only available Monday nights as per Social Worker agreement.
Two members of a Human Rights Group accompanied me to the Headquarters of Pelastakaalapset or Save The Children today to meet my Children.
I saw my children William & Mikael today between 1.30pm- 3pm. We were placed in a small room, one Social Worker and Mikael’s Lawyer “parents” watching.
It did calm me to see them.
I love my children.
I realized one thing when I saw them, I am still their father and they know it – the Psychs can’t take that away! Mikael hasn’t changed a bit, William is becoming obese from Psych drugs, but he is still alive.
I gave Mikael an wide brim Australian fur felt Hat like mine- as he requested when I last saw him in 2009!
I gave William & Mikael a Gold & Silver coin each.
They were kept busy with lots of toys I gave them.
William asked for a PSP Go and a Laptop today.
Mikael wanted nothing, do these Lawyers shower him with gifts?
1.20 pm Pelastakaalapset or Save The Children Finland, Tiukula House Koskelantie 38 Helsinki 00601.
It just looks like a modern four storey office building, but has a large grassy field at back to play in – usually in Finland the Parks are just big enough for a Soccer pitch with a base of tiny rocks.
I was accompanied by my Human Rights friend Pekka and here we met my children William & Mikael, Psych Jukka Mertanen and Mikael’s foster parents Antti & Paula were also present. First William & Mikael opened their presents, I gave William a Laptop and a Computer game machine. Mikael wanted nothing, so I gave him an old fashioned windup steel Bird, he liked it. Every meeting with my children is like removing one brick from the Berlin Wall. We kicked a soccer ball around. Mikael’s stepmother wouldn’t let him climb the tree I was sitting in.
*Friday 8/7/11*
I texted & emailed those who work for #VantaanKaupunki in the fields of #Psychiatry , #Psychology & #SocialWork in other words I contacted the Psychs.
I asked if I could take my sons #WilliamMclachlan & #MikaelMclachlan to the
#Sirkusfinlandia or #Circus.
I offered the Psychs the condition that we be accompanied by Mikael’s foster parents #PaulaHannula +358 (0)2951 50157
<paula.hannula@om.fi> and #AnttiRikala +358 (0)44 368 1804 <antti.rikala@hpplaw.fi>.
The answer was no.
My friend Pekka and I visited my Children at Pelastakaalapset Headquarters.
Antti told me that Mikael’s Birthday Party will be on Thursday the 21/7/11 at Pelastakaalapset.
The nature is beautiful in Suomi, everything so green, the Trees have moss on them. I find the language and culture enchanting, little things like the Moomin Trolls.
I feel like a Ghost when I am in Suomi, but never so much as when I pass by one of the many oh so beautiful young Finnish Women!
The Drugs the Psychs are giving my son William, draining the life from him, like a tap dripping on a stone.
I remember William in Australia as a small child, so beautiful, so intelligent, so full of wild energy!
One day I will chase the Demons from this Town.
Tero told me that the Personal Assistant to a Finnish Politician is willing to have a meeting with us.
This is important – I met this Man recently and he told me that he was forced to rescue his own Children from the Psychs.
One can hope.
Pekka and I played soccer with William & Mikael.
One Psych + Antti & Paula were watching us yuck!
I saw my Children at Pelastakaalapset.
I found a man by the name of Baron Christopher Bernadotte Von Aschberg of Nordic Health on the Internet.
He told me that he is a member of a Swedish Royal Family; a Medical Doctor; a Human Rights Lawyer and a recipient of an International Human Rights Award.
He has offered to help my Children.
One can hope.
I visited William & Mikael at Pelastakaalapset between 1.30pm- 3.00pm.
Mikael’s “birthday party” no guests, no presents.
Antti baked a beautiful Cake, time out of mind I have not eaten Cake with sugar added – I ate a small piece, and it was good.
Antti, Paula & Psych Septic (Seppo Kinnunen manager of Tirlittan) were there, Ole overheard them discussing yesterday’s Birthday Party.
William assembled my balsawood Glider, I was unable to throw it hard because of a recent fall at soccer.
I visited my Children at
Pelastakaalapset Headquarters, accompanied by my Human Rights Advocate/Bodyguard Ole.
Also present were Antti, Paula and Tomi the Psych.
Ole brought his Welsh Corgis, Robyn & Urban, they were a hit with my Children.
The meeting ended fifteen minutes early (2.45pm).
I attempted to speak to William privately.
William told me that he is forbidden to speak privately or secretly with me.
Psych Tomi overheard, walked over, invaded my space, and told me I was not allowed to talk to William unless he could hear what I was saying.
I walked over real close to Psych Tomi and looked him in the eye. Psych Tomi ordered me to move, I did not move, he pushed me, I did not move, he cancelled the meeting.
I once visited a friend in Jail, the Prison Guards allowed us to speak privately.
Ole says this may be used to prevent me seeing my Children in August.
I phoned Rauli Salonen – he is the Espoo Policeman in charge of the current “Investigation” of Psych criminality towards my Children.
Rauli said that Espoo Policeman Jukka Helander is responsible for the “Investigation”.
I visited Länsi-Uudenmaan Syttäjänvirasto or Espoo District Prosecutor Tapio Mäkinen +358 (0)10 3621 054 / 0100 86 330 <tapio.makinen@oikeus.fi>.
Tapio said that Jukka is taking orders from Rauli on the “Investigation”.
Tapio told me that it is up to the “doctor” to decide if the “medication” is acceptable.
Tapio says that If the Valvira or The Medical Investigation Board wants to Investigate a “doctor”  then and only then will the Prosecutor make Criminal Charges.
Tapio kept trying to sidetrack me on to other issues, and he was so busy thinking about what he was going to say next that he was unable to listen to much of what I was saying.
Tapio was unwilling to study my evidence, or let me make an Official Complaint.
I got angry with Tapio, I asked him why are you at the Prosecutor’s Office if you are unwilling to do
your Job?
Tapio threatened to call the Police, so I had to leave.
Pelastakaalapset 1.30 pm.
First half of meeting – my Children, Antti and Paula outside and Warren, Ole & Septic inside.
Septic wanted to know why I challenged his minion Tomi on Tuesday.
I brought a Toy Story flying toy with me, I broke it but William & I had a little fun with that.
We were not allowed to play outside today – Septic was punishing us.
Today I read a Statement from Psych Lohvansuu, dated June 2011. Lohvansuu says I am allowed to see my Children in July twice a week for one and a half hours – under supervision with no right to private conversation. After July I am not allowed to see my Children for one year.
7.00 pm, blue skies 21 degrees, summer is over.
William wants a lime green Bluetooth mouse for his Sony Vaio Laptop.
I spent a nice day with Tero & his family.
He lives about an hour outside Helsinki, in a semi rural area.
Tero has a timber House with a third bedroom in the attic, and a basement sauna (say sowna) and he has a well, nice Home.in the countryside on a small acreage.
We went to a large lake, complete with a Jetty and a Life Guard, Tero’s three little boys went swimming. Nice day.
A meeting with the Psychs in Vantaa at1pm. My Human Rights Advocate/ Bodyguard Ole helped me extract the following admission from Psych Jaana Lohvansuu.
She admitted that I had not broken any law that would prevent her from allowing me to spend time unsupervised with my Children, but forbid it anyway.
She said that I can see William next Tuesday at 1.30 pm.
Psych Tomi denied that he pushed me at the second last meeting.
4pm, blue Skies.
Herttoniemi, six Subway stops from the centre of Helsinki.
It’s a new Suburb, built around an Ocean Inlet.
Large flat Rocks on the Water Front – smoothed by the Ice over millennia, the ground around Helsinki is solid rock and flat, this is why almost everyone owns a Bicycle.
Large Rocks on the Cliff Face, some jagged and sharply angled, my new Boots are so light and the rubber soles allow me to walk straight up the Rocks!
Two old Tug Boats.
Nothing but new five story rectangular Apartment Buildings.
I am 150 metres from Mikael’s Home, it’s an orange Building, I had to fight the Psychs almost a year for this address.
I am not allowed to visit Mikael’s Home – no Judge no Jury, just Psychs.
I do not know if the address is correct.
Psych Lohvansuu told me Mikael is away on Holiday, I don’t believe her.
7.05 pm, I just spent fifteen minutes on the phone to Mikael’s foster father Antti.
He says that I am only allowed to call Mikael Mondays nights between 7- 8pm, and he has a special phone just for me, that he only turns on one hour per week.
It was like trying to hold on to a greased snake, but he finally admitted that there is no verbal or written agreement between him and the Psychs preventing me unlimited telephone contact with Mikael!
I pressured him to agree to unlimited phone contact, so he hung up.
Antti also said that Mikael visited his friend at Kerava today, twenty kilometres away, I web searched Kerava and it’s roughly twenty kilometres from Herttoniemi, so Mikael is not away on holidays! This was Lohvansuu’s excuse to deny contact in August.
Pelastakaa Lapset 1.30pm.
Just me William and Psych Tomi.
We kicked a Soccer ball around in the Park at the back, I brought a toy foam Boomerang, 3 sides with a foam Helicopter attached, it worked to some degree.
The Helicopter got stuck in the Tree, we tried to knock it down with the Ball, the Ball got stuck in the Tree, I put William on my shoulders so he could climb the Tree, William shook the Tree and down they came.
I told Psych Tomi that I need to show him the Dictionary definition of four words: Possible; Impossible; Can’t & Won’t.
