DF #6 2 SCC HE

DF #6 2 SCC HE  

Dark Finland

Edition six

Chapter 2 — State, Corporation & Charity

Haahti, Elina


Elina Haahti 

Social worker

Vantaa Suomi (Finland)

+358438254400 +358983922184

<elina.haahti@vantaa.fi> <kirjaamo@vantaa.fi> 






Late in the year of 2001, my wife Kaisu — along with our infant son William and unborn son Mikael, left our home in Australia, for a family visit to Finland. 

I awaited their return in early 2002, only William did so — in the year 2017.

In the year 2002, Kaisu was determined by the *psychs to be unwilling or unable to care for our children.

And she began surrendering our children to them.

Several years were to pass, before both William and Mikael were doomed — to spend the rest of their childhoods, in Finnish private, charitable, corporate and government homes — under the watchful eye of the psychs.

Early in the year of 2016, seeking my son William, I visited Ilmaria-koti, or Imaria children’s home, located at Opintie 10, Juankoski, Finland 73500.

Later in the year 2016 I received a statement from Elina Haahti — my transcription of which is to follow.

Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan 

P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre Queensland Australia 4500

+61(0)400 655 703







Dear Elina,

Following your statement will be my analysis of same — a response would be appreciated.

Should you be unable or unwilling to do so, then perhaps one of your colleagues would be kind enough to respond as best they can.

Finally, I will be asking you some more general Ilmaria questions.




Social and Health Care Services 


Restriction on Contact

Child Welfare Act 62§ 

Decision date 21.04.16 

Number 1682029561







Restriction on contact with the father Warren Mclachlan 


Since William’s taking into care and placing into substitute care in 2005, Warren Mclachlan has all the time seriously opposed William’s substitute care and psychiatric care. 

The father has arrived in Finland in March. During 22.3. – 4.4.16 the father has stayed in Juankoski and tried to accompany William on his way to school and at Juankoski centre and he has tried to enter the premises of the unit. In addition, the father has spoken about his son, of his situation and the material to be found on the Internet among other things with special youth social worker, vendor at R-kioski, taxi drivers, staff at S-Market and employees of the city. In addition, he has been speaking about William’s affairs with a number of individuals.

At first, William felt anxious about his father’s activities and he wanted to move to another unit of Ilmariakoti to be safe. Later on, William’s anxiety has also become evident as aggression towards his father.

William has told several times that he doesn’t want to keep any contact with his father and that the father should not be told any matters that concern him. The social worker has discussed about contact with the father with William in the latest meeting on 26.2.16.

In addition, William has told the director of Juankoski Unit of Ilmariakoti, Pia Partanen, on 22.3.16 that he doesn’t want to have any contact with his father and he wants to have a restriction order issued against him.

An appointment for a meeting with the social worker was made for Warren Mclachlan for 14.4.16, Warren informed that he would not come to the appointment.

Decision on restriction on contact must be made immediately even though it has not been possible to hear the father. William doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father, owing to which the decision of restriction on contact is in the best interest of William.


It is decided that the father, Warren Mclachlan’s, contact with his son, William Mclachlan, will be restricted during 21.4. – 12.11.16 for the reasons mentioned in the grounds.

William has told that he doesn’t want any contact with his father.

Decision concerning period: 21.04.2016 – 12.11.2016

Decision maker



Signature / Attestation

Date, title and name




Double S or Sectional Symbol.

(1) a text symbol that is used to draw attention to an important part of a document, e.g. a legal code. 

(2) a footnote code representing the number 4.


There exists — in the minds of men, a corporation <L corporare — combine in one body>, or legal fiction or symbol or idea — known as Suomen Hallitus — the government of Finland.

Do the living breathing human beings of flesh and blood — who benefit the most from the symbol Suomen Hallitus, seek to incorporate or bind the living breathing human being of flesh and blood named Warren Mclachlan to the symbol Suomen Halltus? And do they seek to do so by having him subscribe <L sub — under + scribere — write> to a document with the all capitals symbol “MCLACHLAN WARREN” attached?


If a good father is long holding the door of his house open for his children; and their mother’s door is closed; and they wish to return to their father; then, would such children be “clients” or subjects of false imprisonment?

William and Mikael certainly wanted to return to their father until at least 2011 — and if they then lost interest, was it †Stockholm syndrome?




Of William’s names — all but his first, I deleted from the transcript.

And the above street address is of William’s first Ilmaria children’s home.

“Restriction on contact with the father Warren Mclachlan”

Page 1: 

“2a)…offence…deemed…Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment…” 

The Penal Code of Finland 


“…Warren Mclachlan has all the time seriously opposed William’s substitute care and psychiatric care.”

I proudly agree with your above statement Elina.

Why does the entity with basic responsibility for the Nazi death camps (psychiatry) have involuntary care of children in Finland? 

And if a child is heavily drugged — for behaviour reasons — for many years — with no scientific proof of illness — against the wishes of father and child, then is this mental therapy or torture?

“The father has arrived in Finland in March.”

It’s true, I did travel to Juankoski in early 2016. 

And I did my best to tell everyone in Juankoski that Ilmaria was kidnapping and warehousing and farming and drugging children — including my son. 

It is true that the communication between William and I was not always ideal during my time in Juankoski — but, looking back, it was essential for us both.

“…William…told…Pia Partanen…he wants…a restriction order…”

Pia Partanen, did you introduce William to the phrase “restriction order”?

