DF 6 P

DF 6 P           

Dark Finland

Edition Six — 2024



To my beloved sons W… and M… .

You are your own immortal souls.

Nothing can cause you permanent harm.

That which you truly wish for, in your quietest moments, is or will be once more.

“Everybody wants to look the other way, when something wicked this way comes…”

— Sting.


Book One



Chapter 1 — Family.

Chapter 2 — State, Corporation & Charity.

Chapter 3 — Clues.

Chapter 4 — Diary.

Chapter 5 — Message In A Bottle.



Book 2



Osa 1 – Kooste alkajärjestyksessä.

Osa 2 – Tiivistelmä.

Osa 3 – SOS.

Osa 4 – K… .

Osa 5 – W… ja M… .

Osa 6 – Lainaukset.

Osa 7 – Oikeus ja Psykiatria.

Osa 8 – Päiväkirja.

Osa 9 – Pulloposti.

Osa 10 – Viimeistelemättömät ajatukset


DF 6 P

Dark Finland

Edition six 



Helsinki, Suomi (Finland) 2007.

My children have been subjected to relentless brutality by the *psychs.

Oikeusministeriö (the Finnish ministry of justice) is, at best, ignoring the evidence.


In the Spring of 2011 I published my first video on the internet, transcript as follows:

“Hello, my name is Warren Mclachlan.

I was born in Australia and live in Australia.

I wish to make clear, for legal reasons, that every fact, claim or opinion in this video is merely alleged.

In other words, all of the following words in this video may or may not be true, and have yet to be proven as fact.

I have never been convicted of any crime in Australia or Finland.

In the year 1998 I married with THIS woman. Her name is K… . We have two children named W… and M… .

I have witness statements that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that K… was cruel to our children since the day they were born.

I loved K… . I tried many times, without success, to correct her behaviour.

THIS is a photo of our first son W… .

W… was born in Australia in 1998. THIS photo was taken in Finland in 2003, it shows W… being handcuffed by K… .

THIS is a photo of our second son M… . M… was born in Finland in 2002. THIS photo shows M… resting on a mail package I sent to him from Australia — THIS photo was taken by my lawyer.

In the year 2002 K… took W… and unborn M… to Finland to visit her family for Christmas. My children never returned to Australia. 

I do not now, nor have I ever given my permission for my children to live in Finland.

I have, since the year 2002, devoted my whole life to attempting to protect my children, and return them to Australia.

In the year 2002 K… deserted our children, and placed them in the care of a group of Finnish psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers (I call these people psychs).

The psychs are committing extreme human rights violations against my children.

My children remain to this day, the 16th of May 2011, living in psych controlled homes in Finland.

In the year 2003, K… divorced me in a Finnish court. The divorce court order contains human rights violations against my children and I. In the year 2004, I began a Finnish court challenge to regain custody, and failing that, to improve my parental rights. K… and the psychs counter attacked with demands to deny me all further communication with my children, and take away their last names — I dropped the case because my lawyer advised me I could only expect a worse result.

W… currently lives in a psych controlled home called Pelastakaa Lapset — which is Finnish for Save the Children. This reminds me of the sign at the gates of Auschwitz “Arbeit Macht Frei”, which is German for “Work Makes Free” — this is known as gallows humour.

M… lives in a psych controlled foster home.

The pychs have been drugging W… since 2006, the list of drugs includes — Levozin, Risperdal, Seroquel and Zyprexa. The Psychs have never done any chemical or other scientific tests to

determine if W… has any illness of any kind.

The fact sheets from the manufacturers of the above drugs indicate that they are not recommended for children, and that their long term use is likely to cause permanent physical damage or death.

Many experts have linked the above drugs to many extreme acts of violence, including murder and suicide.

The justification for drugging W… is that he is restless and aggressive. Interestingly, the fact sheets from the manufacturers of the drugs that William is forced to take mention restlessness and aggression as potential side effects.

A good zookeeper who has a wild lion in a cage may find the animal becomes restless and aggressive, but he would not drug it to shut it up.

Because he knows that long term drugging will cause the lion shortened life span, and lions are expensive!

My children cost the psychs nothing and they have less rights than an animal in a zoo.

I have more than one statement from the psychs where they deny me the right to send a doctor, lawyer or priest of my own choice to visit my own children.

This gives the psychs a green light to commit any and all forms of criminality against my children.

It is hard to imagine a better place for a Finnish paedophile or sadist to hide than the Psych industry.

I believe that if K… and the psychs are allowed to continue their current behaviour towards my children, then W… will become a manageable vegetable — and spend the rest of

his life in Finnish government institutions.

I still have hope for M…, but everyday he spends in psych “care” makes it more likely that he will be drugged.