I have not observed William or Mikael behaving badly at all while
I have been in Suomi.
So, either Psychs are lying (what a surprise that would be) or they are doing bad things to my Children when I am not around (what a surprise that would be), clearly the Psychs are doing both. William’s emotions are frozen from the Drugs (how surprising).
Anyone that keep one of these Psych mongrels on the phone for fifteen minutes while questioning them deserves a meddle – Psych Tomi finally admitted that he failed to keep his promise to ask his Psych seniors if I could meet Mikael in August.
He claims he asked Mikael’s “foster
father” If I could meet Mikael in August and he said no.
Talking to a Psych is a beautiful thing, someone else is always responsible.
Malmi, five Train stops north of Helsinki. Malmin Poliisi or Police.
About 30 mainly African foreigners.
I met two lesbians, one Finnish & one Canadian, registered not married, applying Residency.
I applied Residency €120. Decision in three months.
Wishful thinking, my Debts and my Job in Australia are calling me.
Ole and his Wife Merja- Ann took me to a barbecue at the Australian / Finnish Society.
It was in a summer Cottage beside an Ocean Inlet near Helsinki and near Herttoniemi.
Bunch of old Finnish people dreaming about Australia, nice enough.
Ole took a swim +24 degrees at 3pm.
Tero crossed the Finish Line, Helsinki Marathon, Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Four hours, seven minutes & one second.
4.00pm, Helsinki in the Park, beside the Lake, there is Ocean access for the Boats.
Row Boats for hire.
More than 100 people lined up for over an hour to get some Japanese food made on a small barbecue, why?
I got 32 signatures (one page) for my Petition from the line of people.
Perfect day, blue skies, light breeze, 21 degrees.
Kamppi is a large modern five story shopping centre in the centre of Helsinki, it has a large concrete forecourt that doubles as a Hockey Ring.
Many groups of Teenagers seated on the edge, some make spit pools including cigarette butts & rubbish – even the girls!
I walked around William’s neighbourhood – but got no closer to him than slingshot distance.
I put Psychiatry booklets in Letterboxes.
Eleven am meeting with the Lawyer Tor Janzon who specializes in Custody cases.
I wonder if I can afford him?
One pm meeting with William & Psych Tomi at Pestakaalapset Headquarters.
Another cheap plastic flying toy, this one actually works, flyies high. William is drugged like a Zombie, we kicked the soccer ball a little.
I gave William a 100 Euro note, he said he didn’t know they made money so big.
I went to Tero’s House, played soccer with the local Children.
A good day, nice to be away from that Computer – emails, my Book etc. It never ends,
I think Computers are a new form of Slavery.
2.30 am, I walk a half mile up the Hill to Tirlittan.
I leave a cheap Printer at the door – a gift for William, I was using it for my Laptop. I have permission from the Psychs to leave it at the door -my first and only visit to Tirlittan for 2011.
Tirlittan is a two story House, or three stories if you include the basement sauna and office and small tool shed – that are made possible by the sloping block.
Eight bedrooms on a thousand square meters of land in Kauniainen – Helsinki’s wealthiest suburb, the lake district. I hid a health guide for William inside the Printer.
I left an anti Psych DVD on the neighbours doorstep.
I stared at Tirlittan for fifteen minutes, does William still want to come home?
Or has he learnt that falling in loves with one’s captors means to suffer less?
I walk back to my little room at the Church, collect my bag & walk down the street. I hail a Taxi to Vantaa Airport, fifty Euros.
Security scanned my baggage – after the Revolution I will give them jobs cleaning Toilet Bowls with their own shirts – joking.
I am in an old Hotel in a side street in Dover England, recommended to me by a fellow traveller, it’s basically a large old Town House, tired looking on the outside but the Room is nice, £45 pounds with breakfast.
Finland haunts me.
I phoned William at Tirlittan to wish him hyvä Syntymäpäiva (Happy Birthday).
One of the Wardens told me that William was staying at his mother’s place for the night.
I phoned Kaisu but she did not answer.
I sent a Text no response.
Interesting Kaisu was allowed to have William for an overnight visit, I have not been allowed one moment alone with my Children in the last ten years.
I phoned William at Tirlittan, he told me that he received my Text from Kaisu’s phone.
Psych Anne Kröger informs me that William is to be relocated to a remote Facility with higher security, four hundred and fifty km away from his Brother & mother.
Antti & Paula told me that he read my recent Email (The Chapter of my Book about William & Mikael), it contained a lot of Questions for Antti & Paula.
Antti says he has no intention of
answering any of my Questions. After phoning countless times every day this week, a Psych at Ilmaria answers the phone. He says he will ask his supervisor if I am allowed to talk to William.
I told him he was a Criminal, his supervisor Hanna Hiltunen promised two weeks ago two phone me and email me with a second phone number, it never happened.
Three weeks ago Hanna emailed a second phone number which was a wrong number that ended in 666 interestingly, the owner of this phone number is a nice person.
I have been demanding the landline phone number, which I know exists. The mobile almost never answers perhaps because they know it’s me. What we have here is the iron fist inside the velvet glove.
The sheets are clean, their is plenty of food. The Guards wear White Coats and call themselves Psychiatrists.
Today I spoke to Lawyer Tor Janzon on the phone.
I met him in August 2011 in Helsinki. He was my latest hope. I have been trying to get him on the phone for six months. He says he can not help.
I asked Antti on the Puhelin (Phone) if Kaisu had the right to phone Mikael any time she wanted, he refused to answer the question, I took this as a yes.
I asked Antti if he was aware that The Charter Of Fundamental Rights Of The European Union guarantees Men & Women Equal Rights, Antti said that if you have nothing to say to Mikael that he would hang up in ten seconds.
After more than ten attempts, an unknown Psych women answers the phone at Ilmaria, I said “Isi rakastan William, Isi puhu William” (Father loves William, Father speak William), she hung up on me.
After ten attempts, an unknown Psych man answers the phone at  Ilmaria,  I said “Isi rakastan William, Isi puhu William”, he hung up on me.
ilmaria Psych Nurse answers phone after forty two Phone calls, she says William is at the Shop.
I asked her to give me their Landline number, she says she doesn’t speak English.
I phoned and said to a female Psych that I wished to speak to William.
She said “ei puhu englanti” or no speak english.
I said “Isi puhu William” or Father speak William.
She hung up.
Antti says new call time Wednesdays because of Mikael’s new Sport schedule.
*Antti has a special phone just for me that he was only turning on 7.30-8.00 pm Mondays.
I asked Antti to give me his normal phone number, I said that I was unlikely to call more than once a week and we would soon work out a mutually suitable time, besides I might need to call  sometime for an important reason.
Antti said ” I don’t have to talk about that” , I said “Dictators don’t have to talk about anything, they just make threats.”
It was nice to talk to Mikael!
I said “Isi puhu William.”
Female Ilmaria Psych hung up on me.
As I was on my way to visit my Father in Hospital I sent my ex wife Kaisu a Text,  I said “This next hour may be the last chance William & Mikael have to speak to my Father, will you help?”
I got no response.
My Father died.
I said “hyvää päivää” or hello, fealem Ilmaria Psych hung up on me.
7.50pm Finnish Time.
I said “hyvää päivää”, male Ilmaria Psych hung up on me.
I talked to Mikael on the phone, he was on a skiing trip in Austria with Antti & Paula .
I asked him what he liked the most about Austria, he said “the skiing!”.
Interesting how complete strangers have a Passport for my eleven year old son, a passport that I have never seen – and Custody without a Court Order.
And they can take him to other Countries without my permission, and all this without me having ever been convicted of any crime.
I had a dream that William had gone missing.
William phoned me from his personal Mobile!
7.40pm Finnish time.
Both William & Mikael’s phone did not answer.
7.40pm, William’s phone did not answer .
Mikael said he has not seen William since December , but spoke to him on the phone last week .
Mikael also said that he went to the Wilderness in Lapland on Snowmobiles for Easter.
Mikael seems to be having a nice life, if you can forget the brutality of being stolen from his Family.
William & Mikael’s phones did not answer .
In 2004 I made Friends with Ole – a member of a Finnish Human Rights Organisation.
Ole has been delivering my Mail to my Children ever since.
The agreement being that my Mail is to be delivered into my Children’s own hands or not at all – in which case he is to keep it until my return to Finland that I may give it to them myself.
I also requested photographic evidence of Mail delivery.
This worked well in the early years.
I have not received Photos or News of my Children from Ole or Tero for years.
I donated handsomely to Ole’s Human Rights Group, and gave a number of fine Gifts to Tero.
Today Ole told me on the phone that the Mail I send to him – to give to my Children – he now gives to Kaisu.
Ole said that Kaisu and Antti and Paula had decided that  he is not allowed to take Pictures of my Children for me anymore – because of my Book.
