DF 6 2 F

DF 6 2 F

Dark Finland

Edition six

Chapter 2 — State, Corporation & Charity

Part F — Kela



(Finland’s Social Insurance Institution).

Street Address: Nordenskiöldinkatu 12, 00250 Helsinki, Suomi (Finland).

Mail: P.O. BOX 450, 00056 KELA


Outi Antila; -1957; Helsinki; Pääjohtaja (Kela Director General).


Katriina Nikkanen

Pääjohtajan Assistentti 


<outi.antila@kela.fi> <katriina.nikkanen@kela.fi>





Dear Outi Antila,

In the year 2001, my wife K… along with our infant son W… and unborn son M…left our home in Australia — to visit her family in Finland.

Only W… returned — in the year 2017.

Beginning in 2002, the Finnish *psychs were circling my family like a school of sharks, or a gang of bounty hunters. 

My family was scattered to the four winds by the psychs.

The psychs built a strong wall between my family and I, but I punched a few holes in it!

The psychs are a motley crew of sadists, mercenaries, the incriminated by association, useful idiots or true believers, and perhaps the rarest of all — whistle blowers.

To be fair to the psychs, most of them may be thoroughly incriminated and in debt — before, if ever, they notice the foundation of their“profession” to be harm in the name of help.

The devil’s chariot is truly pulled by honest men.

I recently reviewed a copy of an old email I received from an anonymous employee of Kela, dated Dec 11 (2016?).

I was saddened to see the writer repeat the swan song of every dying civilisation —  “I am not responsible, and you need to see that person over there”. 

Since when is †fascist / ‡eugenics based genocide of children in one’s own country some one else’s responsibility?!

Anonymous’s email begins “Dear customer”. 

“Customer” is gold.

If Warren Mclachlan “customer” didn’t pay Kela any money, then Kela had the option of seeking forceful assistance from the Australian government — I suspect this only eventually happened because I got under the skin of a lawyer who was “friends” with the psychs — if he possessed any ill will towards my children, then I am unaware of it.

I accuse Kela of complicity — in the crimes of kidnapping/false imprisonment/warehousing/drugging, and god knows what else of my children.

My dear friend Outi Antila,

An informative response would be appreciated.

Yours truly, 

Warren Mclachlan 

P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre Queensland Australia 4500

+61(0)400655703 <mclachlanww@gmail.com> 




Anonymous email from Kela dated Dec 11 (2016?):

“from: RP_KV_ERITYISPERINTA <kv.erityisperinta@kela.fi>.

Dear customer,

As a reply to Your email,

In the issues concerning the custody of the children, our office advices You to consult institutions that are responsible for aiding in international custody issues, as Kela as a public body does not take part in these issues. You may contact Ministry of Justice or Legal aid office. Here are the ministry’s contact details:

Anna-Lena Halttunen

Senior Adviser for International Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Department for Judicial Administration / Unit for International Judicial Administration (Central Authority)


puh/tfn/tel +358 2951 50364

Fax. +358 9 1606 7524

Kela is responsible solely for transferring child support amounts from the person liable for maintenance to the party responsible for custody of children, i.e. for the monetary transactions.

Kind regards,

Kansaneläkelaitos—the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Overpayment Recovery Centre, Helsinki Overpayment Recovery Unit

P. O. Box 50, FI-00601 HELSINKI, Finland

Phone: +35840 354 5469 / Fax: +35820 635 3330 / Email: kv.erityisperinta@kela.fi / www.kela.fi

NB! Please note our new contact information: Unit name, Address, and Email address!”


Quote from Kela’s website:

“Supervised by the Finnish Parliament, Kela is an independent social security institution with its own administration and finances. Kela’s operations are guided by its rules of procedure.”




A eugenics cult, including psychiatric drug manufacturers; psychiatrists; psychologists & social workers.


Big business and big government joining forces to rape humanity — the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — conquest, war, famine & plague.


Selective human breeding, population reduction, and artificial evolution — e.g. #WO2020060606 .

#BigPharma #Banksters #Psychs

                         The End.

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