DF 2 B

DF 2 B

Dark Finland 

Chapter Two — State, Corporation & Charity

Part B

Puolustusvoimain Komentaja (Supreme Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces) 


Puolustusvoimain Komentaja, Kenraali Timo Kivinen (Supreme Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Timo Kiviinen — subordinate only to the President).


(General Headquarters)

Fabianinkatu 2, 00131 Helsinki 

+358 (0)299 800

+358 (0)299 500 700




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Dear General Kiviinen,

In Finland today certain entities exist so evil that many a tyrant of old would rally his enemies against them. 

I speak of an international *ruling class and their merger of state, corporation and charity —— the unholy trinity — harm in the name of help — the iron fist inside the velvet glove.

An element of the ruling class crave hidden destruction of their fellow man above all else — such characters have for millenia formed secret societies in which the truly incriminated, the mercenary, the fearful, and finally the honest man or useful idiot being the ox that draws this devil’s chariot.

The †banksters are the puppet masters of the unholy trinity; they favour hidden  methods to imagine or artificialize or ride/summon the four horsemen of the apocalypse — and the solution they offer to their crises is more power in fewer hands.

Here we have the left hand or hidden path, the long march through the institutions —‡socialism, ¶communism, §fascism, ‖globalism, luciferianism; any -ism will do — the end, namely #eugenics, justifies the means.

My interest in your ruling class and their minions concerns their behaviour towards my children in particular, and Finnish children in general.

I speak of genocide or kidnapping, warehousing and drugging of Finnish children by your **psychs on an industrial scale.

If a log containing an ant nest is thrown on a fire, the first and last thing the ants will do is seek safety for their eggs.

There is no more noble act a Finnish citizen can undertake than defending their  nation’s children from enemies foreign and domestic.

It has been said that some of your  politicians have shares in some Finnish children’s homes. 

For many years, I have sought a complete one year record of the money flows of a Finnish children’s home in which psychs are drugging children.

I am most interested to know the money generated from a non drugged child, compared to a drugged one.

My efforts to obtain detailed information concerning the machinery of your government, corporations and charities as they relate to my children, have for the most part been stonewalled for many years.

In 2004 I witnessed kindergarten teacher Maarit Hirvonen of Simpukka päiväkoti in Myyrmäki Vantaa punch my then five year old son William in the face, the manager Outi Ojala and local detective Juha Juurinen covered it up.

I possess a 2007 letter in which Tammirinne children’s home director Marjaana Thilman denied me the right to send a doctor, priest or lawyer to visit my son William.

I have a 2016 letter from Vantaa psych Mervi Vihersalo concerning my son Mikael, in which she states “The father is not allowed to meet Mikael at all, or contact him by telephone or e-mail…the father is not allowed to send Mikael any letters…”.

In 2007 I had a meeting with a psychiatrist named Markus Henriksson, he was then the senior medical officer of the Finnish national supervisory authority for welfare and health Valvira; Henriksson said “We only usually investigate if there is a death.”

Henriksson is now Valvira Director General. 

In 2011 I had a meeting with Länsi-Uudenmaan syytäjänvirasto or Espoo district prosecutor Tapio Mäkinen; he said that it is up to the doctor to decide if the medication is acceptable; Mäkinen also said that if Valvira wants to investigate a doctor, then and only then will the prosecutor make criminal charges.

Clearly the above political climate is a magnet for paedophiles into the Finnish child care industry; and clearly Markus Henriksson is the fox in charge of the hen house.

Some of your 200 Eduskunta members (parliamentarians) have lowered the drawbridge for the ruling class; the rest are unwilling, unable or unaware of the need to raise it again.

Hope springs eternal, and so, in the unlikely event that those shaping the future of Finland heed my advice to any degree, I hereby offer my suggestions:

The process of returning sovereignty or self rule to the Finnish people must begin immediately, aided by the following steps (a) reshaping the constitution to make it harder for the majority to vote away the rights of the minority (b) a navy, and a well trained and armed citizen’s militia being the only forces to defend from enemies foreign and domestic (c) the right of citizens to keep, bear, hunt and defend themselves with arms (d) freedom of religion, the press and expression (e) abolition of state education, health and welfare (f) resurrection of the Finnmark and bullion coins (g) aggressive dismantling of industrial monopolies — including but not limited to currency and communications (h) abolition of all taxes except import (i) withdrawal from the EU (j) placement of competent citizen volunteers in the justice system — to root out those stonewalling the return of the courts to the will of the people.

I dare say that you Kenraali Kivinen, are the last hope of the Finnish people to reclaim their sovereignty, apart from sharpening their garden tools and marching on the Eduskunta.

Your web page <https://puolustusvoimat.fi/about-us> states:

“The Finnish Defence Forces secures Finland’s territorial integrity, the livelihood and basic rights of its population and the freedom of action of the government, as well as defends the rule of law with military force if an armed attack or a corresponding external threat is directed at Finland.”


Your territorial integrity has been absorbed by fascist banksters — using two of their sock puppets, the EU and the ECB; the livelihood of the Finnish population has been severely damaged by fiat bankster currency, slave labor imports, and imported welfare dependents; your government has little freedom of action with the EU/ECB jackboots on it’s neck; more damage has been done to the rule of law by the psychs than any armed attack or corresponding external threat has ever done in the history of Finland.

Finland today is a fascist dictatorship masquerading as a socialist democracy — in other words, big business has your politicians and charities by the balls.

The first sentence in your constitution reads “Finland is a sovereign republic.” In other words:  there is no power above the people, and the government is by the people and for the people — through their elected representatives.

If you are willing to risk your career and treasure and life,  perhaps you may be able to help breathe some life back into the sovereignty of your nation.

Your people will dance on your grave; or toss your name into the dustbin of history; or write poems and sing songs about you.

The choice is yours my friend.

Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 


<mclachlanww@gmail.com> <http://.darkfinland.com/>



*Ruling Class, The.

Old money families that have an at least indirect controlling share in the money printing machines of most of the world’s governments; and at least an indirect controlling share in the majority of the world’s corporations.

Banksters, The.

An element of the ruling class that steers private international banking empires, and lends money to governments and corporationsgangsters/banksters.


The rich using the poor to steal from the middle class; in other words the above the law and tax exempt banksters, via their puppet politicians and corporations and media, walk the taxpayer along a carpet of rose petals i.e. lies — and indirectly steal most of their taxes earmarked for public services and the poor; socialism is the road to communism.


A bloated beaurocracy, a collapsed socialist economy, and disarmed citizens or slaves; all significant private assets seized by the state; the government pays their bankster debts, and feeds and controls the malnourished or starving masses, through occasional industrial success, slave labor camps and annexing and looting neighboring states.


Tax exempt and above the law corporations, using government to tax and regulate their competition out of existence; disarmed citizens or slaves; scapegoating of minorities; glorification of and biggest profits from war.


Global corporate monopoly/dictatorship.


Selective human breeding; artificial evolution; population reduction.

**Psychs, The.

A branch of eugenics; the basic cause of fascist & communist death camps; covert hostility or harm in the name of help; 

psychiatric drug manufacturers, psychiatrists, psychologists & social workers; a magnet for paedophiles and assorted villains; the honest man, or the incriminated by association, or the useful idiot, being the main muscle drawing this devils chariot.

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