Successfull call to the phone of Ilmaria manager Hanna Hiltunen,
unknown women answered and said William was temporarily not there, but refused to give his location.
7.50pm Finnish time.
Antti said Mikael was on Judo Camp.
I asked Antti for permission to call Mikael any time I choose on his normal phone , I said I was unlikely to call more than once a week, he hung up on me.
William’s own phone did not answer, and has not answered for months l.
I left a message on William’s #2 (Psych) phone +358 (0)407 367 203.
William’s #3 Psych phone 0400832813 did not answer.
William’s Psych phone #4 (017613010) this is a Landline, the Psychs told me many times that a Landline for Ilmaria did not exist.
A women Psych called Kaisa answered, she said William was outside but I was not allowed to talk to him or know his condition.
I asked Kaisa -
(a) when a Child has many good Family members who are willing to care for them, then, do you think that forcing that Child to spend their entire Childhood in a Government Home would cause that Child behavior problems? No Answer .
(b) Did you know that I have been asking Finnish Psychiatrists , Psychologists & Social Workers (Psychs) for more than ten years if any of them have ever made any attempt to return my Children to me, or place  them in the care of one of their many Finnish Family members , and not one Psych has answered this question – would you call this kidnapping? No answer .
(c) Did you know that the Websites of the manufacturers of the Drugs that you force William to take state that long term use is likely to cause permanent physical damage or death? She hung up on me.
My questioning was calm, and neither angry nor loud.
2.35am Brisbane Time
Fem Ilmaria Psych said she did not know where William was and hung up on me.
I was able to talk to Mikael on the Phone!
2.30am , I had a long telephone call with a young volunteer? Ilmaria Psych by the name of < mikko.keinanen@ilmaria.fi > .
Mikko appears friendly, he promised to read my Book, he gave me William’s new Mobile number .
3.15am, I talked to Mikael on the phone, things seem to be okay for him. His foster parents have a Mercedes, a Boat and Snowmobile .
9pm, William hung up on me four times.
I called five Numbers but was unable to talk to William, two Psychs told me that they are not allowed to talk to me and that I must speak to Hannah Hiltunen.
Interestingly, Hiltunen never responds to my Communication
Mikael says he is going to take a Trip to Lapland and Estonia and The Canary Islands .
Mikael says he has not seen Kaisu for one month and William for two months l.
Ilmaria hung up on me.
7.30pm, William’s Phone did not answer.
Paula said Mikael did not want to speak to me .
2.50am, I phoned Mikael , he said through his interpretator Paula, that he saw his Mother 2 weeks ago and saw his Brother one month ago.
He also said that he is going to a Judo Camp next month.
Ole went to Ilmaria at 6 pm to visit William, when he knocked on the Door the Staff told him to go away, he was also told that he was a bad person.
I received a Phone call from a Relative in Finland !
2.40am Brisbane time , a Man at for the first time in maybe a year answered the Phone !
I asked to speak to William , he said “Anteeksi Kuuluu”  or I am sorry, I can not hear you, and then hung up on me!
Mikael’s Phone did not answer.
Mikael said Kaisu & William visited his Home (Antti’s Home) last week.
And Kaisu gave him a Package from me – I wonder who gave it to Kaisu , and what happened to the Letter I sent him ?
I spoke on the phone to a Lawyer named Leeni.
She said that it is not unusual in Finland for Children in Government “care” not to receive their Mail or be allowed phone calls.
I dreamed I wanted to get away from a big brick Building that was in in the Countryside, I was walking towards the Creek were I could hide among the Trees.
The building was a night club & restaurant, it had spacious grounds , there were security guards at the front door.
Somehow I could sense the presence of Psychiatry.
William called to me, over and over again, desperately  from inside the building.
I rushed towards the building and saw William standing between two very tall brick Walls, he showed himself to me as an eighteen month old baby boy (he was oh so cute then) William said “come here daddy” I said “come here William” .
I ran towards him but he dissapeared inside the Building.
No more sleep today.
Mikael said that both Antti & Paula live in Hertaniemi – in different locations.
Mikael said that Kaisu gave him a Letter from me.
I dreamed that Kaisu & William (age3) where living with my two Brothers, my Mother and I.
I came home to discover that Kaisu had run away with William – I became very angry with my Family for not stopping Kaisu from taking William.
Mikael told me on the phone that he got a new Passport – without me •!
Mikko from +358 (0)40 736 7203 left a Message on my answer machine!
He said they didn’t answer my phone call as they were eating.
I guess they have been eating for the last two years!
He said please call back if you want to speak to William.
Does Mikko have a conscience, or is my Internet work beginning to bite?
Today the Bank told me they would not lend me any more Money, so now I can not visit my Children until I don’t know when.
I will make more Money – I have a Plan.
Mikael said that he had not seen William since the summer, and saw his mother two weeks ago.
I talked on the phone to Paula Hannula, her phone at work: +358 2951 50157
Paula is a Senior Law Specialist of the Oikeusministerio or Justice Department of Suomi or Finland.
Paula admitted that she is a Foster Carer of my son Mikael Mclachlan and has Custody of him without a #CourtOrder.
Paula has been caring for Mikael for a still unknown number of years (at least five).
She also admitted that she has never made any attempt to return Mikael to me or place him in the care of any of his many Finnish Family Members.
I heard Mikael’s voice in the background.
My son WilliamMclachlan has not spoken to me since Christmas Day, and Mikael not for many weeks.
A rare event to be sure, but I am beginning to believe the claim of the Ilmaria Psychiatrists, Psychologists & #SocialWorkers or Psychs for short,  the claim being that William is unwilling to speak to me.
As I was falling asleep this night, I had a moment of clarity: fighting with  those who are Kidnapping my Children forces them to chose between those who feed them and me!
William is also forced to chose between those who give him addictive Drugs and me!
If I am friendly to the Psychs who “care” for my Children – at least by Phone and when speaking face to face, then, maybe William & Mikael will be willing to talk to me again?
I will try.
I submit this evidence to the reader as proof that Corporate Fascist Psychiatry in Finland is above the Law.
I will continue to fight these Demons on the Internet.
A man at told me that William was not there, refused to tell me where he was and hung up on me.
Paula said Mikael does not want to talk to me, and that Pentti Romppanen suggested I only call every second week from now on.
I dreamed:
I kissed Kaisu on the cheek, she spat in my face.
I never cried in my sleep until she left me, my Children as voodoo dolls – worse than death.
Walking the streets of Vantaa in the freezing rain, so heavy in places like a trickling stream, I fail to catch a drink.
Two days ago I attempted to phone my William Mclachlan via Minna Willman-Hietala +358(0)400 284 226 <minna.willman-hietala@ ilmaria.fi> and my son Mikael Mclachlan via
PaulaHannula +358 (0)2951 50157
<paula.hannula@om.fi> both Telephones did not answer.
Yesterday my Mother was taken to Hospital in an Ambulance.
I sent my ex wife Kaisu Mclachlan a Text asking her if she could ask William & Mikael to contact their Grandmother.
No answer.
I phoned Kaisu several times, I hoped that William & Mikael would be there. No answer. Last Christmas I talked to Kaisu and William!
I attempted to phone Mehiläinen for the first time (parent company of Ilmaria) +358 (0)10 414 00.
The above phone number appears to be the switchboard of the head office.
I was hoping to find out the number for CEO Janne-Ole Järvenpää, <janne-olli.jarvenpaa@mehilainen.fi>.
Even his secretary’s number would of been cool.
My phone call was rejected three times.
For many years I have only been allowed to phone my children William *a n d Mikael Mclachlan on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, and so almost without fail I attempted to do so. I was often successful with Mikael, via Antti Rikala a n d Paula Hannula – until early last year. Drugging apparently intensified at the new home Ilmaria, contact with William was forbidden in 2012.
The mind can change, but today I make the decision to phone no more. I continue seeking contact through my Book. *a n d must be spaced in Kindle comments or it becomes and.
My son Willam became a drugged prisoner of Ilmaria Kodit in 2012, a n d soon became unwilling/unable to contact me. Now 2016, no more pointless Phone calls.
I phoned Ilmaria and said “Isi puhu William” or Father speak William, a male Psych pretended not to understand me so I repeated myself and then he hung up on me.
I phoned Paula Hannula and asked to speak to my son Mikael, Paula said he did not want to speak to me.
Paula also said that there was a recent meeting including Kaisu Mclachlan; Mikael Mclachlan; Antti Rikala; Paula Hannula & Pentti Romppanen.
Paula said Pentti decided at the meeting that I should only be allowed to phone Mikael once a month from now on.
This violates a standing Finnish Court Order granting me unrestricted Telephone contact with my Children.
I am in #Kuopio in #Suomi or #Finland , waiting for a Bus to #Juankoski – where my son William Lives.
