DF #6 2d

DF #6 2d 

Dark Finland

Edition six

Chapter two

Part d



From: Kinnunen, Ilpo


Sent: Friday, 30 March 2012 6:32 PM


Cc: Hiltunen, Hanna; Willman-Hietala, Minna

Subject: Re: William [deleted]

Dear Sir,

I have not been replying your e-mails since we have agreed that all communication goes through Hanna Hiltunen.

The Finnish legislation has a strickt principle of the childs best interest and thus parents rights are not so obvious. Since you are not William’s legal guardian, your are not entitled to make decisions concerning your son.

As you have heard, I am your son’s doctor, and yes, as a psychiatrist I can understand your worry about William. Nevertheless, Finnish law about patient doctor confidentiality is a strickt one also and I am not allowed to give any information about my patients health related issues, not even to the parents, without the permission from the patient.

Sometimes the children do not want to talk with their parents, the reason can be as simple as the kid has something interesting going on, like a video game or resding a book. This is just a general remark not a spesific piece of information. Another thing is your problem with the unanswered phone calls. There may be times when no-one has the time to answer the phone, or the phone may be busy. Please note that there ae times when the personel may or may not answer the phone, like the meal times. Family calls are due after 3 p.m. Until some 7.30 or 8.30 p.m. Excluding the group activities and therapies etc. Anyway, I do not know the reason for that problem, but I believe that Hanna has tried to explain the contract agreements in Pisa to you.

You have been asking for a land line number. The land lines are vanishing in Finland and the vast majority of the calls are made in mobile network. Actually in rural areas (as in Pisa) the companies have stopped providing the land lines. I personally do not give my personal phone number neither to the parents nor to my patients.

We do take care of William in a caring and professional way, taking to concideration his special needs and responding to them individually, as we do with all our children. What comes to patient care, my principle is to treat the patient, a person, not the diagnosis. Another principle is that I give the same care to my patients, that I would like to have to myself or my family. And by the Finnish law I do that in co-operation primarilly with the patient, when he or she is capable to understand his or her situation, and I think William is, actually to the extent often seen with some years older patients. But, as mentioned, I am not allowed to discuss William’s health issues with anyone without his permission, which he has refused to give.

It is everybody’s priority that your sons have both their parents and as good lives as possible. We do our best, and we would like do it in good co-operation. To prevent misunderstandings and biased or confucing information about William and his beeing we have decided that Hanna is the only one to keep contact with you

I hope that this answer gives you some peace of mind with your son’s situation. I am sorry not to be able to give you any more information or solutions.


Ilpo Kinnunen

M.D. Licensed Physician and Specialist in Psychiatry 

Physician in Pisan Ilmaria-kodit [Säyneinen]

P.S. In Finland we have a saying that translates rougly to English: When you shout to the woods, You’ll get your own words back. With this I’d like you to reconsider you way of starting communication with people you do not know, regardless the amount of your personal agony. You may want to check the contents of your first e-mails to me and some ohers. The mails with the “alleged” references to KGB, the nazis, pointing towards the recipients. Still I think I can understand your concerns and the pain you have. You obviously love and miss your sons very much. Please do not let the missing and anxiety turn to hatred and bitterness, that would serve no good.



Lähetetty iPadista



From: “Henriksson Markus (Valvira)” 

Date: 9 January 2020 at 00:02:25 AEST

To: warren mclachlan 

Cc: “Holmalahti Jussi (Valvira)” , “Aapro Anne (Valvira)”

Subject: VS: #DarkFinland

Warren Mclachlan 


I remember well the supervision case and our discussions. I have watched the interesting DVD in 2008-9. It is sad but true that psychiatry cannot be proud of its history, and there is lot to do in the development of the current status, too.

I am sorry that the response of the various Finnish officials has been a disappointment to you.

The division of labor between Valvira and the regional administrative authority is described in our website: 

https://www.valvira.fi/web/en/healthcare/complaints_procedure (please see also the picture on https://www.valvira.fi/web/en/Valvira) . The police does not need a request from Valvira; instead, the police requests statements from Valvira when they need assessment statements for their investigations. Wether a case is going to be primarily investigated by the police or not, is dependent on the autonomous decision by the police. Statements by e.g. Valvira are one component when a decision is made by the police wether the case is going to proceed to prosecutor or not.

Thank you for your feedback.

Yours respectfully,

Markus Henriksson

Director General


(Senior Medical Officer In 2007-09)


[Valvira is the Finnish national supervisory authority for welfare & health.]

[Note: above square brackets belong to Henriksson.]


Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 

+61 (0)400 655 703





Selective human breeding; artificial evolution; population reduction; e.g. Lebensborn, #WO2020060606 , Planned Parenthood.

†Banksters, the.

Banker or gangster families that, have an indirect controlling share in the issue of most government currencies; have an indirect controlling share in most of the world’s corporations; seek or create or imagine crises to place more power in fewer hands; finance eugenics.

‡Unholy Trinity, the.

The merger of state, corporation and charity.

¶Psychs, the.

Psychiatry; includes but is not limited to psychiatric drug manufacturers, psychiatrists, psychologists & social workers; a branch of eugenics; mind control; an extrajudicial medical tyranny, directed by the unholy trinity; harm in the name of help, aimed at the involuntary or unwitting; genocide, mind control; the Inquisition’s phoenix; the basic cause of fascist & communist death camps; a motley crew of psychopaths, mercenaries, the incriminated by association, and the unwitting; a creature formed over the millennia — by the secret societies of those among the ruling class, who secretly fear all others above all else.


Someone who harms more than they help.

‖Useful Idiot, the.

One who obliviously draws the devil’s chariot.

Key: * † ‡ ¶ § ‖ # = 1,2,3,,4,5,6,7.


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