DF #6 2 SCC E

DF #6 2 SCC E

Dark Finland 

Edition six

Chapter 2 

State, Corporation & Charity

Part E


Ilmaria Children’s Home, Opintie 10, Juankoski, Suomi (Finland) 73500.

A.D. 2016.


Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto


Vihreä liitto (The Green League)

+358(0)9 432 3005

+358 (0)41 549 3338





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Dear Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto,

Since the *psychs infiltrated the Finnish education and health and welfare and justice departments, there have been many thousands of children kidnapped and warehoused and drugged in Suomi — including mine!

Psychiatry is a branch of †eugenics.

When I first became aware of Ilmaria it was owned by Mediverkko corporation — the founder of which being Janne-Olli Järvenpää. Mediverkko merged with Mehiläinen in 2015, and Järvenpää became CEO.

Early 2012 my son William was moved to Imaria (Pisan Ilmaria Koti Yksikkö)

Lastukoskentie 578 Säyneinen 73770 Suomi.

Sometime later William was moved to Ilmaria children’s home Opintie 10, 73500 Juankoski. 

William’s psychiatrist at Ilmaria was Ilpo Kinnunen +358(0)17 288 2710 <ilpo.kinnunen@ilmaria.fi> <ilpo.kinnunen@psykiatripalvelu.fi>.

March 2016.

On the 22nd I was in Kuopio waiting for a bus to the village of Juankoski — much to my surprise I found William at the bus station! I hardly recognised him after five years.
I got off the bus at the hotel — being one stop before William, who went to the children’s home. 

After settling into my room, I went to visit William at the children’s home — on approach I saw a female psych in the window, she locked the door and closed the curtain and all the lights went out.
So I went to the shop to buy some food, then the police came into the shop looking for me – they said if I attempt to contact WIlliam again I will be arrested!

While in Juankoski I visited two government buildings — one for the poliisi or police, and one for general local government services including psychs.

In the general building I met social worker Janne Katajisto — I told him that William was being falsely imprisoned at Ilmaria, and drugged — with no scientific proof of illness. 

Katajisto told me that Ilmaria makes at least 500 Euros a day from William, and likely a lot more including drugs.

I also visited the police building — here I met a policeman, who told me that the psychs had not let him see his daughter for five years.

On the 30th I met a teenage boy named Miska at Juankoski kirjasto or library.
He told me that he lives at Ilmaria (Juankoski) with William, and before that he lived at Ilmaria (Säyneinen) with William.
Miska said that in Säyneinen if he refused to be drugged the staff would strap him to a bed and inject him, and that if he became uncontrollable they would put him in a prison cell for two days.
Miska then said that at Ilmaria-Juankoski he is refusing the drugs, and getting away with it! This adds weight to my guess that Ilmaria (Säyneinen) was a secluded place.

April 2016

On the 4th a female cook from my hotel <info@ruukinkievari.fi> in Juankoski said that fifteen years ago her friend was living at Ilmaria (Säyneinen?) and Ilmaria was making 1000 Euros a day from that.
And her friend was strapped down and injected, if he/she refused the pills – and put in a jail cell for a couple of days when misbehaving.

I wish to know, during William’s time at Ilmaria:

(a) the pay rates of the Medicerkko / Mehiläinen management of this Ilmaria “charity”. 

(b) the pay rates of Ilmaria’s staff. 

(c) whence it’s money flowed.

If I ever meet Järvenpää I will say to him:

“I once I found a  photo of you proudly manning a marine vessel, with only part of it’s deck visible; there was a reproduction? antique sailing ship in the background. 

Did you own this vessel, was it a large modern powerboat, and how many children would have to spend the entirety of their childhoods drugged in your children’s homes to pay for that?”

Lokakuun liike or <http://www.lokakuunliike.com/october-movement.html> says that some children’s homes in Suomi charge 600+ euros per day.

It has been alleged that:

(a) some Finnish politicians invest in children’s homes — of which I still have no names.

(b) some Finnish corporations do the same, e.g RAY poker machines (Raha-automaattiyhdistys).

(c) many Finnish government psychs have created their own private for profit children’s homes.


Janne-Olli Järvenpää CEO

Mehiläinen Oy

Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 17 C, 00260 Helsinki, Suomi.

+358 (0)10 4140 112 

+358 (0)40 589 9604

<janne-olli.jarvenpaa@mehilainen.fi> <anssi.hartiala@mehilainen.fi>


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Definitions / Footnotes 


Psychiatric drug manufacturers; psychiatrists; psychologists; social workers; and their minions.


Population reduction; selective human breeding; artificial evolution, e.g #WO2020060606.


*  †  ‡  ¶ §  ‖ #


Eduskunta / Parliament of Finland 

Suomi has 200 MP’s.

< https://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/kansanedustajat/nykyiset_kansanedustajat/Pages/default.aspx >

Alanko-Kahiluoto, Outi

+358(0)9 432 3005

+358 (0)41 549 3338





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