I look around and I see my son William – I have not seen him for five years!
We shared the Bus to Juankoski.
I got off at one stop before William at the Hotel and he went to the Children’s Home.
Then I realised that I left my Mobile on the Bus, so I went to the Children’s Home, I saw a female Psych in the Window – she locked the door, closed the curtain and all the lights went out.
So I went to the shop to buy some food, then the Police came into the shop looking for me – they said if I attempt to contact WIlliam again I will be arrested!
#PäiviHämäläinen <paivi.hamalainen@juankoski.fi>
I met Juankoski Social Worker Päivi, he told me that Ilmaria Juankoski makes at least 500 Euros per day from William and possibly a lot more including the Drugs.
Chief Inspector – Kuopio
Anu says I need to complain to Valvira about Ilmaria Juankoski, and I need to complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsman about Valvira and I need to complain to the Chancellor Of Justice about the Parliamentary Ombudsman.
Sent from my iPhone
I attempted to phone Mehiläinen for the first time (parent company of Ilmaria) +358 (0)10 414 00.
The above phone number appears to be the switchboard of the head office.
I was hoping to find out the number for CEO Janne-Ole Järvenpää, <janne-olli.jarvenpaa@mehilainen.fi>.
Even his secretary’s number would of been cool.
My phone call was rejected three times.
For many years I have only been allowed to phone my children William *a n d Mikael Mclachlan on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, and so almost without fail I attempted to do so. I was often successful with Mikael, via Antti Rikala a n d Paula Hannula – until early last year. Drugging apparently intensified at the new home Ilmaria, contact with William was forbidden in 2012.
The mind can change, but today I make the decision to phone no more. I continue seeking contact through my Book. *a n d must be spaced in Kindle comments or it becomes and.
My son Willam became a drugged prisoner of Ilmaria Kodit in 2012, a n d soon became unwilling/unable to contact me. Now 2016, no more pointless Phone calls.
I phoned Ilmaria and said “Isi puhu William” or Father speak William, a male Psych pretended not to understand me so I repeated myself and then he hung up on me.
I phoned Paula Hannula and asked to speak to my son Mikael, Paula said he did not want to speak to me.
Paula also said that there was a recent meeting including Kaisu Mclachlan; Mikael Mclachlan; Antti Rikala; Paula Hannula & Pentti Romppanen.
Paula said Pentti decided at the meeting that I should only be allowed to phone Mikael once a month from now on.
This violates a standing Finnish Court Order granting me unrestricted Telephone contact with my Children.
I am in #Kuopio in #Suomi or #Finland , waiting for a Bus to #Juankoski – where my son William Lives.
I look around and I see my son William – I have not seen him for five years!
We shared the Bus to Juankoski.
I got off at one stop before William at the Hotel and he went to the Children’s Home.
Then I realised that I left my Mobile on the Bus, so I went to the Children’s Home, I saw a female Psych in the Window – she locked the door, closed the curtain and all the lights went out.
So I went to the shop to buy some food, then the Police came into the shop looking for me – they said if I attempt to contact WIlliam again I will be arrested!
Juankoski Psych Janne Katajisto said to my face that Imaria makes at least 500 Euros a day from William, and possibly a lot more including Drugs.
Note to self – something happened this day I never will forget.
The sun is out, the snow is melting and the Birds have returned.
I met a teenage boy named Miska at Juankoski Kirjasto (Library).
He told me that he lives in Ilmaria-Juankoski with William, and before that he lived at Ilmaria-Säyneinen with William.
Miska said that in Säyneinen if he refused to be drugged the staff would strap him to a bed and inject him, and that if he became uncontrollable they would put him in a prison cell for two days.
Miska then said that at Ilmaria-Juankoski he is refusing the Drugs, and getting away with it!
This agrees with my guess that Ilmaria-Säyneinen was a secluded place.
A female Cook from my Hotel <info@ruukinkievari.fi>
in Juankoski said that fifteen years ago her friend was living at Ilmaria (Säyneinen?) and Ilmaria was making 1000 Euros a day from that.
And her friend was strapped down and injected, if he/she refused the Pills – and put in a Jail Cell for a couple of days when misbehaving.
I caught the 6am Bus from Juankoski to Kuopio because William was on it – on his way to College.
William would not talk to me, so, in a very loud voice, I told all of the approximately twenty People on the Bus what their government had done to my Son.
I also told them (and William) that I was the only Person in the World that was doing my best to stop the drugging, and return him to his own Family.
I then asked those on the Bus to tell Wiliam to talk to me as I had important documents to give him – no one said a word!
Today I located Mikael’s Home in Helsinki – complete with the names Mclachlan & Rikala on the front door!
I stood in the Rain, Wind & Cold for three hours in the afternoon at the front door, exercising occasionally to keep warm, then Antti Rikala arrived – was hoping that Mikael would come home first.
Antti refused to shake my hand, and asked if I was here to make trouble for him, I said no, then he locked the door and called the Police. and filmed me with his Camera from the window – I would of filmed him too but my Phone would of got wet.
I started doorknocking Antti’s neigbours and telling them what he had done to my son.
Then I saw Mikael through the kitchen window – first time I have seen him in five years!
I banged on the window but he refused to come outside, then I walked away.
I completed my task of knocking on every Door in the Townhouse Complex where my son Mikael lives – and I put a small Card in every Letterbox and on every Car Windscreen.
I found the Medical Lab where Kaisu works near the centre of Helsinki – including the exact room number, a colleague led me through the locked doors but it was 3.15pm and Kaisu had already finished for the day.
It is morning and I am looking Kaisu in the eye for the fist time in seven years. A white uniform – short sleeve shirt and long pants, she has lost weight and looks pretty – strange, her facebook photo made her look like a smirking reptile. I would have her grow her hair a little.
”Hello Kaisu” I said. “You are not allowed to be here” she said. I followed her as she marched towards the security guards without a word, I told her that if she did not help me return William to Australia then he would see an early grave – no reaction.
Now Kaisu hiding amongst two old security guards and calling the police on her phone, I told them exactly what she has done – including the apparent attempted murder of William with Drugs, no reaction from the cold stone heart of Kaisu, the guards appeared to agree with me but remained silent as they dare not bite the hand that feeds them.
So, there we were, Kaisu and the guards in their little security office, me facing them through the open door – I decided to ramp it up so I stepped back into the wider room (cafeteria) and loudly told at least fifty people that the women hiding over there (Kaisu Mclachlan) appears to be trying to murder her own son with Drugs and will not let me visit or phone or write my Children, or send a Doctor or Priest to visit them, then I directed them to and not one of them said a word!
Today I met with my Human Rights Friend Kimmo – wonderful kind man.
Neither rich nor poor, an interesting collection of old vehicles – some in good condition and some not.
He has a good size House on a large block of land near Helsinki – a rarity.
Kimmo says the Children’s Homes make € 100,000- € 150,000 per Child per month +Drugs + Extras.
He also says the foster parents of his son get € 3,000 per month for each of their three foster Children.
In the afternoon I went to Porolahden Peruskoulu (Deer Lake School). First stop the Admin Building where I was confronted by three harmless looking security guards, the female guard dissapeared through a locked door to fetch the deputy principal – a plump sixty year old women who appeared to have enough intelligence to obey orders, but not enough for independant critical thought.
She refused to tell me if Mikael went to School there and directed me to the Principal’s office accross the street.
I was making my way through the school grounds and rounded the corner of a building to see Mikael walking towards me!
We talked for fifteen minutes, I gave him some Gifts and asked him to help me with William.
I am sure I woke him up a little!
I got a hug!
Then the deputy and the female security guard rounded the corner – the deputy demanding I go see the principal – I told her to go to hell, I was angry with myself because she did not deserve a response.
Then I dissapeared.
Today I saw Timo Soini (Foreign Affairs Minister) pull up at the front of the Ombudsman’s Office in a Mercedes Van with two bodyguards – I talked to him for five minutes, he promised nothing. One can hope.
I completed the job of putting a business size Card in/on every hand, letterbox and car in a suburb of Helsinki called Herttoniemi.
The Card has links to my Book, Website and contact details of two of my Children’s “carers”.
*I had lunch with my Lawyer Tero at a nice restaurant in Helsinki. Then I spent two hours in a district that neighbors Helsinki called Vantaa.the Park – a Vantaa park in the with my ex wife’s sister’s husband .
My Mother reminded me that Kaisu was mainly raised by her Grandmother.

