DF #6 E

DF #6 E

Dark Finland

Edition Six



To Kaisu:

If I cared a little more, and worried a little less, perhaps you’d love me still!

To William and Mikael:

Oh, if I but chanced to guide and watch you grow a little more!

To those who grew fat harming my children in the name of help, or looking the other way:

Did you not know that when a wife leaves her husband, then their children belong with her?

Did you not know that when a wife deserts her children, or has them taken from her, then they belong with their father?

Is their any possible way, under the Sun and Moon and Stars, for you not to know these things?!

The dark side,

Where ghosts fear to tread,

Path most ancient, crooked, long yet steep,
Angel’s tears of sun and moon doth shield his back,

Eternal hope to light the way,

As it was so shall it be,

Serenity awaits for thee.


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