Perhaps we have met Pia? Was it during one of my ‘03 / ‘04 / ‘07 / ‘09 visits with my children via (a) Myyrmäen sosiaali- ja terveysasema, Myyrinpuhos kauppakeskus, Jönsaksentie 4? or 6?,  Myyrmäki Vantaa (b) Myyrmäen sosiaali- ja terveysasema, Jönsaksentie 6 (c) Simpukka Päiväkoti, Apajakuja Myyrmäki.


(a & b) Myrrmäki social affairs and health — old and new address (c) Myyrmäki kindergarten.



Could it be said in truth that William’s communication with his father is voluntary, but with you Elina it was involuntary?

We had approximately 100 of Kaisu’s family at our wedding.

Did you, or any of your colleagues, ever make any attempt to return my children to me, or place them in the care of the closest possible of their many Finnish family members?

(a) In 2016, while in the small town of Juankoski, I found a small group of government buildings — here I met social worker Janne Katajisto — he said that Imaria makes at least 500 Euros a day from William, and possibly a lot more including Drugs.
(b) Also 2016 Juankoski, I met a teenage boy named Miska at Juankoski kirjasto or library. He told me that he was then living in Ilmaria-Juankoski with William, and before that he lived at Ilmaria-Säyneinen with William.
Miska said that in Säyneinen if he refused to be drugged the staff would strap him to a bed and inject him, and that if he became uncontrollable they would put him in a prison cell for two days.
Miska then said that at Ilmaria-Juankoski he is refusing the Drugs, and getting away with it!
This agrees with my guess that Ilmaria-Säyneinen was a more secluded place.

(c) Again Juankoski 2016, I talked to a young female cook at Ruukin Kievari hotel. She said that fifteen years earlier her friend was living at Ilmaria (Säyneinen?) and Ilmaria was making 1000 Euros a day from that.
And her friend was strapped down and injected, if he / she refused the pills, and put in a Jail Cell for a couple of days when misbehaving.

Would you care to corroborate Elina?

It has been said that some Finnish politicians have shares in some children’s homes — do you have any names for me Elina?

It has also been said that every good Finnish social worker dreams of owning their own children’s home business.

Care to corroborate Elina?

Janne-Olli Järvenpää was the CEO of Mediverkko. Then Mediverkko merged with Mehiläinen. Then Järvenpää became the CEO of Mehiläinen. Familar (a branch of Mehiläinen) took control of Ilmaria from Mediverkko.

I wonder how many shares Mehiläinen has issued, and how many — if any, belong to Järvenpää?

I once found a keyhole photo of Järvenpää on the deck of a large expensive sailing vessel — a ship perhaps. 

I would like to ask Järvenpää (a) what the vessel was exactly, if he owned it, and the cost (b) how many children would have to be drugged, in his homes, for the duration of their childhoods, to pay for it?

Järvenpäà has not yet responded.

Perhaps you could ask him the above questions for me Elina?

It is alleged that Nokia and the national slot machine company Ray donate to Pelastakaa Lapset (Save the Children).

Do they also donate to or have shares in Mehiläinen or Familar — and do you know the names of any other entities or individuals that do the same?

I once met a children’s psychiatric hospital orderly in another country. 

He told me that sometimes, after midnight, well known people, with strong political connections, visited the children’s ward.

Care to corroborate / expand on this Elina?




Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers — and their overlords e.g. global drug manufacturers; and their minions e.g. foster parents.

†Stockholm syndrome — falling in love with one’s captor, in the hope of suffering less.


* † ‡ § ‖ ¶ ** †† ‡‡ §§ ‖‖ ¶¶ *** ††† ‡‡‡ §§§ ‖‖‖ ¶¶¶ 19 20…



“…emotional duress, [or drugs or hypnotism] or electric shock, or brain surgery should be resorted to, should Communist propaganda persuasion fail.”

— Beria, Lavrentiy Pavlovich; 1899-1953; Imperial Russia; NKVD head; The Soviet Art Of Brainwashing (psychiatry as an internal and external military / political weapon); <http://www.whale.to/b/soviet.htm> (chapter 5, paragraph 13).



Chapter 1 page 1

2a)an assault, an aggravated assault, an attempt thereof or another offence that is to be deemed torture according to the UN Convention of 10 December 1984 against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment; [14 July 1989/665]

Chapter 11 pages 19/20

6Genocide [21 April 1995/578]

(1) A person who for the purpose of entirely or partially destroying a race or national, ethnic or religious group or

another comparable group

1)kills members of the group;

2)inflicts grievous bodily or mental damage or illness to members of the group; 3)takes forcible measures to prevent procreation among the group;

4)forcibly moves children from one group to another; or

5)in another comparable manner impairs the survival of the group shall be sentenced for genocide to imprisonment for at least four years or for life. (2) An attempt shall be punished.



Mediverkko Lasten ja nuorten palvelut Oy/ Pisan Ilmaria-koti (Ilmaria children’s home) Lastukoskentie 578 Säyneinen 73770 Finland.

Hanna Hiltunen


+358 (0)40 736 7203 


Ilmaria-koti, Opintie 10, Juankoski, Finland 73500.

Minna Willman-Hietala

Ilmaria manager


Kirsi Ruotsalainen 

(new Ilmaria manager?)+358(0)504135600 <kirsi.a.ruotsalainen@familar.fi>




Janne Olli Järvenpää; CEO;  Mediverkko / Mehiläinen / Familar.

Children’s homes, general list:




#BigPharma #Psychs #Eugenics #Banksters       



I texted / emailed the above letter / sub chapter to Elina Haahti on the 16/02/2024 — via +358438254400 +358983922184


My messages bounced backed — the returned texts said “message send failure”, while the email said blocked.


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