In response to my offer of a Reward to anyone willing to deliver a Letter to one of my Sons, I received the following, I have chosen to keep the Sender’s identity private.

“I think u should ask some guy who is ready to threaten his life for this job. U know nazism is common here n if they decided something like this is very hard to change some principles or turn heads that run the system.”

I received the following Email:
I saw your post and wondered if you need help in something where I could help you. So is it so that U need help getting your letter to your son/sons?
Please reply and let’s see of I xan b of any help to U.
Best wishes,
Susann …Finland”

I dreamed that Kaisu visited me, she was still pretty, She let me hug her but did not hug back. She seemed to want to make peace, but then I woke – damn!


I received an email from Mikael asking about the Mail Tero is holding for him!

Harri-Pekka Pohjolainen
(Kuopio Police Superintendent)
+358295456567 +358505960323

I phoned Harri
We spoke for ten minutes.
He said he knew the case but could not help in any way.

I dreamed that Kaisu and I were living together in our own House, she was a little angry because some Friends were coming to visit and I needed to do something.
I dreamed Kaisu and I went to a Cold Chisel concert.
William emailed and phoned me that he wants to come home to Australia!!!
Kaisu phoned that she wants to help William get his Passport and Aeroplane Ticket!
First phone call from her in at least ten years if I remember correctly.
An email from Kaisu made it seem that William had been making so much trouble that he was facing imminent doom in the Courts. Her email also said that William had made her homeless.
I then phoned Kaisu who said that William had forced her out of her own home, and she was now living at her parents home.
After today’s contact with Kaisu I was planning to catch the next Plane to Finland!
Then I contacted a French lady named Laure Demoreau (the passport officer of the Australian Embassy in Stockholm) she told me that: an Australian Citizen; who is living in Finland; who has a current Finnish Passport; who also has an expired Australian Passport; who wants to return to Australia; can not travel on a Finnish Passport – because the needed Australian entry Visa can not be given – because an Australian Citizen must travel to Australia on an Australian Passport!
Laure also said to obtain the Australian Passport, the Australian Citizen must make an appointment with Anja Aalto (the Director of the Australian Consulate in Helsinki). The applicant will need an original copy of theirs, and their father’s Australian birth certificate; passport photos; and a completed application form.
Next I phoned William who said that the Court issue has been put to rest. I then told William that his Australian birth certificate will arrive tomorrow; and mine next week. William said that he will be meeting Tero later today; who will be helping complete his passport application; and Tero will be giving William the mail from me that he has been holding for years!
Tero met with William! Progress was made on his Passport and lots of Paketteja (Mail) was waiting for him! I got a photo of the Paketteja.
Kaisu answered the phone twice; we spoke for a while; then she hung up on me twice! Did she only answer the first time because she thought it was William? I explained that William can not travel to Australia using his current Finnish Passport; but must wait for his renewed Australian Passport to arrive. Kaisu said that if I am lying she will never talk to me again. Then I got a voicemail from Kaisu that said she had phoned the Australian Embassy in Stockholm; and now knows the best time to phone the Australian Consulate in Helsinki to arrange William’s Passport Interview.
10.30am, Brisbane Airport – my oldest son arrives!!! He has lost weight, lifting weights and health conscious. He says he has been spitting those Psych pills in the toilet since age ten – I taught him that but he does not remember; he also said that he never told a soul for fear of getting caught; wonderful wonderful news! He is, like me, neither short nor tall; solid build with short blond hair. He wants to join ASIO, I hope can talk him out of it. He also said that people tried to kill him in that last children’s home near Kuopio.
My first ever letter from Mikael – he wished me happy Father’s Day.
I received an email from policewoman Maarit Purolinna. I phoned Karen and asked her if she would drop the slander complaint; she said she would think about it. I asked her for Miska’s phone number; she hung up on me.
Ville has drunk at least seven large bottles of Whiskey and Jagermeister since arrival; this will only get worse; he knows he will die young if he does not reduce or stop this.
Mikael sent me a text – now I have his phone number!
William said that he wants to go back to Finland because he misses the pain.I asked him if he thought Finland was hell; his answer was yes. Then he said that Australia was too good; that it was unreal.
I phoned Mikael and he answered! We talked for ten minutes. He said he will be living with his mother in the near future – I hope more good than bad will come of this.

William threw my furniture around, smashed my porch lamp and smashed a window on my Truck. He was attempting to terrorise me into buying him an ticket to Finland.
He held the police at bay with a small ball-peen hammer in his pocket, and by aiming a lighter at the mouth of the fuel pipe of my Truck. They tasered him.

Prince Charles psych hospital held William for a number of hours and released him at 1am. The psychiatrist told me that William is not crazy. This adds weight to my theory that Australia spends less taxes on psychs than Finland.
I sent a text to Kaisu concerning William. She texted back. I phoned her. She asked if I still thought William didn’t need medication, I said my view is that’s what caused it. As she was hanging up I thought I heard her say “it’s genetic and it’s your fault.”
Not as good as her “you were a sperm donor” comment, but still a pretty good spray.
Queensland prisoner location service confirmed William has been released from Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, but they knew not his whereabouts.
I texted Kaisu “Äiti, do you have any knowledge of William’s whereabouts, or do I need to file a “missing person report. Isi.”
*Äiti means mother and Isi means father.
Kaisu texted back “No I do not know where he is. That person who made him to dissappear And homeless is you”
As I drive these city streets on a cool September night, every stranger would William be, well, it just might!
I filed a missing person report on William.
The police told me that he was released on the 27th August.
The police also confirmed that William has his Passport.
The policeman and I both wondered if William might be in Finland, he is checking airport records.
If William is still in Australia, I would say this to you Kaisu: it appears to me that William now has three choices (a) live on the streets or in prison (b) learn to be kind to his family (c) learn to stand on his own two feet.
And If William is in Finland I would say this to you Kaisu: it appears to me that the psychiatrists will slowly poison him to death.
Also, if William be in Finland, and if you had a hand in it Kaisu, I would ask you this: would this be a reward for violence against his own family, and if so, might this encourage greater violence towards you in the future if he wants something?
Finally, I think it better for William to be homeless at +40 than -40.
Several days ago a policeman confirmed that William has not left Australia.
Today Australian police informed me that William is alive and well!
They also said that William has accomodation somewhere, but he does not want me to know where he is.
Angus said he received a call from the Commonwealth Bank today at 4.30pm on Ma’s home phone, the women said that William missed his Bank appointment.

DF P12 Epi


Dark Finland

*Epistle: A Book in the form of a series of Letters.

A strong opinion about something for which you have a lack of evidence.

The act of tax exempt, above the law Big Business & Big Government joining forces to rape the Taxpayer.

A Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Social Worker.

