DF #6 2 SCC M

DF #6 2 SCC mll 

Dark Finland

Edition six

Chapter 2 — State, Corporation & Charity.


OPEN LETTER to Milla Kalliomaa — MLL


Milla Kalliomaa (Secretary General)

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto / MLL / Mannerheim Child Welfare League

Toinen linja 17, Helsinki.

P.O.Box 141, 00531 Helsinki, Finland.

+358408386778 +3587532451


<milla.kalliomaa@mil.fi> <jasenpalvelu@mil.fi>



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Dear Secretary General Kalliomaa,

I note with interest these opening words from the MLL home page:

“Every child is entitled to a

good and happy childhood…The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare works to make this possible together with many other organisations, both public and private.”

My Story:

Late in 2001 my wife Kaisu left our home in Australia — for a family visit to Suomi or Finland — promising to return early 2002; she took our two baby sons William and Mikael with her — never to return.

In 2002 Kaisu began to surrender our children to the psychs (psychiatrists, psychologists & social workers).

William and Mikael were first seperated from their father by Kaisu — then the psychs seperated them from Kaisu — then the psychs seperated them from each other. This is Divide et Impera (divide and conquer/divide and rule).

On the 23 of March 2016, I met Juankoski social worker Päivi  Hämäläinen — he told me that Ilmaria children’s home, of Juankoski village, makes at least 500 Euros per day from William, and possibly a lot more including the Drugs.

On the 4th of April 2016 a female cook from Ruukin Kievari hotel in Juankoski spoke to me: she said that fifteen years earlier her friend was living at Ilmaria children’s home in (Säyneinen village?), and that Ilmaria was making 1000 Euros a day from that.
She also said that her friend was strapped down and injected — if he/she refused the pills, and was put in a jail cell for a couple of days when misbehaving.

Involuntary “Mental Therapy”:

During the Middle Ages an unholy alliance of church and state arose known as the Inquisition. 

The grand Inquisitor Torquemada himself was so hated that he travelled with 300 armed guards.

As the number employed to hunt witches increased, so did the number of “witches” discovered.

The witch pricker’s job was to stab the witch with needles — until an area of no pain (a demon) was located.

The Inquisitor built a fire around the witch to save their soul.

With the dawning of the scientific age an unholy trinity began to develop — an alliance of state, corporation and church/charity — which has more to gain from involuntary customers than the Inquisition. A more covert means of harm in the name of help was needed — a “medical” or “scientific” approach — and so the Inquisition waned as psychiatry waxed.

The social worker is the witch hunter.

The psychologist is the witch pricker or one who labels the “mentally ill”.

And the psychiatrist will not burn you externally with the wood of the Inquisitor — instead a slow internal burn of your organs with pills is their game.

On Government:

I hold the following truths to be self evident:

(a) Man trades for mutual benefit.

(b) Man creates government to help ensure he can do as he wishes — providing he does no harm to others.

(c) The two above activities can be organised well enough for there to be an abundance of freedom and wealth for most. And when this is so, man of his own free will, voluntarily organises charities to help those who can not help themselves. 

(d) If individuals working for or with government influence parent/s to surrender their children to them — without exhausting all relatives — beginning with the closest, then they are kidnappers. And if such individuals drug such children, for “behaviour” reasons — then they are guilty of torture / grevious bodily harm / attempted murder / murder. Further, when government farms out such activities, on an industrial scale, to businesses or “charities”, then this is slavery and genocide.

Some Questions for you Secretary General:

(a) According to the below unsigned and undated statement which I received from MLL in 2005?, Kaisu and MLL were at best wholly unqualified to care for William — and naturally, if William were to be sent to a better place, so too should of went Mikael.

Do you have any evidence that anyone from MLLfi ever made any attempt to place my children in the care of their father, or Australian family, or their Finnish Family?

(b) My son William told me in 2016 that profits were increased every time the psychs relocated him to a new institution.

Would you care to corroborate / elaborate?

(d) Is it true that many Finnish psychs aspire to owning their own “child care” business?

(e) Do some Finnish politicians invest in children’s homes; and do some corporations “donate” to these homes — hoping to secure psych pill contracts for example? Names please!

(f) Who are the major donors to MLL?

(g) How much money per year do the ten most senior employees of MLL earn?

Names please!

(h) I once met a nurse in another country, he told me that he was witness to certain ruling class individuals — doing Jimmy Savile of Jeffry Epstein style late night visits to the children’s psych ward.

Can you name anyone who has facilitated or taken part in similar events at MLL?


Yours truly, 

Warren Mclachlan

P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre Queensland Australia 4500



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Hi! When Finland was a Nazi German comrades in arms and Finnish soldiers were in Nazi Germany in education, including Field Marshal Mannerheim was a Nazi and gave the order to bring thousands to concentration camps. as the President Kekkonen was a Nazi background.

Also for the children was 9 education establishments and they were the children’s concentration camps, where children vammautettiin and the majority of children injuries caused premature death.

In children, commissioned the heavy forced labor, tortured, raped, beaten with rods, a staff, hevospiiskalla, fists, the children did not sleep the night peace, putkaa months to years, no proper winter clothes they unforgiving winter.

The children had a prisoner’s clothing and imprisonment up to 12 years even though there was no syylistynyt crimes. The children had indeterminate sentence. It was going to breeding weakest material incarcerated with destructive institutions meant for children and the disabled poor.

Children pakkosteriloitiin mothers and families were dispersed, part of girl children as well have been sterilized.

Children were outlaws plants.

There is a TV made us the document: Stolen Childhood. And Social Affairs and Health commissioned a study at the University of Jyväskylä.

We were also a seminar where this crime was dealt with.

The researchers want to investigate this criminal case, and how many children were destroyed.

Finland is a very bad human rights issues, because the children are made business, children receive facilities for one child up to 150,000 euros per year from the state.

 Best regards 


[Above is a copy of an email I received some years ago from “louhilampi” — which means “quarry pond”.]


Picture from 1900-1920 period — 12 Kerava lockable wooden prison cubicles — Koivula educational institution. 

🔍Muistaja Museotietokanta 

(Remembering Museum database)


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