DF 2 A

DF 2 A

Dark Finland 

Chapter Two — State, Corporation & Charity 

Part A — Presidentti


Presidentinlinna / Tasavallan Presidentin Kanslia

(Presidential Palace / Office of the President of the Republic of Finland)

Sauli Niinistö

President of Suomi or Finland

Mariankatu 2, 00170 Helsinki 

+358(0)295226000  +358(0)94321

<presidentti@tpk.fi> <kirjaamo@tpk.fi>


Dear President Niinistö,

My family:

In the year 2001 my wife Kaisu traveled from our home in Australia to Finland to visit her family, she was accompanied by our three year old son William and our unborn son Mikael.

Kaisu surrendered our children to the *psychs in 2002.

William returned home to Australia after his eighteenth birthday.

Your Country:

The first words of the Constitution of Finland:

“Section 1 – The Constitution 

Finland is a †sovereign ‡republic.”

Your Sovereignty:

The European central bank is owned by the central banks of the EU member states — e.g, Finland.

Private for profit entities hold some, if not most, shares in EU member banks. The Banca D’Italia for example, has as it’s biggest shareholder a private bank named Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. 

Fascism is big business using big government — and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, to strengthen their monopoly. 

Socialism is the road to communism, both of which are part of the modern monopoly capitalist or fascist state — where the unprofitable is dumped on the back of the taxpayer or slave.

Our World:

¶Banksters imagine, artificialize and ride on the coat tails of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

They will buy your city for pennies on the pound — when there’s blood in the streets.

An invading army is less to fear. 

Fear more the flag waving traitor who speaks in familiar tongue — while undermining the pillars of the city, or lowering the drawbridge.

Of all the bankster’s motley crew, beware above them all that traitor the psych — whose involuntary services have subjected millions to a fate worse than death; perhaps you remember their mentor Torquemada?

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole:

We see the useful idiot; the implicated or entwined; the mercenary; and finally the inner circle of banksters, hiding their darkest secret, even from each other — a hidden terror of all others.

Perhaps the hole goes deeper — dictators, kings and queens, religious leaders, aliens, demons — but the reason would be the same — hidden terror of all others.


This is the justification for the banksters obsession with §eugenics.

There are 1.853 trillion square metres of land in Queensland, and 7 billion humans in the world. 

So, if everyone lived in Queensland there would be 265 square metres each or 1060 sq m per 4 person household; now if we take half or 530 sq m for forests and farms and factories, it would be possible for all of humanity to thrive in harmony with nature in Queensland; this is unlikely to happen, but I hope my point is understood — overpopulation is simply not true.

The space age with it’s limitless resources awaits — if man can learn to recognise and neutralise the powerful entities that seek to enslave him.

Presidentti Niinistö, your countrymen will dance on your grave; or your name will become a dusty page in a history book; or your folk will write poems and sing songs about you. 

Which path shall you chose my friend?

Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 


<mclachlanww@gmail.com> <http://.darkfinland.com/>



*Psychs, the.

A branch of eugenics; the basic cause of fascist & communist death camps; covert hostility or harm in the name of help; 

psychiatric drug manufacturers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers — and children’s or foster homes controlled by them; a safe harbour for satanists, eugenicists, mercenaries, paedophiles and assorted villains; this devil’s chariot is drawn by honest men who become incriminated by association, and the useful idiot.


Being no power above.


A state without a monarch; in which, ideally, there is no power above the will of the citizens — as expressed by their elected representatives, who adhere to their constitution, which guarantees the god given or inalienable human rights of all citizens.

¶Banksters, the.

Banksters (gangsters) are the banking families and their key minions that (a) lend money to governments (b) imagine, create or use crises to gain more money and power or control over others.


Selective human breeding, artificial evolution, and population reduction.

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