Someone who has an unshakable belief that every other Human Being is directly or indirectly to trying to kill them. It is the Psycopath, and their Secret Societies, that gave birth to the harm in the name of help that is the Psych Industry.

Someone who obeys the orders of a Psychopath through fear or hope of reward.

Stockholm Syndrome:
When a Being loses all hope of escape, sometimes they fall in love with their Captor – hoping they will suffer less. Now anyone who attempts to free them becomes the enemy.

Useful Idiot:
A Psych who believes the False Data that they memorised but never understood – which they were fed at University – the Falsehoods they regurgitated onto their Test-Sheet. We are talking of those who possess fear of unemployment; willful ignorance; total lack of responsibility and blind obedience to authority.

My Story

My name is Warren Mclachlan, I was born and live in Australia.
In the year 2001 my wife Kaisu Mclachlan took our Australian baby boys William Mclachlan & Mikael Mclachlan to Suomi (Finland) to visit her family – and never returned.
In 2002 our Children were kidnapped by Finnish Psychs.
It is now 2017, still I wait and hope for my Children to return to Australia.

Justice / Just Us

The Finnish Justice Department allows The Fascist Finninsh Health & Welfare Industry to be self regulating.

This opens the door to profiteering from Fascist Multi-National Corporations.
Such Organisations have discovered that incriminated Sadists & Paedophiles are among their most obedient servants.

In 2002 the Psychs began selling our Boys to Foster Homes, Children’s Homes & Drug Companies.
Getting FACTS about the Psychs “care” of my Children is like pulling teeth.

In 2004, in Myyrmäki Finland, I had a meeting with Kaisu and about twelve Psychs.
At this meeting I predicted that it was the intention of the Psychs to institutionalize, drug & brutalize our Children for the term of their natural lives.
I told asked Kaisu and friends to go to Court and tell the Judge to return William to me – stone cold silence.

In Finland Children’s Homes are owned by Charity, Business and the State – the unholy trinity.

I have the following questions for www.ilmaria.fi / www.mehilainen.fi : (a) how many Euros per week are/were you receiving for “caring” for William ? (b) from where does the Money come? (c) how many of those Euros are for the Drugs ? (d) what is the full, exact and complete detail of the Drugging? (e) were is William?

In 2016 a Friend gave me a daily care price list for Psych Children’s Homes in Finland.
The lowest price was €285 at Lasten ja Nuortenkoti Himaharju in Koppeloharju, and the highest €510 at Nuorten Ystävät Komsio in Rovaniemi.

With the above, my only written evidence- after fifteen years of Psych stonewalling, I now make a wild guess about the true cost (apparently mostly on the back of the Finnish Taxpayer) for the Psych “care” of William & Mikael scince 2002:
(1) William’s Psych Housing for fifteen years or 5475 days x €510 = €2,792,250 (2) William’s Psych Drugs = €2,792,250 (3) Mikael’s Psch “care” = €2,792,250 (4) Judges; Lawyers; Interperators; Cooks; Cleaners; Police; Fireman etc = €2,792,250.
Total = €11,169,000.

So, millions of Euros, after all these years, a partial explanation as to why my Children were not returned to me when they were taken from their mother.

Dream time:
6.66 x €1,677,027.02 = €11,169,000.
If the Finnish Government gave me €1,677,027.02 between 2002-2016.
I could of bought a nice House for €277,027.02, in a small southern Finnish coastal town, far from the madding crowd.
This would of left €1,400,000 or €1794.87 per week for 780 weeks (fifteen years) to spend on raising my Children.
I could of given my Boys a drug free organic environment with every toy their hearts desired.
Perhaps I could of started a small home business and regained my independance.
Maybe I could of even got Kaisu back!
But for 6.66 x that amount, look what has been achieved: a Family scattered to the four winds, with an army of parasites from corporation, government & charity feasting on the bones.

KELA (welfare Finland) via DHS (welfare Australia) says I am not allowed to visit my Children in Finland again until I pay them $25,000 counterfeit Australian dollars.
Until 1932 the Australian Gold Coin was .917 or 22k, and until 1946 the Australian Silver Coin was .925 or Sterling.
Could a Satanist wish for more than to kidnap & drug a Man’s Children, and make him pay for it with taxed and counterfeit currency ?


William fought to return to Australia for many years, and was heavily drugged as a result.

Here is the list of Drugs, that I am aware of, that have been forced on William with no scientific proof of Illness: Abilify; Alvesco; Atarax; Concerta; Levozin; Risperdal; Seroquel; Zyprexa.

In 2013 I sent a Priest to Ilmaria Children’s Home in Juankoski to visit William, In 2014 I sent a Human Rights Volunteer – both were denied entry.

2016, I was in the town of Kuopio, waiting for a bus to the village of Juankoski. William was waiting for the same bus, I had not seen him in five years!
William said that he no longer wishes to return to Australia.
I attempted to visit William at Ilmaria, but a staff member called the Police.

I have no news of William since early 2016.


Mikael was not yet born when he left Australia.

Mikael never knew what he had lost, this may help to explain why he has been less rebellious, and so drugged less.

In 2016, after three weeks of searching, I found Mikael in the grounds of a School in Helsinki.
We talked for about fifteen minutes, I gave him some Gifts, and I got a hug!
Then the staff chased me away.


Hyvää Poijat (good Sons) I have mailed you some fine gifts, Tero is holding them for you in Helsinki.
Please contact me, and I will show you how you (but only you) may collect them.
Rakastan, Isi (love from Father).
Warren Mclachlan
P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre 4500 Qld Australia


Jari Lindberg
Chief of all Finnish Defence Forces
@Finnchod #PVKOM

Hyvää (good) General Lindberg,
my Australian children William Mclachlan & Mikael Mclachlan have been kidnapped, drugged and sold to Children’s Homes in Finland.
Those responsible are Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Social Workers (Psychs).
Further, I am being forced to give counterfeit currency to those responsible.
*Note – In Australia, until 1932, we had 22ct or .917 Gold Coins; and until 1946 we had Sterling or .925 Silver Coins.

The same thing that has been done to my Children has happened to thousands of Children in Finland – this is Genocide.

The most senior of the Public Servants at the Finnish Health, Welfare & Justice Departments have at best demonstrated extreme Criminal Negligence.

It appears to me that the most effective tool of blackmail/control over a Political Puppet is Satanic Paedophilia.
The Finnish Politicians, wether they know it or not, are Puppets of the Private Shareholders of the European Central Bank.
I do wonder what happens at their private parties and in the basements of some Finnish Children’s Homes.

The Government or Govern (Control) Ment (Mind) Cult of Psychiatry is dancing on the grave of the Hippocratic Oath in Finland.

It appears to me that you, General Lindberg, in a practical sense, short of Revolution, are the only hope for thousands of Children suffering in Finnish Psych Homes.

Here is what I would like you to do:
(a) Make the Industries of Psychiatry, Psychology & Social Work illegal in Finland.
(b) Return all Children in Finland in Psych “care” to their closest possible Family member.
(c) Make it illegal to use Mind Control on Children in Finland.
Prohibition including: Drugs; Chemicals; Surgery; Electricity; Hypnotism – and anything else under the sun or moon or stars that has been known to cause permanent physical or mental damage.
(d) Rent a remote Arctic Island from the Russians.
(e) With broad public advertising, locate the Child/Family victims of the Psychs.
The fitness of Cases to appear in Court shall be decided by majority vote of a Jury of one hundred.
Each successive Jury, beginning with the first, shall be Adults selected alphabetically from the Finnish Birth Registry – beginning with the letter A.
The very first selected Jury Member will be responsible for ensuring that the next selected Juror is indeed the second alphabetically.
Now these two Jurors select the third and so on – with all one hundred selecting the next one hundred.
The honesty of this process shall be made well known to the Finnish Public through broad Public advertising – all Finnish Media, including Citizen Volunteers, shall be given the same generous opportunity to study the selection process and question the Jurors before and after the Trial.
Plaintiff & Defendant shall represent themselves.
Jurors, by majority vote, may request additional evidence.
The Judge will be selected from among the Jurors by majority vote.
If the accused Psych is found guilty of HARM IN THE NAME OF HELP, they shall be judged as follows (1) PSYCHOPATH – those who like to hurt Children. (2) SOCIOPATH – those who obey those whom they know to be Psychopaths, and do so because of fear or hope of reward. (3) USEFUL IDIOT – those who believe things they were taught at University that they never truly understood. Those who possess willful ignorance, a total lack of responsibility and blind obedience to authority.
(f) The Psychopaths will surrender all their Assets to their Victims; and be sent to the Russian Island for the rest of their days. They will be provided with everything they need; and be free to roam the Island. They will be rewarded for good behaviour/self sufficiency by giving them, within reason, things they want. Their Guards will not harm them and protect them from each other.
(g) The Sociopaths and Useful Idiots will surrender their Assets to their Victims; and be banned from the Finnish Health & Welfare Industries for the rest of their days.