The Finnish justice officials refuse to compare the actions and recorded statements of the accused psychs to the Penal Code of Finland, or the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, or the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Finnish justice officials behave as if everything a psych does is equivalent to an act of divine intervention, and every statement that a psych makes is the equivalent of an inscription by Moses on a stone tablet.

For ten years I have confronted countless employees of the Finnish justice department, I have communicated with everyone from the president to the toilet cleaner — I have presented them with irrefutable and overwhelming evidence of extreme and relentless psych criminality towards my defenceless children.

I have warned them, since 2002, that it is the intention of the Psychs to institutionalise, drug and brutalise my children for the term of their natural lives.

My predictions have proven as accurate as an atomic clock, this has not increased my credibility with the Finnish justice department one nanometer — their reaction, without exception, has been a total lack of responsibility — they have also displayed, with very few and very limited exceptions, a degree of wilful ignorance which could not be considered rational conduct.

The Finnish justice department is nothing more than a rubber stamp for escalating Psych criminality.

You may be wondering what causes the Finnish health, welfare and justice departments to behave as they do, I believe the following quotes will help to explain:

“You must labor until every psychiatrist and doctor is either a psycho-politician or an unwitting assistant to our aims.”

— Beria, Lavrent; 1899-1953; head of the Russian secret police.

“The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy.”

— Chisholm, G.Brock; 1896-1971; Canadian psychiatrist and first director general of the World Health Organization.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

— Goebbels, Joseph; 1897-1945; Nazi propaganda minister.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”

— Thomas Jefferson; 1743-1826; USA; President of the United States.

“Until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our thirty year long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.”

— Rudin, Ernst; 1874-1952; Swiss Nazi psychiatrist, and head of the International Federation of †Eugenic organisations.

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of it’s infant members is to kill it.”

— Sanger, Margaret; 1883-1966; American eugenicist, and founder of the world’s largest abortion provider — Planned Parenthood.

Several Finnish lawyers have advised me that I will not beat the psychs in a Finnish court — this viewpoint would change if I had extreme wealth.

A Finnish human rights organisation is helping me, but they are lacking in resources.

It appears that one of the reasons the Finnish mass media, so far, has shown no interest in this story is because it would damage the public image of the government. They may fear government revenge through new laws that damage their media monopoly.

I am writing a book, it is called “The Dark Side Of Finland”, if any publishers are interested please contact me.

If anyone in Finland, or anywhere in the world, honestly believes they can help my children, please contact me — I am not a wealthy man but I am not a poor man, you will be generously rewarded.

In closing I would like to say this:

I possess photographic evidence, witness statements, government documents, and historical documents that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that every word in this video is true. I would be happy to share this data with anyone who is willing and able to help.

Thank you for listening.”


In the summer of 2011, I collected 1504 signatures for my Petition to the Finnish government — the last two petition pages (40a/40b) will appear at end of the printed version of this Prologue.

Petition text:

“My name is Warren Mclachlan, I was born in Australia in 1963.

My ex-wife’s name is K…, she was born in Finland.

Our first son’s name is W…, he was born in Australia in 1998.

Our second son’s name is M…, he was born in Finland in 2002.

Late 2001, my then wife K… took our then three year old son W… and our then unborn son M… to Finland to visit her family.

K… promised to return to Australia with or children in early 2002, this never happened.

I have been demanding the return of my children to Australia since the year 2002.

K… divorced me in 2003, it was my wish that our children be returned to me in Australia, the Finnish judge gave our children to K… .

Shortly after the divorce K… decided she didn’t want our children, so she gave them to social workers, the social workers gave them to psychiatrists.

Our children have been living in homes controlled by psychiatrists for many years now.

The psychiatrists accuse W… of being restless and aggressive, they have been giving him powerful drugs since 2006.

The psychiatrists have no scientific proof that W… has any illness, W…is experiencing great suffering from these drugs.

We the undersigned believe that:

1) This drugging of W… should stop immediately.

2) W… and M… should be returned to their father in Australia immediately, or at the very least, they should be placed in the care of one of their many close Finnish family members.

3) We also believe that parents should have equal rights, regardless of marital status.

Name —             Signature —




Harm in the name of help — often delivered by the unwitting to the involuntary at taxpayers expense. If psychiatry was the Inquisition then the psychiatrist would be the inquisitor or witch burner, the psychologist the one who needle pricks the witch to determine guilt, the social worker the witch hunter, and the psychiatric drug manufacturer the producer of firewood. A branch of eugenics. 


Of eugenics — a global ruling class cult — including selective human breeding, artificial evolution, and population reduction.


To the enemies of freedom:

All symbols, words and images in this book are merely alleged.


Yours truly,

Warren Mclachlan  

P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre Queensland Australia 4500

+61 (0)400 655 703





Isi knelt before Eduskunta, 

Three wise monkeys did as they always do,

Päivätär knew and Tuoni smiled.

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