Yours truly,
Warren Mclachlan


Elina Haahti
Vantaa Social Worker

Paula Hannula
(Mikael’s foster carer)

Airi Hukkanen
Divorce Court Judge

Minna Huttunen
Social Worker

Liisa Hyssälä
Kela (Welfare Payments)
Director General
<liisa.hyssala@stm.fi> <kirjaamo@stm.fi>

Seppo Kolehmainen
Poliisiylijohtaja (National Police Commissioner)
+358295419800 +358295470011 <neuvontapalvelu@poliisi.fi>
@SJKolehmainen @SuomenPoliisi #SuomenPoliisi #Poliisi

Anu Kuusi
Leppävaaran Lasten Psykiatria Polyclinic Linnoitustie 7 #Espoo
+358947181470 +35894711

Janne-Olli Järvenpää
Mehiläinen CEO

Jaana Lohvansuu
Vantaa Social Worker

Hanna Markkula-Kivisilta
Pelastakaalapset General Secretary

Pirkko Mattila
Minister of Social Affairs & Health
+35894323102 +35829516001
<pirkko.mattila@eduskunta.fi> <kirjaamo@stm.fi>

Silja Parkko
(William’s Social Worker 2016)

Kirsi Ruotsalainen (Manager)
Ilmaria Children’s Home (Mehiläinen)
Opintie 10 Juankoski Finland 73500

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto
Mannerheim League For Child Welfare
Milla Kalliomaa
Secretary General

Janne Katajisto
Juankoski Social Worker

Savon Psykiatripalvelu
Ilpo Kinnunen

Markus Henriksson
(Chief Director & Psychiatrist)


Pia Partanen
Ilmaria Children’s Home Staff
<pia.partanen@familar.fi> Juha Rehula
Min Fam Affairs/Social Services
Antti Rikala
Mikael’s Foster Carer
Pentti Romppanen
Mikael’s Social Worker
+358983923400<pentti.romppanen@vantaa.fi> Kirsi Ruotsalainen
Ilmaria Children’s Home Staff
Päivi Sihvo
Vantaa Social Worker
<paivi.sihvo@vantaa.fi> Heidi Silander
Juankoski Social Worker
Riittamaria Tiitinen
Juankoski Social Worker
Vanta Social Worker
Those Who Could Help My Children?
Jukka Helander
(Break Infants Officer?)
Jaakko Jonkka
(The Chancellor Of Justice)
Petri Jääskeläinen
(The Parliamentary Ombudsman)
Markus Kiiskinen
Chief Inspector,National Police Board
071 878 0181
Seppo Kolehmainen
(National Police Commissioner)
Pauliine Koskelo
Korkein Oikeus
(Supreme Court Of Finland)
Veli Matti Kuosmanen
Vanhempi Konstaapeli
(Senior Constable)
Tuomas Kurtilla
(The Children’s Ombudsman)
Robin Lardot
Keskusrikospoliisin päällikkö
(Head of the Central Bureau of Investigation)
Jarmo Lindberg
Chief Of All Finnish Defence Forces
Leena Metsäpelto
(State Prosecutor)
Tapio Mäkinen
+358103621054 / +35810086330<tapio.makinen@oikeus.fi>
Kari Nenonen
Vantaan Kaupunginjohtaja
(Mayor of Vantaa)
Jussi Niinistö
(Defence Minister)
Sauli Niinistö
President Of Finland
The Commander-In-Chief Of All Finnish Military Forces
<presidentti@tpk.fi> Matti Nissinen
(Prosecutor General)
Rauli Salonen
(Detective Chief Inspector)
Timo Soini
Foreign Affairs Minister
Irma Tolmunen
Office Of The Chancellor Of Justice
Senior Legal Advisor
Pekka Vihervuoren
Helsingin Hallinto-Oikeus
(Helsinki Administrative Court)
#SOS …—…
[Book Sales]
[Radio Interview]
Warren Mclachlan
+61 (0)400 655 703
Tuomas Kurtilla
(The Children’s Ombudsman)
Pauliine Koskelo
Korkein Oikeus
(Supreme Court Of Finland)
Pekka Vihervuoren
Helsingin Hallinto-Oikeus
(Helsinki Administrative Court)
Seppo Kolehmainen
(National Police Commissioner)
Robin Lardot
Keskusrikospoliisin päällikkö
(Head of the Central Bureau of Investigation)
Veli Matti Kuosmanen
Vanhempi Konstaapeli
(Senior Constable)
The European Central Bank
President Mario Draghi +496913441300 <info@ecb.europa.eu>.
The ECB is owned by the Central Banks of The European Union Member Nations.
Apparently Private-Ownership of European Nation’s Central Banks is largely State-Secret. Be that as it may, here is what I was able to find:
Banque Nationale de Belgique – DFA 5564 Shares.
Central Bank Of Cyprus- Rybolovlev 9.9% of Shares.
National Bank Of Greece -HendersonMF .16% of Shares.
Bank Of Italy – Intesa Sanpaola 73.132 Shares.
Latvijas Bankas – 50% of Shares traded on Nasdaq.
Central Bank Of Malta – 25% of Shares traded publicly.

Trans-National Corporations
…”a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions”…
Chancellor Of Justice
Jaakko Jonkka
Defence Minister
Jussi Niinistö
Finance Minister
Alexander Stubb
Foreign Affairs Minister
Timo Soini
+358 295 351 861

*Korkein Oikeus
Supreme Court
+358 (0)2956 4000
#SeppoToivonen (Major General)
#VeijoTaipalus (Commodore)
#TimoKivinen (Brigadier General)
#PetriHulkko (Brigadier General)
*Vantaa City
Airi Hukkanen
(my Divorce Court Judge)
Kari Nenonen
Vantaan Kaupunginjohtaja
(Mayor of Vantaa)
Juankoski Police Chief
Espoo Detective
<presidentti@tpk.fi> ✫Prosecutors
Syyttäjän (State Prosecutor)
+358 (0)29 562 0818 < leena.metsapelto@oikeus.fi >
Vantaa Social Worker
Mikael’s Foster Carer
+35829 505 3000
Vantaa Social Worker
Director General Kela
+358295 16001
Mehiläinen CEO
Juankoski Social Worker
Ilmaria Psychiatrist
Gen Sec Pelastakaalapset
Minister Of Social Affairs & Health
William’s Social Worker
Min Fam Affairs/Social Services
#AnttiRikalaFoster Carer
Mikael’s Social Worker
Vantaa Social Worker
Juankoski Social Worker
Juankoski Social Worker
Vantaa Social Worker
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
Govern (Control) + Ment (Mind).
Government is or becomes a vehicle for the funneling of Public Money into monopolised Industries.
More power in fewer hands is the “solution” to every real, artificial or imagined Crisis – Harm in the name of help.
Economic Collapse; Epidemics; Terrorism; War; Death Camps and Revolution is the result.
How far a Civilisation must travel down this road depends on how successful the Rulers have been at creating fear and false belief.
So, Local Government only is less dangerous than State Government; National worse and International worst.
Increased knowledge of History & Philosophy is the road out – here we learn the results of our actions.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
★Kidnappers/Drug Pushers
“Other studies have found that among children enrolled in Medicaid in 2011, children infoster care were prescribed psychotropic medications at rates from 3 to 11 times higher than nonfoster children. ”
★Pseudo (false) Science
“We don’t know the Ideology of really any of the mental disorders at the present time.”
Darell A Regier – Psychiatrist; Director of Research, American Psychiatric Association; Chairman DSM-5 Task Force.
★Death Cult
Ernst Rudin
Head of the International Federation Of Eugenic Organisations.
“Until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our thiirty year long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.”
★My Children’s Psychs
William lives in the Town of Juankoski at Ilmaria Children’s Home.
I was in Juankoski in 2016 and met Social Worker Janne Katajisto, he estimated Ilmaria was making at least 1500 Euro a day from William.
Also, a Cook at Juankoski said her friend was living at Ilmaria fifteen years ago – and Ilmaria was making 1000 Euro a day from it.
My guess, all things considered – 2000 Euro per day.
Psychiatrist Ilpo Kinnunen works at Ilmaria and “cares” for William.
I now quote Ilpo from a 2012 email:
(a) “Nevertheless, Finnish Law about patient doctor confidentiality is a strickt one also and I am not allowed to give any information about my patients health related issues, not even to the parents, without permission from the patient.”
(b) Another principle is that I give the same care to my patients, that I would like to have to myself or my family.”
(c) “It is everybody’s priority that your sons have both their parents and as good lives as possible.”
*Note: Ilpo did not like my comparing him to Nazi Death Camp Psychiatrists, so in 2015 I contacted Wojciech Plosa who heads the Archive of Auschwitz – unfortunately Wojciech did not have any comparable Letters from Auschwitz Psychiatrists to concerned Relatives.
My questions to Ilmaria:
(a) What is the full and complete detail of William’s past and current drugging?
(b) How many Euros per day does Ilmaria charge for “caring” for William, how much is for the drugging and where, including percentages does the Money come from?
✯Vantaa City Social Workers
In December 2015 Psychs Romppanen; Parkko; Vihersalo; Sihvo and Haahti informed me that “foster father” Antti Rikala receives €1257.48 (+ apparent extras) from Taxpayers per month for “caring” for Mikael.
I arranged a face to face meeting with the above Psychs on the 21/4/16, impatient to have me under their control they offered an additional meeting on 14/4/16 which I declined, I canceled the meeting of the 21st because as events unfolded it became increasingly obviously a Trap, I further declined a third meeting on 24/4/16.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
★William & Mikael
For the first ten years of their captivity my Children wished to return to me in Australia.
Now they have little desire to communicate to their Father (as modern teenagers tend to do) but also communicating to a Father who wishes to free them causes rebelliousness.
So increased communication with Father means increased punishment – Stockholm Syndrome.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
★Airi Hukkanen
Vantaa City Judge
Quotes from my 2004 Divorce Court Order:
(1) “… for one month in Finland once a year in summer… If the father will surrender his passport to the children’s mother… The children may meet with and stay with their father in a place he has arranged in Finland, for the whole month.”
(2) “ The father has a right to receive information regarding his children from the day care, school, and health, nursing and other authorities.”
★State Prosecutor Leena Metsäpelto
On the 9/3/11 Leena advised me by phone that, I need to make a criminal complaint with Espoo Police for the False Imprisonment and Drugging of my Son’s William & Mikael by Vantaa Psychiatry & Pelastakaa Lapset.
Leena also said that if the Police fail to make an honest Investigation, then I must complain to the Espoo Prosecutor, followed by the Prosecutor General.
On the 15/6/11, I visited Detective Rauli Salonen at Espoo Police Station, on the 27/7/11 Rauli informed me that Jukka Helander is responsible for the Investigation.
On the 27/7/11, I visited Prosecutor Tapio Mäkinen at Espoo, Tapio said that only if Valvira (the Medical Investigation Board) wants to Investigate a Doctor, then and only then will the Prosecutor make Criminal Charges.
In 2009 & 2011 I visited Psychiatrist/Senior Investigator <Markus.Henriksson@valvira.fi> and he refused to investigate the apparent key criminal of all, namely Psychiatrist Anu Kuusi.
★Markus Kiiskinen, Chief Inspector, National Police Board
Markus’s unedited Email:
National Police Board1 (Control of Legality22.3.2010etr POHADno/2009/3943Warren Mclachlanmclachlanww@ymail.com
National Police Board’s Response To Your Second Letter:
Your writing will not cause any further action in the National Police Board.Your case will be transferred to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, because your writing deals primarily with social and health authorityoperations.Chief InspectorMarkus KiiskinenNational Police BoardVuorikatu 20 A, PL 302, 00101 HELSINKIkirjaamo.poliisihallitus@poliisi.fi, www.poliisi.fiPuh. 071 878 0181, Faksi 071 878 8555
★Penal Code Of Finland
Chapter 21 – Murder & Bodily Injury Section 6 – Aggravated Assault(1) Grievous Bodily Injury or Serious Illness is caused to another or another is placed in Mortal Danger.
Chapter 21 – Section 15 – Neglect Of Rescue (578/1995)A person who knows that another is in mortal danger or serious danger of losing his/her health, and does not give or procure such assistance that in view of his/her options and the nature of the situation can reasonably be expected, shall be sentenced for neglect of rescue to a fine or to imprisonment for at most six months.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
Fatherlessness – Divide Et Impera
Fatherlessness Increases: Low IQ; Drug Abuse; Poverty; Crime; Unwanted Pregnancy/Abortion; Paedophilia; Sexually Transmitted Disease; Suicide.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
Message For William & Mikael
You have a right not to be drugged against your will.
You have a right to live with me or one of your many Finnish Family Members.
You have a right to a Finnish Taxpayer funded Lawyer to help you with the above – but you MUST contact the Lawyer yourselves.
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
Bob Dylan
“I saw a newborn baby with wild Wolves all around it…”
Robert H Jackson
Chief United States Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials.
(a) “These are rules which every society has found necessary in order to reach men, like these defendants, who never get blood on their hands, but who lay plans that result in the shedding of blood….”
(b) “The Charter recognizes that one who has committed criminal acts may not take refuge in superior orders nor in the doctrine that his crimes were acts of state….”
Napoleon Bonaparte
“Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest.”
☥ ☤ ☨ ♚ £ $ ☭ 卍 €
It is my hope that one day this Book will paint a dark, but beautiful picture, that shows the way to a better future for all Children.
Hope echoes through eternity, and so I continue to write.
Some know that all can be known, and helping others is fun!
Others know that helping others will improve their life.
Others care only about themselves.
Others fear attack by all others and wish them dead.
Walking on the dark side, a ghost yet not.
Path most ancient, crooked, long but steep.
Tears of sun and moon from angels doth shield his back.
The Gods, wanting.
Patience of no limit, light and joy art thine for journey’s end.
Additional Unfinished Data
The Penal Code Of Finland
*PAGE 1*
Translation from Finnish
Legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish Ministry of Justice, Finland
The Criminal Code of Finland
(39/1889, amendments up to 766/2015 included)
Chapter 1 – Scope of application of the criminal law of Finland (626/1996) Section 1 – Offence committed in Finland
(1) Finnish law applies to an offence committed in Finland.
(2) Application of Finnish law to an offence committed in Finland’s economic zone is subject to the Act on the Economic Zone of Finland (1058/2004) and the Act on the Environmental Protection in Navigation (300/1979). (1680/2009)
Section 2 – Offence connected with a Finnish vessel (626/1996)
(1) Finnish law applies to an offence committed on board a Finnish vessel or air- craft if the offence was committed
* (1)  while the vessel was on the high seas or in territory not belonging to any State or while the aircraft was in or over such territory, or
* (2)  while the vessel was in the territory of a foreign State or the aircraft was in or over such territory and the offence was committed by the master of the vessel or aircraft, a member of its crew, a passenger or a person who otherwise was on board.
(2) Finnish law also applies to an offence committed outside of Finland by the master of a Finnish vessel or aircraft or a member of its crew if, by the offence, the perpetrator has violated his or her special statutory duty as the master of the vessel or aircraft or a member of its crew.
Section 3 – Offence directed at Finland (626/1996)
(1) Finnish law applies to an offence committed outside of Finland that has been directed at Finland.
(2) An offence is deemed to have been directed at Finland
(1) if it is an offence of treason or high treason,
(2) if the act has otherwise seriously violated or endangered the national,
military or economic rights or interests of Finland, or (3) if it has been directed at a Finnish authority.
Section 4 – Offence in public office and military offence (626/1996)


Note – I do not consider the following a Time Line Summary, rather a Pattern or Picture formed from an incomplete Jigsaw Puzzle. Be that as it may, it appears to me that few Pieces are missing.

Hidden terror of others
Secret Societies
Harm in the name of help
Divide et Impera
Central Bank
Counterfeit Currency
Standing Army
Monopoly Capitalism
Taxpayer Schools
Corporate/State Media Monopoly
Involuntary State Religion (Psychiatry)
No Fault Divorce
Forced Abortion
False Imprisonment
Involuntary Drugging
Involuntary Vaccination
Hate Speech Laws
Global Cooling
Global Warming
Climate Change
Open Borders
Economic Collapse
Police State
Death Camps
Local Government Only